A Reminder For The Collectivists


From Matt Bracken.

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  1. I for one, admire their enthusiasm. Logistics, strategy, and tactics on the hand…oh, never mind.

  2. We could starve them out. The county I live in has a lot of beef cattle farming as well as other veggies & orchards. I can eat well and have a fully stocked pantry. I have no need to leave the house for a least 2 or 3 months if need be & I ain’t sharing my food with any of those clowns. Just my 2 cents worth.

  3. Virgil Kane

    Those pics are comical, but the sad truth is they control us.

  4. Couple of observatons:

    * The Libs are all a twitter about ‘urban farming’ which is ok on its face. But logistically its not possible. Bracken is right.
    * As was pointed out in a previous WRS post, by and large gun manufacturing is heading south where the climate is more to their liking.
    * A good percentage of mil aircraft construction is south of the M-D line.
    * Auto manufacturing is shifting south, especially foreign production.
    * 70% of refined petro products come from 3 states bordering the gulf of mexico.

  5. This is incontrovertible. Should it go all pear-shaped, the Neo-Holomador in America will be sharply felt in Blue areas. The cares given in red areas will be measured by the teaspoon.

  6. Jeff McCall

    they always do a lot of mouthing off and it gets heard, we rarly do anything, because of I guess…we are not whiners and are ready for confrontation with all confidence should it come to that. they are not that daring though 🙂 JM

  7. most of the food is grown on corporate farms….

    • and more than half ‘Murka’s food is imported. Mostly through the coastal cities. I doubt that FreeFor can starve the urbans w/in any useful time frame. We’ll have to cut the power supply.

      • Question Hexo, is this 1/2 food factor in the amounts of food the US ships world wide, I don’t know, womder if you do.


  8. Why contain it? Commies chimping out against normal people when they don’t have the full backing of the government is a best case scenario to crush them.

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  10. SemperFi, 0321

    No worries for them, they only eat the expensive imported vegan foods.

    Couple of yrs ago went to visit my sister in Hailey (Sun Valley), ID. We cooked up some chicken fried elk steaks I brought along and later I found my bottle of vegetable oil on the back porch, she had put it outside so I imagine it would not pollute her expensive imported olive oils.
    The mentality of these people is in outer space, they really have no common sense, or awareness it exists. Whatever they need comes from their expensive food section at the grocery store, and not a clue where it came from to get there. These food snobs are so above the common man they don’t worry if the food supply gets cut off, because theirs comes from a higher source. Seriously.
    I’ll be in Jackson Hole tomorrow, shopping after my Dr. appt and watching the same shit going on there too. It’s priceless.

    • They’re in for a rude awakening when they figure out their skin color IS their uniform…. Even better will be when they figure out us irredeemable, deplorable RACISSS fuckers out here in flyover country don’t give 2 shits about them or their self-inflicted fate. REAP IT, assholes.

    • Heard about your taking care of things SF0351, and glad you
      are on top of it. Don’t know if you got what I sent out a few
      days ago, but it follows through logically, and considering your
      bringing up the “food snobs” issue, you would probably get
      a lot out of this :
      Mind you, these are in “capsule” form, but reading what you have
      been saying, I gather you can make your own, fresh, and even
      making some bad-ass bone broth with bone marrow included, for
      your health and allowing your body to “remineralize,” from head
      to toe.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Paulo, thanks.
        Had a talk with a lady friend about 2 weeks ago on that subject, trying to regenerate bone/joint growth with bone/marrow broths. Grew up eating marrow and thick German bone broths, miss that shit, and my father was a naturopathic Dr. also. So I’m very aware of natural healing, even though I sometimes forget and stray towards unhealthy foods. After a diet of lean elk, nothing beats a good greasy pork chop. 🙂

        • SF0351,
          Not me, I was totally unaware of all that. But surely
          “gettin’ it.” Coincidentally, a friend just showed up for late
          Christmas, and brought me a can of… let me spell it right…
          “BLOC DE FOIE GRAS.” From wife of a former bad ass French
          Fighter pilot too.
          Tell you what, lot’s of crap food NOT taking anymore. No
          sugar, no white flour bread, no philic[sp?] acid, good grass
          fed raw milk & cheese etc. Heck… just chewed on some
          Horseradish roots. Still, waiting for good clean bones
          with marrow.

          • Sorry, No sugar, no white flour bread, no philic[sp?] acid,
            Except for good grass fed raw milk & cheese etc.

        • SF0351,
          50 of the Healthiest and Most Delicious
          Bone Broth Recipes are Yours FREE Right Now!

          Prized since ancient times, confirmed by modern research, bone broth is one of nature’s most powerful health solutions. These 50+ bone broth recipes make it easy to transform your body with this ultimate food to support gut health, immunity, metabolism, joints, glowing skin and more…

          semper vivium


    • But they made an error. The latest shtick of the white tablecloth crowd is ‘locally grown’ aka 300mi radius or less. Fine, makes our job easier.

  11. An example of what happens in blue America if you’re white:


    Those are my thoughts and the link to the Zerohedge article.

  12. Ooops. doubletap. 🙂

  13. The Usual Suspect

    The video of their pet chimps should send chills up their backs.
    But they obviously expect the feral youts to differentiate between
    those who are ashamed of being white and those who are not.
    They will be raped and murdered by the score still not understanding
    where they erred.

    That they will experience these horrors is almost gratifying to me,
    but unfortunately their families will also be included in the purges.

  14. Stop warning them. Encourage them to put the noose around their necks.

    Sooner is better than later.

  15. OH NO BRER FOX! Donchew run off’n leaves us po ignorants all alone!

    We ain’t gotcher learnin and highminded ways tuh keep us alive if youse be gone!

    WAAL, WAAL what gonna become of usns if youse be shuttin’ yer doors?

    Press the advantage

  16. And the Ferals appear to be more corrupt domestically than I had thought…….and the Neocons want a war with Russia too?
    This should be just Dandy!
    Another NWO foreign War, Moosie terrorists surging across the southern (northern?) border, and Soros funds BLM by the millions. all the while the ProgreSSives attack the Patriots and the remaining liberties starting with guns and self protection.
    Of course the “economy” is “doing great” too! Trump’s winning election may just expose enough of “the Swamp” to ignite the 3rd domestic War of Independence.
    CYA & prepare, Indeed!

  17. Alfred E. Neuman

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  18. Now for a bit of reality: In any true emergency, the ruling class is going to nationalize (“collectivize”, as Stalin did) the farms. They certainly are not going to sit there and let red states starve the blue states. Also, most acreage is controlled by big corporations, friendly with and dependent on Washington DC. I suspect the task is going to be a bit more difficult than most here believe.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Guerrilla warfare?
      People are knocking off semi’s today for electronics, what makes it any different when they carry food that’s an essential? An even greater motivator to do it right, and not get caught. Starving people across America will far outnumber military convoys and LEO, maybe then you can try out that new IR poncho.

    • I suspect it’ll be the exact opposite. They’re going to face real resistance. I mean real “defending our homes and ways of life” fuck you we ain’t goin out like kulaks resistance… I pity the ones dumb enough to actually accept the gig. Their families too because honestly, if you’re willing to come after my livelihood and family, yours ain’t off limits.