Molyneux On The Chicago Yutes

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. The scum who did it
    They love racial hate so much, they keep this up they will get more than they could imagine of it.

    What these savage monkeys did is what musloids do to apostates and unbelievers before they execute them.

  3. Anyone who thinks a civil war is not in the offing is deluding themselves. This was broadcast live on social media for the world to see. What is going to happen when Trump actually takes office?

    Prepare for the coming turmoil.

    • Kay de Leon

      Exactly. People are eating this little psyop up like popcorn.

      • That’s what I’m seeing, considering the insane rhetoric being tossed around freely in news threads and YT comments on this. It’s a push for instability and it seems it might be working.

      • You may be correct that BLM and Soros have set this up as a psyop. If you are correct there will be more to come to continue the growth of instability.

        Marxist thrive on instability and street violence is their bread and butter. However, if they are not countered at some point they will drive fear into the hearts of the sheep who will surrender just like they did in the 60’s to organizations like weather underground. The destruction of McCarthy was the initial blow allowing the Marxist a legitimate role in our society. That surrender brought us Obama and the American hating marxist thugs infesting our society today.

        We have seen this show before and the Marxist were successful last time so they are going to try again. I am old enough to have see the 60’s unraveling and do not wish to see it succeed again. The Marxist will burn this society to the ground so they can rebuild it from the ashes before they will allow the patriots to take their nation back.

    • I can hardly wait,,,
      I hope these idiot leftist do go all jungle, years and years of sitting on my hands every time some boinker called me names or did crap that deserved a harsh and violent reaction,,, lifes a bitch but sometimes you can get retribution

  4. I really hate niggers

  5. The evil that exists in the eyes of these motherfucking pieces of shit say one thing, and one thing only…..

    They are proud of what they did while holding no remorse over it being broadcast for all the world to see. THEY. DON’T. GIVE. A. FUCK.

    They also know, they won’t be held to account for what they did because there is a tremendous ally base that will cover for them, due to the pigment of their skin and the environments they’ve become victims of.

    And that is evident in the bending and twisting of the narrative that will make this Trump and the victim’s fault for what these fuckers did. Yes, it’s “their” fault these pieces of shit had to do this to them.

  6. ………… know what………? that young man is lucky…..really …FUCKING…..lucky…. the cops didn’t accuse him of something and just gun him down ……..RIGHT ON THE SPOT !!!!!……………..just battery, nothing to see here, he brought this on himself, He knew these people …DIDN’T he….?

    Well, there you go, cops don’t see a problem here, why would you……. ……………..released on personal recognesence ….they are just kids,
    …they didn’t mean any harm……
    …Chicongo needs to be set upon by the rightous……
    Airstrikes included !

  7. Diversity + proximity = war

    A fundamental axiom of human existence.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Diversity + proximity + will = war.
      Diversity + proximity + passivity = genocide.

      Europe appears to have settled upon the latter. America hasn’t made its choice yet.

      • Nice update to the formula, you are correct.
        Keep in mind that internal party discipline comes before taking on the foes. If you have an external enemy and an internal enemy, and only one bouquet of flowers to give, give it to the internal enemy. Every single time. You will always get more bouquets.

      • What Americans like most of us here have is diversity of opinion on what level of “Diversity In Action” they are willing to tolerate. Evidence suggests that even the most bloody-minded among us have not yet turned the corner toward “war”.

