Any Questions?


From over the transom.

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  1. If ohomo had sons…

    The other 2 she-boons have a remarkable resemblance to malia and sasha.

  2. Amerikkka, I present to you the Chicago nigger. It explains itself…..

  3. That’s okay, I don’t plan having any remorse when we take you out of our nation!

  4. thesouthwasrght

    ‘Mur-cans. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  5. The fucking eyes tell the tale. Dead eyes, predatory. Just look at the defiance. They should be exterminated.

    • Paul Kersey

      They have no adolescence nor do they have the ability to feel empathy. Similar to aligators, they just grow bigger and more dangerous.
      Liberals refuse to accept the truth about race and temperament, but instead keep searching for reasons to prove the paint job theory.

      • Yes, yes, yes.

        Some whites refuse to think about race, but race is thinking about whites.

        For dinner.

      • “liberals” KNOW the truth. That’s why they’ve decided these will be their super predator army of useful idiots. I only hope to witness it when the monster they’ve created turns on them and rips them to pieces.

        • this happens already from time to time. Feral groids are incapable of distinguishing, for instance, between urban Whites and Urban Jews. That’s how the Knock-Out Game became, briefly, (((MSM))) news awhile back: a couple of old Jewesses in Brooklyn Heights got cold-decked by ‘boons, so the (((NY Times))) had to re-issue some targeting instructions.


            Word. And I do not care what the reaction will be. (((They))) have been funding and promoting this since the late 1950’s and early 1960’s. I saw it with MY OWN EYES growing up in SoCal. Blockbusting and busing. It was what was for dinner.
            Then, when I was a student at San Fernando Valley State College(later named Cal-State Northridge), (((They))) were promoting burning draft cards and were actively donating blood to the Viet Cong. It has not stopped when you look at WHO IS FUNDING what is tearing down our Republic today. Muzzies are a disease of the skin. (((They))) are a disease of the heart.

      • Look at who the leaders of the faceborg 4 are, leaders of bigotry and hate. They are merchants of race war. Domestically fomenting a war on Americans is treason. Never mind the immoral components of actively agitating for race war.

  6. Blazing Apostle

    rope. set an example, plain as day, impossible to ignore. backlash? sure. but make the message loud and clear. decisions have consequences. if you do ‘a’ – the response is ‘b’. every time. no appeal, no dithering. you idiots posted it online, either ignorant of, or uncaring of; consequences. anvil, meet hammer. and don’t let the msm spin it racially. you sadistic fucks are being judged on your ignorance, and the blackness of your souls – not your skin. you are more closely related to dylan roof than Thomas Sowell. so, we the thinking must eliminate your kind from the human gene pool. hey everyone – look over here. short drop, sudden stop. now do you understand? sometimes, examples must be made.

    • Sowell – the usual cuck-evoked “good nigger” – is outnumbered 50,000::1 by Jew-manufactured Black ferals like these 4. Once the urban White collectivists&Jews have been liquidated, basic uniform will be: skin color.

    • Thats right. The day we require criminals be dealt with accordingly and appropriately as criminals, the day all this cultural marxist “racist” shit stirring ends.

      • Eliminate the badged blue bellies and there would be no crime…

        The cops protect scumabgs.
        Scumbags are their bread n butter.
        No criminals would mean no bloated paychecks and benefit packages.

  7. No matter how hard the MSM attacks the Alt-right and the patriots here, the continuing horrific behavior of the radical left justify the existence of the afore mentioned groups. The frenzied violence of the radical left simply proves the need for the 2nd amendment.
    Just remember, nearly every police officer in Illinois, at every level, be it city, county or state, is tied to a bankrupt govt entity. The finances of the entire state of Illinois is worse than the finances that bankrupted Detroit. You think the crime there is bad now, just wait till financial domino’s start to fall over. A civic bankruptcy death spiral could leave the entire state without policing in a matter of months, if not weeks. Start learning about citizens arrest. I have made several. And the firefighters will go on strike too. Do you know the fundamentals of structure firefighting? How to use a car jack as the ‘Jaws of Life’ at a traffic accident? I do. Maybe you should too.

