What’s Wrong With SOCOM? – Part III



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  1. Read this last week, thought provoking. My long range shooting partner is a retired LT Col, SF, 26 years. He also did tour with SAS as a capt.

    He asks has anything really changed? Be interesting to hear SFC’s thoughts.


  2. Sobering article. I will go one further… with the continuing reduction in Infantry end strength, it may be beneficial to meld USMC into Army, or Army into USMC (whatever suits your preference). It would take a generation or three to reshape the minds of the staffs, but it could be done. Iconoclasm, yes. Creative destruction, probably.
    Why? How many over the beach, opposed amphibious operations are going to happen in an era of anti-ship cruise missiles? Can you really generate forces ashore en masse with an Osprey air wing? LHA/LHD are really only viable in permissive environments. The death knell of the EFV (or whatever they decided to call it) illustrated the end point of Transformer inspired mechanization of Marine forces. That the Osprey survived is testament that irrational choices still get made.
    There is hope that St. Mattis of Quantico will reverse the Mabus and Obama trend of Making the USMC an armed gay pride/special snowflake/bean counting organization.
    Consider the reality that force protection and political requirements effectively mandate that Infantry is really heavy motorised infantry (with the exception being climbing mountains).
    If this is the case, and I believe that it is, it may be beneficial to neck down as stated, and focus on infantry. Get an evolutionary explosion, like in the early Cambrian and Tertiary period, and get it under one roof. Have heavy motorized, light, airmobile, mountain and all that as formations, instead of general purpose. Hell, just make one YUGE GP Infantry force. Whatever they do, they need to get the numbers up of qualified Infantry. There is a certain minimum viable number for Infantry to ensure that you have organizational and experience continuity. We may be approaching that.
    The future belongs to Infantry, special or not. The coming era of wars (it is already here) does not respect the HR departments, the mandated diversity and thensithivity training or any of the critical theory claptrap. We as a nation follow the folly of the PC toxin/pathogen at our children’s peril when we impose this upon the immutable nature of warfare. While we continue to do so, our existential enemies are laughing quietly as they sharpen their bayonets and op check their gear.

    • good analysis, except for the latter thoughts re “we as a nation”. The Empire needs to collapse for FreeFor to win. Empires collapse soonest and quickest when they lose a large war. No worries. I expect a few months of this Trumpaholic patriotard stuff until reality sets in again.

      • “we as a nation”


        Who’s this “we” and where’s this “nation” you speak of?
        There is NO we, and there certainly is NO nation. Turn off the tee vee and step away from the kool-aid. The fact is, all your heroes wearing a Fusa uniform are in reality your executioners. They will do whatever they are ordered It’s called brainwashing and every one in the military is a victim of it. Should be a hoot, watching the murkins wave flags and cheer on “the troops” right up to the point they fire upon you. I’ll have those scumbags in my sights looking for the highest ranking slimeballs.

        Thank You for your— BANG!


  3. This whole thing looks like the Army Air Corps, 1945. Bigger and better funded than the Army, it became the US Air Force in 1947. Look what happened. Technology, global politics, practicality, etc made it inevitable. SOCOM has outgrown the services they came from. A new service. USSOCOM, with it’s own chief of staff, it’s own uniform, yada, yada, yada. Gen 3/4 warfare is demanding something like this. Just do it, and cut out a lot of waste and blustering and stupidity. All the snoop and poop types don’t join the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines. They join SOCOM. Give it a snappy name, like Special Service, or Secret Operations, or Special Operations Services, or whatever. “Hey, Ma, I’m gonna join the SOS!” “We sure are going to miss your voice in the choir, son”. Cut the bullshit, and have the Armed Forces get back to what they were meant to be doing, which is the heavy lifting in a general war. SOS should have all it’s training combined, so that air, land, or sea, they got it covered. And of course, they cooperate and coordinate with the other Armed Forces for joint/linked operations, providing mutual support to each other for mission success. A ten year old should be able to figure this out. It’s time.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Hey, somebody has to drive all those cool dune buggies.

      We’re back to all the same shit we do every war, try to re-invent something that we had working 20 yrs ago, disbanded, and now start over, but worse, because nobody knows where to start or what they’re doing. Look at the sniper program in WW1, then WW2, and VN, in the 80’s we had to start from scratch again. Waste of time and money, not counting the waste of good experienced personnel and lessons learned.
      I know that Recon Marines do reconnaissance, we evolved from the WW2 Raiders, but no longer do raids because we’re too small of a unit, and do our recon role well in small teams. Marsoc has no need to exist, they are not Rangers, or SF, and should go back to Force troops where they came from and be happy their job is deep recon, they can even keep their new pins. SEALs can handle the big jobs, they have more support people, more allotted equipment, bigger budget, and we all work for the Navy anyway. Learn to take your turn.
      Our SF community has turned into a hydra, keeps growing into more and more specialized heads, none of which knows what the other is doing, and all wanting more money and attention. I liked it when I was in, nobody knew what the fuck a Recon Marine was.