    • This is something we all must know and understand how it works.
      Racism, diversity, are literally revisionist inventions of marxists and later on by cultural marxists respectively.
      It is extremely complex how these constructs of an ideology work.
      Read this amazing piece of critical thinking:

      Adolph Hitler said, “If there were no Jews, we’d have to invent them.”
      This callous sentiment lies at the heart of rulership, including the rulers of our day. Power needs a frightening enemy. The systems that be, after all, are wholly organized around our fears. This is totalitarianism 101.
      Cultural marxist understand there was in reality no serious or depth of bigotry left in America blocking cultural cooperation across all class race and economic station, essentially we are a classless society, that people of all kinds where naturally figuring it out, and through time an equilibrium where everyone could get along civilly and amicably. It was in our character as a nation and the charters of liberty which was bringing this unprecedented solidarity to fruition slowly but surely. Good for us, bad for cultural marxists.
      Cultural marxism required a bogey man, a straw man, “Hitlers frightening enemy” to disrupt this balance, so discontent, doubt, hate, could spread, and eventually out of this chaos an order, power really, power to control people, would be attained when people where divided, thus conquering them would be much easier than the marxist method of power through the barrel of a gun, as Mao espoused. Because America is a nation of people very well armed and it would an almost impossible task, fraught with bloody existential uncertainties, to disarm the people.

      Discrimination is a provincial and normal thing all people do. It is the right thing to discriminate. What is not right is to stigmatize one group for discriminating, and another to be awarded for discriminating. The word racism, and diversity was invented to justify both stigmata and reward.

      Read this critical bit of profound thinking carefully in respect to above:

      -from The Enigma of Steel
      “I discriminate.
      The entire human race are neither my brothers nor kin. There is nothing noble about non-discrimination—concepts such as love, trust and brotherhood lose all meaning when discrimination is removed.
      Sorry, bleeding hearts—love does not exist without discrimination. The person who “loves everyone” actually loves no one.  Imagine if I loved everyone as much as I loved my wife…this is a ridiculous notion—I love, honor and would lay down my life defending my wife before any other human on Earth precisely because I discriminate. Similarly, I strive to fill my inner circle with people who are strong, noble of character and wise because I discriminate.”

      So is racism, diversity, is it a construct the intent of which is to intentionally create an insolvable dilemma between people, is it the whole point?
      So where everyone caught in this cunning trap end up in a cultural catch 22, and everyone ends up at each others throats, thus creating a situation where cultural marxism rules peoples souls?

      Racism and racist is an invention by a marxist. Diversity is an invention, another way to apply reverse racism, by cultural marxists, a shiny object designed as a distraction from the truth there is no such thing as racism, which is intended to hide that truth which is nothing but natural discrimination, which is human nature, that can not be changed. What is so evil here, is the idea to make discrimination evil. Discrimination is not evil, but what people can be evil when they discriminate in certain ways, and cultural marxism needs people to do bad things through discriminating behavior it could never get away with in any other method, and make it look like it is ok to do these things. The ideology of cultural marxism can not survive the discrimination of people who see it as an evil, so they make discrimination look like a bad thing. The only thing real about diversity is it is dress rehearsal for civil war.

      Take these 4 criminals who kidnapped and tortured a retarded boy. The first thing here is they are criminals, race isn’t important. What they did too this poor kid is very important. By all rights if we as a people discriminate honestly with justice and providence, these 4 criminals should be tried for their crime in totality, if found guilty, put to death. That is what a healthy people and culture should do, because to remain healthy it can not tolerate such evil for long. Race is unimportant, it is the act, what these 4 people did in violating the liberty of another person.
      Don’t fly off the handle yet, because there is a critical thing here that overrides everything. Cultural marxists, their ideology and agenda, thus their power can not exist never mind survive a people who discriminate against such behavior as these 4 criminals. So the idea is to create something that disrupts and destroys a culture of discrimination, thus power where no power could exist can be attained.

      In simplest terms, the fuckers don’t want, and can not survive a nation of people who don’t fuck around and has the courage and principles to go after the bad apples no matter who what or where they are and kill them for serious crimes. Cultural marxists and their system of marxism would be extinct. It would not survive a week in time.

      But we are too busy and too distracted, at each others throats for crap and stupid shit that doesn’t matter in the realistic scheme of things, misdirected from the truth of us and the truth of events to see we are being played for total fucking suckers.
      If we put together a lynch mob tomorrow and hung those four heathens from the nearest street lamp, the cultural marxist’s would be finished in this Republic.
      See, all along, TINVOWOOT.
      Because, The Great Fuck You can never be forgotten.