    • One day here enough people are going to figure out what your saying, and the remedy is going to begin with this:

  8. You know what’s really eye opening… Consider that these are the four people who were willing to do such a thing, actually carried it out AND got caught. Each of those variables reduces the number of people in the group. There are more people who are willing to behave that way and simply haven’t been caught yet. Maybe they’re not literally kidnapping people and torturing them, but they are attempting to hurt people in a similar way.

    As far as showing no remorse, you can see this from the mug shots on the males. Especially the one showing his teeth. That’s an expression that “gangsters” in the inner cities use to display toughness, thugness, etc.

    The females? The males may be physically capable of harder violence, but make no mistake that the females are much more malicious and much meaner.


    My thoughts on the state of Chicago.

    Seems like those community organizers are creating exactly the community they want. They must be so pleased.

  10. Chuck Noname

    I wonder if that same question is posed to these 4 “after” 6 months in a Federal Pen, and their rectums are distended enough to display most of the Colon – they need a drawstring surgically implanted to tie to their belts – I wonder if the answer will be the same..hmmm

    • Uncle Larry

      The black jury will not convict these “urban teens”.

      • that’s correct. The 7 nigger perps of the Nashville Horror – mentioned above got:

        3 released immediately, uncharged
        3 slap-on-wrist prison terms
        1 death penalty, never to be enforced

  11. Bull Conner was right.

  12. Superpredators / Entitlement Millenials / Jung’s Duality of Man’s Nature (Jekyll & Hyde) / Racial Hatred inbreed socially & genetically programmed manifesting like a Tempest in a Teapot in a Orchestrated Perfect Storm of Chaos. Ain’t it a hoot ?

  13. Virgil Kane

    We pay to house and feed them today in Chicago, we’ll pay to house and feed them tomorrow in prison.

    • Virgil Kane

      …or back on the street the next day. Either way, we pay for them to spread their evil…no…not evil…they’re just troubled youths.

  14. And where are their fathers? Not sires, but fathers.

    You know, I mean those “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage” kind of fathers? :purplesarcasm:

    I wonder, if all the black bastards (in the literal sense of born out of wedlock) were to suddenly disappear, how many blacks would be left in the good ol’ U.S.A.?

    I have to admit to being racist. My parents didn’t make me racist. My friends didn’t make me racist. The klan didn’t make me racist. Blacks themselves made me racist by their attitudes, their laziness, their inability to refrain from stealing, and their innate propensity for violence made me racist.

    • ” their laziness, their inability to refrain from stealing, and their innate propensity for violence made me racist.”

      You described the average white murkin sans violence…

  15. “The masses continue with an appetite for benefits and the habit of receiving them by way of a rule of force and violence. The people, having grown accustomed to feed at the expense of others and to depend for their livelihood on the property of others… institute the rule of violence; and now uniting their forces massacre, banish, and plunder, until they degenerate again into perfect savages and find once more a master and monarch.” Polybius.

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  16. She-boons….
    Chicago nigger….
    Swamp guineas??????

    LMAO!! It’s going to be one of those days I guess! 😀

  17. Inhale, exhale, hold, squeeze….. repeat. First the main stream liberal media that champion parasites like these, then the parasites. Please Lord……….

  18. They. Are. Not. Like. Us.

    Not. At. All. Genetically incapable of being anything other than what they are. Pavement Apes.

    Not. Like. Us.