    • Sean,

      Your remarks along with SF0321’s below combine for me, to be a spot on analysis/opinion.

      All those stars with their white-starred red flags could learn a lesson from you two.

  4. The Usual Suspect

    Instead of the banal Department of Defense how about
    The War Department and all that entails.

  5. Marlo Stanfield

    Non world class fitness standards. Politico’s posing as NCO’s and Officer’s. Too many on Face Book running their mouth’s. Silly females in DC and other places trying to influence things. When you start calling someone special and letting them wear different clothing, the NERD’s come out. The only thing that has save this country is the other armies around the world are more fucked up than ours. Things I noticed while in eight other countries for Uncle Sugar.

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  6. Yawn, why do we care about the travails of the imperial shock-troops? To Defend Conus you need a robust ICBM force , integrated AWACS/S400 equivalent, Integrated Cyber,ECM,ESM ,etc, 700 F 22 s , 700 A 10s , 6 ADs, 6 IDs , 10 SSBNs, 30 Hunter-killer subs, missile cruisers and a lean Special Feces.
    Basically what Russia has to cover twice the landmass and land borders with 20 countries. All the other shit , SOCOM , carriers , B52,B1, B2 , drones ,basing ‘rights’ , occupation of Japan, Germany ,Korea etc. is strictly New World disOrder enforcement.

  7. I read this with great interest, as i was in 1st SOCOM back in the mid-late 80’s , PSYOP, 4th POG, attached to an AV Platoon where there just happened to be a need for RTO/COMMO guys, did not matter actual MOS, and yes, we were treated like red headed step children, not w/out some cause….

    It was a mash up of individuals, from all kinds of backgrounds and MOS’s that applied, and didn’t….We had Airborne types, (myself) SFQC orpahns RTU’d to wherever as part of the SF Baby program..Can’t really be RTU’d to a unit if you never actually came FROM a unit, but a command like JFKSWC…Had to go literally knock on doors to find a home, and shazam, your in PSYOP now buddy…We can use you….

    PT was a joke, field time was a joke, no rucking, no serious shooting, etc…

    Most of our equipment was 70’s era, ‘cept some of our COMMS kit, we did have some new stuff and got to train up/use the newer SATCOM stuff, mainly sitting in an old bank vault monitoring comms and the like, or over at the JFK filling a support slot…

    We had an awesome platoon sgt., and section officer who encouraged us to go out on our own and do various training, some acknowledged, some not but at least we got to stay as sharp as we could given the restrictions we were under..

    To say were were “operators,” on any level was a joke, unit overall that is, we had some individuals that came in from various backgrounds, some SF, some Ranger, Infantry, Airborne, etc…We tended to hang together and train and every once in a while, some SF unit over on Son Tay where our “huts,” were would stroll over and “ask,” to “borrow,” one of us for a spell and most often, we’d be off training/helping them out in some minor capacity. SF Warants and Officers trumped lowly PSYOP Company/BN officers…That was great training opportunity and relished…

    Command back then was concerned with staffing slots, no matter how qualified, if the MOS fit/kinda fit, you were in it, and God help you if your MOS was impacted, cause you were stuck there (as enlisted) until ETS’d or someone took a shine you were able to go to another unit….I suspect that was/is ARMY wide however, but as a young troop, 1st enlistment, it was a major letdown and barrier to wanting to stay in like my pop did for 24yrs….(whine/rant over)

    We supported all kinds of missions all over, had fellows TDY’d w various units, some SF down in Central America and over in Europe too, mainly logistics kind of stuff, comms, AV, printing support, etc.,

    Our barracks area was one of the first integrated with females on one floor, and men the other, that went well, and there was no drinking, drugs, guns, fights, or any other deviant behavior going on, i swear…..No one rappelling out of the upper floors or scaling up the exterior to get into or out of, female/male rooms when the CQ Sgt/Officer or MP’s came around…

    Add in the fact that we also had Foreign officers and enlisted in our area, and then the general craziness shit that barracks rats do when some of them were highly educated, (BS degrees/masters and even a PHD) smart, bored, temperamental and just plain psycho fucks, and the various nco’s and some officers with nothing better to do than mess w us because they could, its no wonder SOCOM had problems w us…

    Still, it was an experience that i am fond of, made some lifelong mates and would certainly do it all again, a bit differently…

    I do hope they get their shit together….

  8. So Long Story Short, the Military is still the Military.
    Got it.
    Glad I got out.
    Mostly a waste of time, sweat, blood, and emotion.
    The GWOT was a CF.

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