  8. This is all part of the left’s strategy to divide and conquer. They keep inciting racial and ethnic discord and the affected parties are so consumed with the immediate problem they will not focus on the crimes committed by those in power.
    Of course, very soon, we can expect to hear from Haxo, to explain that this is all because of the (((jooooos))). It is a secret conspiracy, don’t you know.

    • not speaking for Haxo…….but… blame the left..! but he can’t blame his flavor of the day…? I’m sorry, do you have a lock on truth ? what I hear you saying is that this is a secret conspiracy by the left is that correct ? But there isn’t any “secret conspiracy by anyone else” ….just the left…only the left…..

      Who makes up the “left” ? is there a “left”..? who funds and controls this “left ” thing you speak of…? maybe it is not what YOU think, could you be mistaken…? I didn’t think so. All of you guys that replace fact and logic with personal attacks have pretty much got the answers…

      then again maybe there isn’t any conspiracy at all…….maybe these pricks that did this deed are just that……..PRICKS………..just like you.

      • Rapp,

        Haxo Angmarck is a sociopathic piece of garbage. The scumbag is all over the Internet spreading hate and discontent against those who practice Judism and Christianity. He is a fucking troll, an instigator, a troubkemaker but, evidently you haven’t figured that out yet.

        The Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed/ETC/ETC/ETC is a Taqiyya-practicing moslem. A hemp necktie would only be too good for not only him but those who defend the lying piece of human flotsam.

        You’ve proven to me you are a fucking fool. Kevin3% is dead on regarding the moslem Haxo. The moslem Haxo’s “flavor of the day” happens to be human beings who are Jews. It is his “flavor” every fucking day. Here, on Twitter, on Facebook and across the expanse of dozens upon dozens upon dozens of blogs and Internet sites…..every….fucking….day.

        So Fuck you Rapp. Fuck the sociopath Haxo whatever his screen name is today or tomorrow.

        The shit is coming Rapp. And it won’t be only black, Chicago scum who find themselves at the end of a rope.

        • Calm down Dan, Last week you wished me a happy holiday…? now I am a fucktard ?……I’m not defending HAXO…..see(not speaking for Haxo)…this is the only place I read/write etc , so no I am not familiar with him or his other writings and brand of hate……I was just bringing up that if it is ok for Kevin to place responsibility somewhere why can not another think they know where the blame lies.
          Where I come from that is called “smug”. Calmer heads, more reason and more information make for better communication…everyone has a perspective.
          Sorry you give me the big FUCK YOU. I won’t take it personally as you do not know me so there is no way you can come to this judgement .

          So am I still allowed to comment hear ? or do I slink away…………….it would get real boring if everyone agreed all the time.

          • Haxo is not speaking hate.

            He speaks factual truth.
            Are all jooos are evil?

            I don’t think so.

            But I am certain there is a cabal of vipers ruling things that happen to have very jewish backgrounds.

            Coincidence? I think not.

            • European American

              There are some good jews and there are bad jews, but then there are the ZIONIST Jews. They are the ruthless, power-hungry, bloodthirsty Satanists whose primary objective is to not only own you and I, but to dispose of us, in the cruelest means possible, once they’ve drained eacg if us of all our personal resources. And they will stop at nothing to achieve their Luciferian goals.

              Just maybe this is partially why Haxo is shining a spotlight on that particular tribe, in his own unique way. It’s all a part of the Great Awakening. And we’re all headed there, one way or another. Easier on the body to have an open mind, otherwise, gnashing of teeth can be harsh on the pocketbook.

              • EA,

                “….Haxo is shining a spotlight….in his own unique way.”

                Oh, you mean in the unique way Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich blamed and scapegoated German & European Jewry for the ills of Germany ?

                “It’s all part of the Great Awakening.” As in Adolf Hitler’s beloved phrase:

                “DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE” – “Germany Awake”

                “Sieg Heil !” European American. Damned if I can’t hear your boot heels clicking together over here.

