Hannity Interviews Wikileaks Boss Assange

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The doggies appear to be less than fully truthful:


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  1. I believe that the source is either a disgruntled DNC insider (or a group of them) or a non-state private hacker (or a group of them), or some combination of the two. I don’t think Russia is the source nor do I think the leaks were leaked in order to win it for Trump. I think this was a shot at Hillary and the Clinton machine. Whether it be for cheating Sanders out of the nomination or for overall corruption, or maybe even for the way she treats people, either way she got what she deserved. A big election loss.

    Now if Trump would put her in jail, that’d be great. Not happening though. Not in my opinion.


  2. 314, your correct.

    We know the Govts lying, simply because their lips are moving. The govt, is simply no longer capable of telling the truth.

    have no illusions of the Russians being the good guys, ain’t so, at this point in time I believe them, more then I believe our lying elected turds.

    The refreshing change here, is Trumps entering the WH filthy rich, unlike our other elected officials who daily use insider trading to lime their pockets.

    And those cock suckers have the balls to question Trumps conflict of interest.

    Shameful. Yet their constuants continue to vote the bastards back in.

    Last election I physically argued with the local news paper editor, to just publish our local candidates voting record, for review.

    If every local news rag had the courage to publish just the candidates voting records, I’d like to believe that even the most retarted voters would see the truth, and recognize the candidates lies.

    Not a chance.

    Not to worry, the newspaper editors address is the very FIRST, on my list of officials, needing a visit, in dark times.

    And just today our two newly elected county commissioners took their seats. Both purport to be stanch conservatives. ” bullshit” far left progressives.

    First order of business from their new thrones, Stop the pledge of, Allegiance, at all public meetings.

    These two fucktards are getting a double ended dildo for Christmas from me. you know plug and play shit.


    • “We know the Govts lying, simply because their lips are moving”

      Same as any cop. They’re all rotten to the core.

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  4. It is within the realm of possibility that the Russians could have easily hacked into the DNC server and got the emails. Probably everyone else and their mother did, too. Similar to looking for intelligent life on Mars. Would Putin want Hillary for pres? Who knows? Maybe Putin wants some more stability with respect to the US. The Chinese certainly would have wanted Hillary as pres, because they could continue to run roughshod over the US, like they did with O&Co.

    I think that the biggest takeaway from this whole episode is the fact that the dems and the MSM are working like mad to deflect the story away from the contents of the emails, as they continually say NOTHING about the content of the emails that jbryan314 mentions with respect to the treatment of Sanders and the machinations of the Clinton crime machine.

    From this so-called Russian story, anyone with a rational mind can see that the dems and the MSM have learned NOTHING from the Clinton presidential election loss to Trump. Both are unwilling or unable to look inward and examine the causes for their debacle. To me, this is pathological.

    • The Rove Republicans are cut from the same cloth. GS Johnny McShame is still going after the Russkis. May he soon burn in hell where he belongs, along with the REST of the GOP “leadership” in Congress.

  5. Assange strikes me as a really smart dude. And as honest as they come. The guy is committed to the truth, nothing more nothing less. To have to seek refuge fear for his life and be holed up for years in an Equadorian embassy, he has to be a straight up guy.

  6. They’ve wanted to make Russia the boogie man so they decided to blame them for trump winning.

    I’m sure they know who really did it and that person is probably with Vince foster right now.

  7. Dogs don’t lie. They do tend to want to shift that blame, though. Two dogs looking at you with those pearly eyes, just does want to make a person believe them. As opposed to looking into just one pair of those pearlies and not knowing who really did shit in the hallway.

    Blaming all on the Russians seems to be a seasonal retreat for the fake news outlets, who have been formerly know as the mainstream press.

    I like much that pic of the dogs, and am glad to now see it being inserted here often, when just words would have a chance of failing to convey the message. That message being contempt for those other people.

  8. Even if the Rooskis did hack the DNC server (which I don’t believe), they did a favor for the American people. Funny that even neocons like Hannity are getting the message. Rats from the sinking imperial ship?

    Assange is a hero.

    • So is Ed Snowden.

      Anyone who claims he’s a traitor is a fucking moron and has picked the side of corruption and the status quo…

      I pledge allegiance- to NO ONE or NOTHING, certainly not some fucking rag with satanic stars and colorful stripes.

      G’damn idiot sheep.

  9. thesouthwasrght

    I lol’d at the dogs. Cutting humor. Love it.