      Its not about white and black.
      Its about citizens of the American Republic
      enslaved by a uniparty of treasonous
      shitbags (of every color) sitting on high
      in DC, and aided by their foot soldiers
      of SJW’s, multigays, illegal aliens, feminazis,
      commie man dykes and sharia law muslim
      terrorists and rapists.
      And lest I forget, that ruling uniparty is
      wholly saturated with pedophile rapists.
      But you paper tigers and keyboard commandos are too stupid, lazy, and cowardly dishonest to acknowledge this fact and adimit your enslavement.
      Just like the ignorant niggers who committed
      this crime blame everything on the ‘evil white man’, you stupid assholes blame everything
      on black people.
      Call me crazy, the last time I checked, blacks in America don’t actually hold the levers if power.
      Bathhouse barry and treasonous nigger
      foot soldiers “elected” to political office
      don’t count.
      Its the white members of the
      uniparty and ruling elite, whose continuously
      rampaging and unchecked treason and high
      crimes, which has earned them an immediate
      trip to nearest streetlight, brick wall and tree
      that gets an intellectually dishonest pass
      from you.
      The disingenuous lip service you
      feverishly keyboard daily about
      those treasonous whites does not count.
      Nigger slaves.
      Cracker slaves.
      Slaves of the skittle rainbow.
      But not a citizen of a Constitutional
      Republic amongst the bunch.
      Just an ignorant bunch of slaves typing
      and talking shit.
      Happy New Year, you worthless fucks.

      • we don’t blame everything on niggers. Some of us recognize that they are mere enforcers for a much smarter and infinitely more hostile Tribe.

        that said, a prudent attitude is avoid the groid. If unavoidable, kill it before it kills you and yours.

        my favorite slogan, from the chimpout site: “this is not a racist site. Just no niggers allowed”.

  19. The nigger bitch has a son. All 5 niggers should be hanged in the public square.

    We do not have to accept this in our civilized nation and we do not accept it.

  20. Fight islam Now

    Democrat values. You have to live in one of Americas Democrat controlled urban shit holes to question if this was a hate crime

  21. Moishe Platinumberg

    The best part is seeing the white cowards and SWPLs trying to rationalize this. Also great to see the Patriot movement coming around on the race issue. I started out here, at WRSA, Barnhardt, and reading Bracken’s books on my way to and Daily Stormer. Still a daily reader of this site though. I’d like to see more cooperation between the Patriots and the non basement-dwelling parts of the alt right. They’re going to lump us all together anyway, so we might as well help each other out, right?

  22. I’m no racist but I say ship them to Africa and any unruly Mexican back to mexico. if these people are going to blame the white European male for providing them the best country there ever was, then they can enjoy living in the place of their ancestors and how backwards it still is today by comparison to this country.

  23. And everyone feigns shock, as if you expected anything different from Rahm Emmanuel’s current fiefdom, Chicongo, which digs foisted the halfrican into the White House ( and back out in 14 days and counting, hallelujah!)?


    Like DC and Detroit weren’t warning beacons going back decades??

    13% of the population, but 36% of the prison population isn’t an anomaly, it’s an indicator. The exceptions are all the more exemplary, but they are no less exceptional.

  24. “They [the images] do demonstrate a level of depravity that is an outrage to a lot of Americans,” Earnest told reporters Thursday..

    And to a lot of Americans it gives them complete validation to deprive life to these misguided, confused, and hurting oxygen thieves without pause or regret ….. See, Josh isnt the only one to speak in Bullshit dialect.

  25. Lightninbolt

    Stephan Molyneux said it well. The cowards/animals could only do that to a disabled person. What disturbs me is that Facebook would allow “live streaming” of crap like this, then take it down only after its seen by many…like its a warning to “white” people! I bet they would never show four whites doing that to a black, oh, it would be so “wayccist”! Facebook sucks!

  26. Own it white people, fucking own it. What reason is there NOT to do this stuff for fun? No blowback from the media, no blowback from the fed/state/local administration and I’ll be damned of anyone from his family would dare lift a finger to take care of the problem. No, this is on us. What else did you expect? We are the low hanging fruit because we run away and call it ‘blight,’ like little nomads who continually move further and further away once a decade from the cesspool the inner city turns into. They have a sense of community and loyalty to each other and while we twit and sputter and ask ‘how did this happen?!’ from our suburban homes, it shows we still don’t fundamentally grasp the problem. An eye for an eye isn’t just to make the victim feel better, it performs the essential sociological function of providing an example and disincentive to those who understand nothing but force to reconsider their actions in light of possible retribution. When the Pashtun have a better grasp on community and justice than we do, it gives me serious pause. The beatings will continue until they have a reason to stop. The fact the kid’s family isn’t holding 4-5 scalps right now is an indication that a) we don’t understand jungle rules b) family isn’t important enough to risk going to jail over for most people and c) the beatings will continue.

