Via ZH.

19 responses to “Banzai!

  1. Extra points for translating the morse code over podestaphiles head.

  2. Pizzagate

  3. Good catch!

  4. Try . Alternatively, consider it a substitution cipher and go from there. RNSTLE won’t get you anywhere.

  5. (((Pedosta))) has, s’truth, nothing to worry about. It’s too bad Trump has (((Culture of Death))) values and a direct link to (((Eisner)))’s Carib pedophile node…otherwise (((Pedosta))) and the rest of the DC pedo node would have something to worry about.

  6. Makes my skin crawl. Evil personified.

  7. Pizza Guy

  8. Another form of Banzai……
    Trump Protesters in Seattle play chicken with traffic and lose.

  9. Dammit, Fake news. I can only wish.

  10. Podesta is a Paedo
    Podesta diddles infants
    Podesta and his brother molest innocence
    Podesta loves him some pizza
    Podesta Podesta Podesta

    Just adding to his google fame 🙂

  11. Brian of Epoch Blog

    Hm. Funny how there hasn’t been any kind of formal investigation whatsoever.

    Just like the caption says…

  12. “Fuck you John Podesta”-the late Andrew Breitbart

  13. AWESOME!

    Then we only have 100-199,999,994 to go!


    That’s what I’m talking about.


  14. Some Guy in WA

    Except it’s fake – unfortunately. 😉

  15. file under “good news”. According to the article, the truckdriver was a fellow urban cosmic.

  16. God damn T fat ……can you put that to a tune, known music, so we can all sing along ?

  17. investigation………investigation….? we don’t got to do no stinkin’ inwestugation…….

  18. DFW coproach gets punked by Wendy’s.

    Ha Ha Ha Ha :O

    In other news…

    Here are the six reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, January 4, 2017:

    Rolesville, North Carolina: An officer was placed on paid leave during an investigation into the use of force against female high school student that was captured on video and went viral.
    Update: Henrico County, Virginia: A deputy settled a lawsuit with a woman who was injured when he shot into the fleeing car that she was a passenger in. He was acquitted of criminal charges in the case.
    Roane County, West Virginia: The newly elected sheriff was charged with stealing methamphetamine from evidence and admitted to being an addict.
    McKenzie County, North Dakota: A deputy was fired after an internal investigation. A criminal investigation into the matter is ongoing.
    Update: McKinney, Texas: The City is being sued for the actions of a now-former officer at swimming pool party in 2015. The officer was captured on video using force against black children who were attending the party.
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin: An officer was arrested on New Years’ for drunk driving. He also faces a weapons charge for having his gun in the back seat, and thus in his possession, while intoxicated.

    This is just too funny.
    Roane County, West Virginia: The newly elected sheriff was charged with stealing methamphetamine from evidence and admitted to being an addict.


  19. Lightninbolt

    Julian Assange blew ” Pizzagayte” out of the water! It is true! That’s why the “witchery” elites are saying “fake news”, the “Russians influenced our election”, blah, blah! Don’t believe the hype!

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