        • European American

          I’m just curious. Has “Haxo” ever “claimed” to be a muslim or is that a conspiracy theory on your part, Dan III?

          • If you criticize Jews /Israel you are now a muslim. Used to be ‘anti-semite’ but that wore off. If you support Trump you are a Russian stooge.. etc.
            Labeling / name – calling is natural limbic response of trend following empty vessels .

          • Rapp,

            I wished you a “Happy Holiday” ? Nope. I never use that pagan, neutered, anti-Christian commercialization phrase of well-wishing used to obstruct and detract from the meaning of Christmas.

            However, you DID defend Haxo the Hater although you deny it. “not speaking for Haxo……but….” But what ? Perhaps you should enlighten yourself and execute a WRSA search of Haxo the Hater’s remarks here. Take it a step further and do some research on your boy Haxo using several search engines.

            Now you’re the persecuted because you were “just bringing up….”. While you concluded your “just bringing up” remarks to the individual, Kevin3% to be “PRICKS……..just like you,” But, I like that….maybe I should address him as “Kevin The Prick” from now on. Sort of a badge of honor, eh ?

            Slink away if you choose. Your choice.

          • EA/Adolf,

            You want to satisfy your curiosity ? Do the research on your pal Haxo. Nothing I tell you will satisfy you.

            Sieg Heil !

        • Fact-free as usual, Dan III. In these days of easy fact-checking, your name-calling has lost its mojo and that is why many Americans of every color are awakening from their historical coma.

        • ‘Human beings who are Jews…’ got it . All other human beings who don’t agree are fair game . These piss colored fools in Chicago hate whites because they have white blood in them.
          However they are also third generation products of weaponized ‘culture’ . Haxo is wrong in that it’s solely a Jew plan but they are way over represented in the organs of subversion. He is right that the blacks were decent , family folk in the pre – FDR time. Jews voted three to one for the witch. That’s on them , not the haters.

          • boss21,

            You can side with Haxo the Hater all you want, defending his pathological hatred of Jews and Christians. Your effort to ridicule my use of the English language with your “got it” is not lost on me.

            So, in your denouncing of Jews you make the accusation that “Jews voted three to one for the witch.” Guess I have to assume you’re referencing Jewish votes for H. Klinton in the recent presidential election, correct ? Perhaps you can provide citations supporting that number ?

            Now continuing with my ignorance I’m certain you’ll educate me on, you state that Jews “are way over represented in the organs of subversion.”

            1. Please provide names of who or what your “organs of subversion” are.
            2. Upon providing your listing of your “organs of subversion” include with such the names of all your alleged Jews in your fictional “organs of subversion”.

            Educate me with your forthcoming citations.

            • Start with the tribal over-representation in the Communist genocide of Christians. See especially “Jewish Testimony,” at

              A representative sample:

              “Chosen People” created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, et al.), propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, et al.) exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, et al.), and mostly ran Communism (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, et al.), their secret police (Beria, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, Zederbaum, et al.), and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, et al.). Though “Jews” were only 1 or 2% of the Russian population, over 30% of the general party membership and over 90% of Communist command and control were Jewish—60 million died in the USSR; if you blame Hess and Marx for Mao, add another 75 million dead.

        • Dont waste the rope, all itll take is one jhp

      • FrozenPatriot

        “The left” is a set of collectivist political goals which are freely adopted and rejected.

        The subject of Haxo’s blind rage is a set of genetic traits which cannot be changed. His hatred and double standards is perfectly equivalent to that of the subject of the OP video. Hatred of a people based on race is always hatred of a people based on race.

        Forcing that poor white young man to say “fuck white people” is no different than if Haxo peeled itself from its well-worn keyboard and chose a human being based on their unchosen jewish genetics and forced them to say, “fuck the jooooooos”. Congratulations for defending that…

    • see above. And it’s only a secret from those who are ignorant of the “Left’s” (((ethnic core))). Jews will use whatever ethnics are handy to exterminate their historical White enemy. In Europe, Muslims and Blacks; here, Blacks, Browns, and Muslims.

