Brushbeater: The ICOM 7200 Is Back For Now


Read for why this is important.

Plus a bonus post on not being a dope.


11 responses to “Brushbeater: The ICOM 7200 Is Back For Now

  1. You Southern boys have no idea how bad winter has already been up in the Great White North.

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    Idiot-Ville. Occurs all over the planet. When I lived in the Sierras, imbeciles would try to drive the 40 ft. RV/Traveltrailer down our paved over, undivided, 1 lane mule trail. Thinking, of course, there would be NO problem crossing the south fork of the American River over a suspension bridge that had been in continuous use since 1855. Yes, it is rebuilt once a year. Our joke was you had to be 70+ to apprentice on the crew. There were signs for miles:
    NO RVs or Trailers
    NO turnaround
    UNSAFE for large vehicles
    Unquestionably, some fool would go all the way to the edge of the bridge, block all traffic-both coming and going-and then sit there puzzled. Because, unless he could back up a switchback trail on the edge of the river, for 3 miles, he was stuck. The towing companies literally had an idiot fee, named “refused to obey highway signs” that totals $100, in addition to the tow charge.
    Always ask yourself: exactly how important is this trip/item/place, that I am willing to risk my life for it.

  3. Yeah, I have to admit that I’ve done the dope thing re the weather. A couple of days after that ice/snow storm hit, I thought that the roads had cleared enough to drive and they had, for the most part, except that one little patch of black ice. 5 seconds and a totaled truck later, I learned that if it isn’t clear, I’m not going.

  4. Randall Flagg

    What am I missing here? As the IC-7200 does not have any FM capabilities (forget about UHF/VHF), and it appears the greatest advantage is for more portable durability, would it not be more wise to fabricate a carry box to use with the IC-7000? There you get all the attributes of the IC-7200, plus the capabilities of UHF/VHF.

  5. While I wouldn’t consider living in the northeast or midwest, I did live in Montana for four years and was stationed as far north as you can go in Japan, with 240 inches of snow for the winter. I do have a clue how bad the cold can be.

    Since I’ve lived in the South Carolina Upcountry I’ve been without power a number of times, the longest was six days, from a heavy ice storm. I have a generator now, which will solve that issue.

    Right now, we’re under 5-6 inches of dry powder snow, unusual for South Carolina, but we’ll manage.

    I’m monitoring the various repeaters in the area, most of which have auxiliary power.


    Normalcy bias. it’s like a cancer infecting the Amerikan sheeple. We’re due for another snowstorm here in Rawles Land tomorrow and Monday. All preps are in place. It helps having a wife who was born and raised in Idaho.

  7. T’other night, one of my sons girl friends gave him a ride home from dinner, and her SUV conked out, on the street in front of my house. Temperature: 23F. Wind, 10mph, out of the north. She was wearing long pajama pants, fuzzy lounging socks, NO shoes, and a long sleeve gray sweatshirt. She was out of gas, and the battery was dead. After a minimal amount of advice, she decided to take mine, and wait inside, while I and my son put some of my emergency gas in the thing, and rolled my car out to use the jumper cables and you know the rest. I am beyond words that people like her (18 freaking yrs old) can be so careless and stupid with their lives and safety. But there it is. Ole’ Daddio swings into action, crippled, and very sick still, in the cold winter night, and saves the day. Actually it invigorated me, and made me feel better. But I still feel badly for folks who do shit like this, and expect to survive it. I’m glad I could help. I let my son know that he needs to talk to her, and maybe her parents too, about this kind of thing. Cheese and Crackers!


      Sean: I work at a high school here in Rawles Land FULL of such people. And, I see their parents at the local SUPER1 grocery store dressed the same way. As H.L. Mencken once said: “…no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”

  8. The Usual Suspect

    13 degrees above zero here today, you can go outside in a winter
    shirt to shovel deck or put out bird seed, just not too long.
    I can get used to cold, to a certain degree, but 100 degree days
    are a killer.

    • One time while staying in a nice wood cabin for a week in
      Lake Tahoe in the winter, I remember going in the outdoor
      hot jacuzzi. Had a couple of minutes to get inside while steaming
      fog before the family jewels shriveled up 😉

      Oh… never mind….

  9. Shows the absolute UN-importance of a drivers license (corp Permission Slip) as it didn’t help anyone there.