    • Uncle Larry

      Hate crime laws were written in order to be used ONLY against white people. That’s why it took so long for the system to charge the savages.

      • ‘Hate crime’ is a communist konstruct word. It has no definable meaning since no one knows what is going on in a person’s mind at the moment of a crime. Its use is to make to observers ‘feel’ better. Feel being a female response to whatever.

        • Much like the phony “war on terror”

          WTF? Gotta get them terrorists.

          and the sheeple eat it up… Before the Fusa gubbermint’s lackeys started bombing, shooting, and raping innocent people in Afghanistan, we didn’t have any terror…

          The self licking ice cream cone.

          nom nom nom

          terror. t e r r o r T E R R OR

          T E R R O R ! ! !

          HEH HEH HEH terror terror terror terror terror

  27. Just part of the natural progression. We need a few more of these and we might start seeing things grab traction. It’s all about frequency and victimhood, how John stuckTotheCouch can relate. Burning their own little Somalia neighborhood doesn’t resonate nearly as strong as torturing that young man who sacks groceries at your local IGA. The one that gives it all he has, bless his heart. And here I had given up hope on them being able to tip the cart but they just might pull through for us! Fly monkeys, fly!

  28. Would be interesting to find out who the tortured victim “parents”
    are, that is, if they actually allowed their son to be with one of
    that crowd:

    “Police said the victim was treated and released from hospital into the care of his parents, who live in the suburb of Crystal Lake.”

    • Apparently the parents facilitated the association:

      “The victim’s parents dropped him off at a McDonald’s in Streamwood on Saturday so that he could spend the night with Hill.”

      It’s later than you think.
      Do you know where your children are?

  29. know many straight up, awesome blacks. Good folk, real Americans. They don’t identify, with any of this racist crap, they want what we want, our country back, and an oppertunity to work and live the American Dream

    These folks ARE hard working, God fearing, contributors to my community.

    We whites need to acknowledge our own white trash problems in our communities. whites, need to clean our own closets of the useless takers the generational welfare poor me white trash.

    have zero sympathy for these white slugs.

    sense a lot of anger here, towards the hood rats in inner cities, don’t get mad, get focused.


    • Yeap! Hey Dirk, what say you about my comment above yours…
      Turn over a rock:
      Would be interesting to find out who the tortured victim “parents”
      are, that is, if they actually allowed their son to be with one of
      that crowd:

      “Police said the victim was treated and released from hospital into the care of his parents, who live in the suburb of Crystal Lake.”

      • Paulo, I haven’t followed it. These savages are what they are. I just think it’s unrealistic to prosecute the entire black race for these retards actions. Their are truly some great colored folk out their.

        We have an awful lot of white trash out their, crunch the numbers and I’m guessing white trash numbers double or triple.

        Keith, if that’s the deal, then they own us. Our reactions need to be measured, logical, methodical. Realistic. Our sides driving for the next four years.

        I get it, 8 years of the floppy eared nig, in the White House. I don’t really know, but it sure seems to me that the left is trying to set the trap. No spring the trap, they set.

        Frankly I see that our conservative side or constitutional side so far has gotten it right.

        I’ll be honest, election night for my house was an evening of deep deep,concern for our country, our way of life.”

        Their’s an article over on ZH, which is reporting that the Trump admin, is telling Obama to chill his shit, OR everybody around him, to include him WILL be deeply investigated.