    • They won’t show up till their government coffee break is over, plus an extra hour to rest from having a break. Tag team trolling WRSA comment threads to discourage participation and spread doubt is hard work.

      • Around this time last year, I grew weary of the idiocy in the comment section re; the Bundy clowns and their ridiculously misguided escapades at Mahluer. So weary that I quit commenting.
        Looks like I will be doing that again this year. The divisiveness, the scapegoating and the stupid hurts my head and is most certainly not worthy of my time.
        In closing, lumping all Jews together as the source of all the evils in this world is collectivist rubbish. Lumping all blacks together is likewise stupid collectivist nonsense. Collectivist nonsense will be the demise of freedom loving individuals.

        • Which is the reason you need to stick around…to call these idiots out.

          • Really, Kevin??? “All”?
            No need for hysterics or straw man fallacies.

            Disproportionate? Yes.
            Over-represented? Yes.
            “All”? No, just another tired trick of the usual suspects.

        • Kevin,

          I’ve stepped on my dick here numerous times here at WRSA. Guys like you help me to see some things more clear. Stick around. Your insight is valuable.

        • Bingo!

      • You’re retarded.

        To you everyone is a troll.

        Maybe it has something to do with living in the most backasswards state in the land. W.V. Admit it, you have never lived anywhere else have you?
        You have never even served in the military. That makes your opinion worth less than chelsea mannings.

        • tfA-t,

          You moved to Kanada….you need to concentrate on M-F’ing your less fortunate, fellow Kanadians along with Ottawa and fag-boy Trudeau, eh ?

          BTW….when you going to post a picture of your incinerated Amerikan passport ?

          “Eh” ? Even you could learn to speak Kanadian.

    • Confederate miner

      What is so secret about it?

    • Yes this is because of the Jews. Niggers do this to white kids forced to attend school with niggers every single day of the year. The reason why kids attend schools with niggers is because of forced integration forced by Jewish judges on the Supreme Court 70 years ago.

    • I am interested in the linkages between these 4 morons and their handlers. I am pretty sure that they had handlers.

      • My guess would be not so much “handlers” as folks on the lookout for useful idiot behavior to exploit in general. Face it, the Marxists have their army now, they just fail to grasp said army is utterly beyond their control and views skin color as their uniform. It’s going to get sporty in the urban arena and quite possibly never even reach flyover country.

      • Yes. Then do more diggin on the handlers handlers.

        “The masses continue with an appetite for benefits and the habit of receiving them by way of a rule of force and violence. The people, having grown accustomed to feed at the expense of others and to depend for their livelihood on the property of others… institute the rule of violence; and now uniting their forces massacre, banish, and plunder, until they degenerate again into perfect savages and find once more a master and monarch.” Polybius.

  9. just plain todd

    no turmoil at all. not here. the hives? sure. but we knew that already. getting older and more tired waiting for shit to kick off. one day i’m Topgun, next day i’m flying a cargo plane full of rubber dogshit from Hong Kong. hurry dafukup already!! nothing left to live for in AZ anymore anyway. Sherriff Joe got the boot, and the shithead who replaced him is calling illegals “guests” now. supplies stacked, range cards done. weapons sighted. just waiting for the WORD!

    • todd,

      Sheriff Joe got the heave-ho because of Maricopa County voters. Once again, Arizona is moving left. Witness the POS replacement. “Guests”….what a fucking loser courtesy the scum electorate.

      My question is “Will Deputy Travis Haley turn in his badge ?”

  10. Not sure which opens first:

    Pig hunting season?

    Or Black Bear hunting season?

    Probably gotta go with Pig hunting season, because after all THEY are the filthy maggots who enable these niggers. Empty the pig sty, THEN exterminate the niggers.

