What Can Be Done About SOCOM?


The final chapter.

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  1. They’re as useless as tits on a boar. What have these asshats done besides waste billions of our tax dollars?

    Stop terrorists?

    Nope. D.C. is still rife with them…

    Isn’t it time we disband these welfare mooches? Because it won’t be long before they are plying their trade in your neighborhood. I have no doubts they are rehearsing for the BIG day here in Fusa. They’re no different than the cops, they will do whatever it is they are ordered to do. Because “it’s their job”…

  2. ‘They’re no different than the cops, they will do whatever it is they are ordered to do. Because “it’s their job”…’ —Sadly I think this is true to a great extent. Having been jacked once by fat assed VA cop and then again by county sheriff in GA I have a hard time ratcheting up too much broad brush sympathy. There are bad cops and damn sure some bad soldiers.

    • someday your going to be mature enough to understand, your actions, your words and your contribution to your community, will keep you immune from those bad ol police.

      You got stopped, or picked on, look in the mirror, maybe you WILL see what the problem is. I got no problems with the police haters here, I often share your sentiment, their are so,e real chickenshit PO, around.

      And then their are some dammed fine men and women protecting your dum asses from yourselves. You,don’t like the rules, lobby your law makers for change.

      I got stopped by the state police a few weeks ago, passed a semi truck, and cut it close, was actually over a double yellow line. For 20 feet, and I had kicked my speed up to 72 mph.

      Bottom line I did the infraction, I owned it. When the shiny policeman contacted me, and asked if I knew why he stopped me I replied, yes, and I’m guilty. If I got a ticket coming,,write it and I’ll pay my bill.

      The trooper was shocked. He asked me to repeat what I had just said, and I did. He laughed and said “nobody ever admits guilt, I’ve never had anybody say that in the past 17 years”

      I,identified my infraction, and my plan of correction, I excepted the responsibility for MY actions. Not the cops fault I was speeding and had cut my pass to far into a double lane.

      The trooper ran my shit, and came back with a warning. ” during a traffic stop, your entitled to a saftey lecture or a citation”, not both.

      I never identified myself as retired popo, I didn’t buzz him, or flash our secret hand sign. I excepted the responsibility for my actions.

      I break the laws, I understand the potential outcome. I try and follow the rules. However their are rules I simply flat refuse to follow., and I understand and except the consequences, for my refusals to comply.

      Yea I know, fuck the police,,it’s all their fault.


      • Wow. You’re amazing. You have exactly zero idea what you’re talking about as regards me.

        1. I got stopped in rural VA by a hillbilly fucktad bloated gut jerkoff that pulled his fucking gun on me when I reached over to the glove box to get the requested documentation.

        2. I got stopped by a GA state trooper near a tiny town called Ellaville whereupon the trooper AND the sheriff attempted to extort cash from me rather than write me a ticket.

        Don’t lecture me asshole.

        • Yeah. This clown shows up here about a year ago to mingle with his victims. JHC.

          Get a clue. No one here other than cop suckers and assorted badged thugs give a rats ass about pigs. You’re corrupt to the bone. These fucks make their living by slaughtering/oppressing/extorting the people of their $, freedom, and lives, then the media places them on a fucking pedestal. Remember the media? Those rotten g’damn scumbags? The day is coming boys…

          tic toc tic toc tic toc

          • Yet another master piece, from my scholarly friend on the island of Canada. My victims, Good God, that is rich, I can help but smile. You are amusing .

            My friend were you bullied in grammer school. Did a bad ol police man make you stand in the corner,,you know a time out for being the village idiot..

            Why all the hating man.

            Bowman, re read my post, your right, and I’m wrong.


      • You’re right Dirk. I too have been pulled over because I did the infraction and admitted so. I got the same response and a warning.

        Really, you guys have a secret hand sign?

      • SemperFi, 0321

        ask Jose Guerena how well it worked out for him.
        One cop cuts you a huss, and you sing the praises of them all? This country is already overflowing with stupid copsuckers, learned all they need to know from the TV. Trust us, we’re here to help.

        • 0321, that was a fucked up deal. Should have never happened. Not that it matters, but I support far greater scrutiny for Leo ‘s. If their guilty nuke em.

          So I’m asking you this question. In your opinion, what is the solution, what needs to change, how does that needed change happen.


          • SemperFi, 0321

            I know and have known a shit load of cops, lived with several in a big batchelor pad while going to gunsmithing school in my younger days. The game warden had cases of dynamite in the living room too, for beaver dams.
            Today I live in a small rural town in NW Wyoming, several really laid back Sheriff’s deputies here, local boys that I trust a lot. But just came from Jackson Hole a few hours ago, not the same story there. Almost every one of them has that shaved head, mirrored sunglasses and steroid use look on them. Not a good thing, for they represent what is coming out of the LEO academies today, automated Gestapo thugs. The same asshats who took out my brother Marine, Jose Guerena.
            I rode dirt bikes a few yrs back with some great guys from SoCal, their stepbrother was a cop in L.A. One of them told me, “my brother crossed over to the dark side when he became a cop”. Tell me that wasn’t a profound statement?
            What do I think we need to do to change things? First, our culture is down the shitter, period. I have folks I have worked with, known for yrs who would sell me a broken Suburban and not say a word about it’s mechanical problems, because they wanted a new truck. Is that a friend? Greed overrules friendship. And we wonder why folks have no scruples or loyalty to anyone or anything, they’re all part of the ‘me’ generation. Same with cops. Most everything they do is ego based, more worried about how they look to their peers than they do about what’s right. Gotta look good, that’s why they pump iron and all look like something from the LA Cops catalog. Their ego overrules their morality, and they don’t bother to think if what they do is evil or good anymore. So I would say it’s not just a cop problem, but a societal one, for we created these bastards in uniform, through the media and self idolatry. And a serious lack of mental screening.

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    • SemperFi, 0321

      Und wie viele haben eine idee wo Danzig überhaupt ist? Meine familie war von OstPreussen, sie sind jetzt alle todt, und OP ist Russisch. Es meindt nichts mehr.

      • Senatssekretär Freistaat Danzig

        Naja, nach dem was im Heute liegt, und an Wahrheit da ist, heißt es für uns auch nur durchahlten, wie in der Zone! Glück, Auf, meine Heimat!

  4. This was tried already. 70 years ago by two country’s. Germany and Japan who believed that a small , highly trained ,elite, professional force could overwhelm any army. It worked, for about one year. Then it didn’t. Attrition is a bitch, Russian and Chinese army’s are vast. Who cares that your small “elite” SOF and 5 million dollar a shot “smart” weapons can kill 100 of them for every one of yours that falls. When you have 1 million men that take years to train and your enemy has 25 million men that take weeks to train.(armed with cheap REPLACEABLE weapons) YOU STILL loose. Badly. Our military is a shadow of the 1990 army that fought the first gulf war and will take years to rebuild, if anybody in graft riddled DC is still willing to try. But if we try and stage an Asian or European ground and air war anytime in the next ten years we will get our asses handed to us.

    • Really? Read a little history Ray. I’m not worried one bit about Chinese and Russian “vast” armies. Furthermore, if we try an Asian or European ground and air war, then we should have our asses handed to us. If the Russians or Chinese tried a ground and air here, their asses would be handed to them.

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