        I’m Reasonably certain that Obama, Jarrett, Kerry, and the Clintons, the DNC, will NOT survive a deep investigation. They mention the Iran nuke deal. ,

        That my friends is a fucking shot over the their bow. Im guessing Obama either reals in his horns, or triggers WWIII. If it’s the later, I think America’s had enough to of this dip shit nigger, and simply well not follow his, or deep states commands.,


        • “America” – that cuck fiction – hasn’t had enough of anything yet. If Obama were up for re-election, he’d have won easily. U White sucker…

    • “Sense a lot of anger here, towards the hood rats in inner cities, don’t get mad, get focused. ”

      What you are sensing is, more accurately, incredulity, frustration, and righteous indignation.

      Incredulity at the level of remorseless. jungle-level savagery that these sub-humans would commit (and only with superior numbers, as a rule, never one-on-one) with absolutely no regard for neither the condition nor humanity of their victim.

      Righteous indignation because we who work have money extorted from our paychecks and other innumerable taxes to pay these macaques to stay home, breed unchecked, kept fed, and remain unemployed so that they can think up, plan, and engage in this kind of shit, as well as participate in voter fraud, demonstrations, riots, and other BLM-approved activities.

      Frustration because any thinking person knows the only way to end this is to end welfare … period. If you’re at work trying to feed what you breed, you don’t have time to engage in this type of action. If they refuse to work and starve and die in the streets, so be it: It’s cheaper to bury/cremate them than to support them and their generations. I’m sure they wouldn’t tacitly accept their taxpayer-funded livelihoods being suddenly cut off, so there would be unpleasantness … much unpleasantness, but sometimes medicine tastes bad.

      The attitudes of the 99% of blacks who are unlike the good folk you mentioned will never change: The ghetto mentality is ingrained in black America, and no amount of education, assistance, subsidies, programs or legislation is going to stop this madness. If they’re not forced to change, they won’t.

    • Ditto.
      What Dirk said.
      If this thing went totally haywire, a lot of good people of all flavors are going to get hurt.

    • My bet is the hard working, God fearing black contributors to your community will chose to side with their black brethren when things go to the next level.
      Sporty ?

  30. And I quote, ” We value free expression here. We loathe and mock, gutter behavior.” End quote. We have had enough, its understandable the language on here especially since the left can say what they want, and then bitch when white America turns the tables. BUT we are better than they are, do not stoop to the low IQ black, muslim, mexican, racist white and black levels. They do not understand that when we have had enough, we don’t destroy our neighborhoods, we wipe nations off the map. In time we will show them. Stand on the higher moral ground, they can’t. Remember who you and yours are, your, we are better, and they on the left prove it everyday!!

    • Justice, Judgment, Dependability, Initiative, Decisiveness, Tact, Integrity, Endurance, Bearing, Unselfishness, Courage, Knowledge, Loyalty,& Enthusiasm.

      Above all:
      “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  31. midwestmike

    If Dylan Roof had brothers and sisters they’d look like…………….

  32. Everyone knows where these type of Niggers and Wiggers (including the gang-bangers, MS13, Bloods/Crips,etc.) live and hang. These shit wipes could have been wiped from our cities years ago, but most (Pay-Triots) are to worried about what God might think and are to confident that the “Authority’s” will take care of the problem.

    Well the “Authority’s” are only there to clean up the mess after they scrape your ass off the street.

    Theres plenty of landfills and desert space – lets start using it.

  33. NorthGunner

    Francis Porretto talked about this a while back via his short story,
    “The Two Doors”. Seems like it’s past time to revisit it and share it
    with others here as it could very well come to what he posits in it.
    I hope it doesn’t..but cold hard reality doesn’t give a rats ass for what
    we think…best to wrap one’s head around what IS, and not what we’d
    wish would be….

    The Two Doors

    Keep stocking ammo/preps, training, and get friends/family strong if they’re
    with you in mind and principle…also harden your hearts for what may need
    to be done to protect you and yours…save any tears if there are any, for
    those who DO deserve them.

    For the 4 rabid dindunuffins that they caught there are thousands more that are just like them that haven’t…remember that when things go from sporty to spicy.

    As Stonewall would have said, “Time to draw the sword and cast the
    scabbard away!”