    Piggies say they aren’t sure this is a “hate crime”.

  11. So-called “hate crimes” statutes are nothing more than affirmative action applied to the criminal code – a sort of apartheid in reverse. Isn’t any violent crime by definition “hateful” and therefore a hate crime?

    The fact that the authorities decline to classify the incident – the atrocity – in question as a hate crime proves the truths above, and also supplies yet more evidence that there is a multi-tiered criminal justice in this country.

  12. These fucking savages deserve zero quarter.

  13. Roger Morris

    bad link……………


  14. The Fourth Horseman

    Someone should give them a taste of what it’s like when they get out with a slap on the wrist.

    You know O’nigger will decree a slap on the wrist, right?

  15. ALCON,

    These “niggers” once again picked on a victim who could not defend himself.

    The time is coming for retribution. It ain’t going to be pretty when Whites, Browns and Blacks of good human quality decide to clean out the cesspools of shitholes like Chicago. And the first place to start will be city hall, specifically Rahm Emmanuel’s office.

  16. They are not “youths”. The Chicago DA and Super of the PD were dragged kicking and screaming to file “hate” crimes with the other multiple felonies committed.

    BLM, and The Magic Kenyan empowered this.

    18 year old punks old enough to do this, are old enough to get a round to the face if they get sporty with someone not willing to put up with this shit.

    There is right and wrong. Period. For the record Honkies like me will not be responsible for a race war. The good news is we’ll end it in less than 48 hours. Nationwide.

    Fuckin savages.

    • 48 hours is the start up theme music. Don’t kid yourself as to how long this would take, as it will go into extra innings and overtime. They will get external nation state support, Canada/Mexico will probably be their Pakistan (R&R area). It is a multi generational fight if it goes kinetic much beyond some random atrocity like we saw in Chicago.
      Consider Bracken’s views on what will happen, specifically sniper ambushes and the circumstances surrounding such developments.
      I suspect that when questioned in the aftermath of developments, a whole lot of suburbanites will know nothing about nothing, and give widely divergent descriptions of the various RWDS that will flourish. This will mirror the inner urban core community response when asked to identify perps. The urban denizens will remain brutal yet uncontrollable, even by the designated leaders. The RWDS will have much better Intel, targetting and bouquet delivery.
      Death toll? I suspect that it will rapidly become the biggest killer of Americans, outpacing auto accidents and cancer, perhaps even combined.
      Do I want this? No, I do not. I do not think that any rational person does, as it makes the investment and legal environment too volatile for any sort of planning. However, it is important to keep your ear to the ground for any signs of this going live. We are best served by compartmentalizing the emotions, remain exceedingly polite to one another and all others, but heed the words and advice of St. Mattis of Quantico about having plans regarding everyone you meet. In other words, keep your heads while others lose theirs.

  17. Moral imbecility on parade.

  18. I do not care about your sexuality/sex/religion/ethnicity/monied status/education ect.That said,anyone fucks with my family/friends/pets will fucking kill them(or die trying)no matter who you are or supposedly represent.

    I when first saw this thought a fke ploy to kick off a race war/perhaps implement martial law/perhaps postpone inauguration ect.,wouldn’t put it past the govt for a fals flag of this sort.

    While glad they got hate crime tacked onto their charges get rid of all the hate crime laws,victims are just that,victims of a crime,no need for speciality nonsense that is used to actually divide folks more.

    Seriously,no matter what the law says,do what is needed to defend yourself,including first making smart choices of what you do/where you go/who you are friends with ect.

  19. Meanwhile, some 14 year old white kid in Pennsylvania is being charged with a “hate crime” because he posted a video mocking a black at his school, making comments about eating fried chicken, etc.

  20. I’m tired of all the apologists claiming that somehow the system made them commit this sickening crime. They’re human beings and did this all on their own.The death penalty was is what they deserve.

  21. They dindu nuffinz

  22. Sometimes a person has to wonder: What would FUSA look like today, if Lincoln had not been whacked? I do think that he had some sort of a deportation idea for the freed slaves … other than sending them up to
    Detroit and Chicago.

    • Lincoln did have a deportation plan that was past the initial planning stages. Go read The Real Abraham Lincoln by DiLorenzo and you will be stunned at how much nonsense people talk about Lincoln, the first American fascist dictator.

  23. One by one. Slowly then quickly. People will finally understand why I keep repeating 100-200 million need to take a long long long nap. To all you weak knee’d bleating sheep – grow a spine or take your place in the 2/3’s of the murkin death toll. Cops first, then any scum who doesn’t pull his own weight….

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Hate to break it to you, but if there’s an event that takes out 2/3 of the populace, the odds favor you being part of that 2/3, too. And that’s not counting the fact that most of the 1/3 that survived would also end up dead in fairly short order from diseases and such. The ones who survived that shitshow would then be easy prey – first for local warlords, then for whatever countries decided to take advantage of the newly depopulated continent.

      • You’re just plain wrong on that.

        1. I’m not part of the populace – I live on an Island far away from any population center.

        2. We have everything needed to live quite comfortable.

        3. MD, DDS, and nurses and a medical center call this Island home.

        4. An abundance of retired vets also.

        5. I am the local warlord.


        • “I am the local warlord”. Repeated into the mirror x number of times per day. “I live on an island”. So did Gilligan. The Skipper too. The millionaire, and his wife. The movie star, the professor and Mary Ann… “We have everything needed to live quite comfortable.” Excepting, apparently, the intelligence to know it would be “comfortably”. Ignorance is bliss, right?
          the fucking A team… you always spout your bullshit as if you are bulletproof. I’m sure you’re not. I’m certain no one is. This is experienced fact, not conjecture. From a long ways away.
          I’m also certain that the amount of internet bread crumbs you’ve left over the years have given more than a few all the intel they need about you, your island, your money, and on and on. They likely already know which desk drawer. It’s called ‘due diligence’; blowhard. Go whistle “The Edmund Fitzgerald”.
          ‘Warlord’. What a fucking joke. Now, compose yourself, and reply with your usual witty “fuck off” – or whatever. No one gives a shit. And then go kill yourself. No one gives a shit.

          • Go lay down and lick your tiny balls – grampa

            • Wow. As expected, witty repartee from the upper peninsula ‘genius’. tfAt, you must stay up real late at night to think this stuff up, with your tiny brain. You are so boringly predictable. Go ask your mom if your spaghettios are warmed up yet.
              “Warlord”. heh. “Island girl” would be more accurate.

              • You cali fruit cake. You couldn’t hang where I am. You are nothing. Maybe you should re-apply your lipstick and mascara, grab your pom poms and cheer the new female marine infantry unit or whatever the fuck it is… LOL

                Go to work – loser

        • Sounds like your close to my AO

          • Do you have 4ft of snow on the ground right now? Does it snow 3″ to a foot every time it snows? Can you see the Canadian mountains from where you are? I have 1000 ft ships pass by everyday. How about you?

      • Your very first word describes too fat perfectly….now, what will follow proves it.

      • Loction location location…… I’m pretty confident. Then again, I’m an optimist.

  24. Tick, tock, tick, tock. There’s nothing like waiting around for a lot of bloodshed to start, except maybe the bloodshed, itself. It’s funny, it really is. The last time I killed a man, I felt absolutely nothing. Now, I’m actually looking forward to it.


    I have seen episodes like this on Law And Order. But, the victims were all black and the suspects/defendants were all white and even sometimes, cops. I just wonder if that Hillary-worshiping commie-liberal rat bastard Dick Wolfe will produce a piece crafted by all of his (((Eskimo))) staff depicting this:…”story ripped from the headlines!”? Crickets?
    I will not hold my breath.

  26. At some point white folks are going to have to stop rolling over and getting their guilt stroked..

  27. I hope that even half the folks commenting here are in fact ready to do what they say they will do when the race war starts. I myself have some serious doubts – especially amongst our uber-pacified Christian population of New Testament only liberals. Worst among us WASPs is the females – no rock solid core beliefs – to weak to stand with the 5-10% hardcore white males who are not only willing to fight, but know HOW to fight. I personally will trust NO ONE to truly back me up when the crap starts – unless I see them, firsthand, be as ruthless and efficient as I know my 34 years of training has ingrained in me. Until I see that, I will keep everyone else in front of my muzzle.

  28. Killing is apparently acceptable in Chicago, so why not torture?

  29. It doesn’t matter who or what created this shit when its in your face.What happened to bring this about 40/50/60 or 100+years ago matters not NOW.They(TPTB)want and need this kind of thing to happen to proliferate the system.From the lowly street LEO to the highest levels of govt.and the whole corrupt judicial/incarceration system and their remoras they make a living and kick you in the teeth to keep you”safe”.

    • True enough. Need to bury these 4 in a corn field, let them produce something of value

  30. The Usual Suspect

    This place has become a troll tag team petri dish.

  31. There was a day, not long ago, when a group of us would go bail these urban youth out. I say, “Make America Great Again.”

    • FrozenPatriot

      Hmmm.. Good plan. I’d be glad to help. There’s lots of land round here for shallow, unmarked graves. The trouble is that the frost is several feet thick this time of year…makes diggin four niglet-sized holes, or even one big one, rather tough…

      • If’n you had wild boar in your neck o’ de woods, y’all wouldn’t be concerned ’bout diggin’ no holes. Dem boars takes care o’ things quite effectively. I bet one wouldn’t even have to kill dem niglets. Jes’ tie them to some stakes in de ground at a boar waller…

  32. Its some cosmic level irony watching Charles Manson slowly die in prison of old age just before a race war kicks off.

  33. Waiting in Idaho

    Hunting season is over, and its -7F tonite. Sure hope spring comes early this year so that I can get out for some ground squirrel shootin’. Good practice for whats coming our way, if you catch my drift. This is what the libs want, isn’t it?

    • Black bears are somewhat larger and more aggressive than ground squirrels. And since they have opened Polar Bear hunting with very few consequences, well:

      When there is no Rule of Law, it works both ways.

      I suspect Black Bear hunting will be somewhat more effective than their Polar Bear hunting…

    • Varmint rounds,,, work for all manner o varmints

  34. Wind chill is -44 below zero. The coming festivities will kick off on a night like tonight because I say so… Cold as a witch’s tit.Blowing snow,brutal cold and pitch black. I enjoy going out in this shit.The nastier,the better. I live and work in this environment.The fair weather predators have no clue what is percolating.
    Regarding the drivel and psychotic ramblings of the Jooo hating cafones..They perform a valuable service.You can point to them and tell others,”Don’t become one of those fucking morons.”

  35. I think, were that MY child, I might bail them out with a couple pals….. and when we were done reading to them from the book of happy endings, I might take my pals and pay their parents a little visit and read to them the same book….. If you’re capable of raising monsters like this once, you can do it again and frankly, I wont have that. No excuses, no apologies, no quarter. No. More. Tolerating lesser forms of evil has brought us to this….

  36. ALCON,

    Pretty amazing how Haxo the Hater and his band of alter egos managed to hi-jack the topic of this thread from black-on-white crime to blaming Jews for everything. Shades of Nazi Germany, circa 1933.

    Nazism, Islam and the moslem Haxo….they work well together.

  37. You’ve got to admit, the story makes a nice cherry on top of the last weeks of the squalid reign of that Great Racial Healer, Barry Soetoro I of Nairobi, whose wing feathers cure cancer, and whose tears turn EBT cards into 40-ouncers.
    Coupled with awarding himself a medal, he’s a shoe-in the get into the Idi Amin Museum of Notable Africans, on the first ballot.

  38. Uentermenschen.