    Hips and heads boys and girls, hips and heads..and remember to continue
    defensive fire until the attacker/s changes shape or bursts into
    compromise, no retreat, no surrender!!

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  34. NorthGunner

    Check this out:

    Stuff Black People Don’t Like

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  35. We need tens of thousands of Dylann Roofs and tens of thousands of Anders Breivik.

    Two men who dared alter the powers that be for their race, to bring race to the fore, and to act.

    Neither of them has remorse for their act, their acts were entirely honorable.

    • By shooting a church prayer meeting up. Na, that dog don’t hunt, for me.

      As an retired cop, I would have hunted that sorry ass loser down like a fucking dog. Nothing personal, it’s called “Justice for all.”

      Pat, not calling you out, just have seen that their’s a better solution. If the kid was smart, he would point out his IQ, of ” 6″. may save his life.

      • The so-called church has been a long time next of vipers that the most virulent mosque would envy. It has roots that reach back to the Stone Rebellion. The so-called “prayer meeting” was a planning session run by the state senator who had been planning many things for decades in that “church”.

        The bottom line here is that you, Mr. Dirk, don’t know squat about what really happened, but you have identified yourself as a collaborator with murderers. That’s the good that came out of your post.

    • no, I don’t think we need any more Christian Zionists like Breivik. Who murdered 80 WHITE kids at an anti-Israel gathering. As to Roof, I’m agnostic. He shoulda saved the last bullet for himself. So as to deprive the Jews of their mini-Nuremberg.

  36. Why are these adult animals being referred to as “teens” while the mentally disabled man of the same age is referred to as “man”.

    Even when they cannot hide the truth, they seek to mitigate it.

  37. Burn the fuckers at the stake.


  38. The Usual Suspect

    The trolls are skittering forth from their dank lairs in numbers
    Slick skinned and belching sulfurous exhallations to pollute
    the atmosphere.

  39. Blame any lack of retaliation on the pig cops.

    They look the other way when the blacks rape murder and riot. Yet, when a white person does 5 mph over the artificial speed limit, out come the pistols and beatings. Statistically, cops murder more whites than blacks, even though blacks commit more crime. Nothing will change until the cops fear for the safety of their families and their own lives… I’m a firm believer in eliminating the pig cops and letting nature take over. Sure there will be an uptick in killings. So fucking what?. But it will die -out given time.. Then the survivors can start living freedom and stop worrying about some scumbag rotten corrupt cop in their rear view mirror.

  40. Marlo Stanfield

    Don’t forget the salt & pepper team.

    From: Western Rifle Shooters Association To: Sent: Thursday, January 5, 2017 10:33 PM Subject: [New post] Any Questions? #yiv4884853565 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv4884853565 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv4884853565 a.yiv4884853565primaryactionlink:link, #yiv4884853565 a.yiv4884853565primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv4884853565 a.yiv4884853565primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv4884853565 a.yiv4884853565primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv4884853565 | Concerned American posted: “From over the transom.” | |

  41. CA, any instructions as to how to proceed concerning this latest outrage? Looking for leadership here, boss, already got the rage thing down. My two cents, we should should start some kind of action, in some direction or other. By the by, the ongoing shitstorm in Fla. is a shooter/murderer, with a checked gun in baggage, who supposedly went to the bathroom to get/load mags, then came out and started shooting at the carousel.

    • Research quietly the BLM and Soros groups, including the “refugee resttlement”. All orgs are made of people – specific individuals. Each of those people is vulnerable to the entire spectrum of righteousness.

      The rest of the story writes itself.

      Intel drives the fight.

      The FLL situation is still at the WTFO stage in my book.

  42. The Usual Suspect

    I know how to make a citizens arrest; bang ! bang ! bang !
    halt ! you are under arrest !

  43. After over two centuries of “integration” this. Any questions?

  44. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  45. Abraham Lincoln believed that American Africans’ best option was to go back to Africa. It still is their best option.

    American Africans have proven beyond a doubt that they are not compatible with western civilization. This Whitey wants nothing to do with them.

  46. Inmate searches for TN: