GoV: Jihad At FLL



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15894982_1381069931912443_4804376583008606397_nFrom Bracken; original “Raoul X” essay by Matt

jeh is on the job

DHS HNIC: Obama Leaving Homeland Security “Much Stronger”


BREAKING: Records Suggest #FortLauderdale Shooter #EstebanSantiago Is Puerto Rican Islamic Terrorist

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. No doubt he was somebody’s wind up toy, alCIAda’s, Allah’s or otherwise. Waiting for the manafesto to surface…..

  3. CNN bagged changing the terrorist skin color. Any guess’s what color?

    Santiago is a Hispanic Muslim veteran.
    Now he is a White veteran.

  4. Voices in his head?
    Make you wonder if he is one of those false flag crisis as a means manchurian candidates who are brainwashed into committing a narrative convenient atrocity.

    • Crazzy to think these terrorist attacks are sponsored by the Dark State actors to stampede the sheeples into more and more Feral Gov. “Protections”. It’s just “conspiracy theory” that Europe is getting flooded with millions of mooslems, Obamy doing similar with reduced numbers here in the USSA, McCain & Grahamnesty provoking war with Russia over cyber “attacks” while the USSA Stuxnet went viral. Hubris anyone???
      FIB admits knowing almost every terrorist that has attacked, and I’m sure the FIB hasn’t told all as that would really irritate the big boys at the CIA……
      CIA started (admitted) mind control techniques as early as the 1950’s with PDH (pain,drug, hypnosis). Anyone think they haven’t gotten “New & Improved” versions since 1950????
      A “Secret” Police State must remain “secret”, Shhhh

  5. Anybody notice the correlation between the legacy media have this uncanny investigative ability to know all about these shooters when it is convenient to the narrative, and others they deny every obvious fact and reality when it doesn’t.

    • You’d expect differently of them?

    • Yes. This smells like the rest of the pile of Obozo/Johnson productions. My nominee for favorite crisis thing (you can’t tell if this is a woman or a man imo) is Granny Lurch here: Watch her gestures they don’t match this situation at all. Neither does her referencing “casings”. GTFOH with this garbage bullshit.

      “The casings went flying all around us,” one woman says as she walks towards the camera.

      Let’s check all the narrative boxes we can find here:
      -active shooter in an airport
      -possible mental illness, hearing voices
      -legally checked his legally purchased gun
      -alleged prior contact with the fbi
      -prior vet (ptsd, we need all vets to give up their guns)
      -bizzare images that don’t match
      here’s one:
      Note the EMT’s are headed in the wrong direction with no one on the stretcher. Someone on the ground is treating a “victim”. No on is on the stretcher.

      If people can’t see there is a concerted effort to disarm all prior military service then they are willfully blind or incredibly stupid. See PTSD emphasis stories everywhere, See Medical Pot/give up your guns etc etc

      Veterans please please stay armed and dangerous.

      • Well it’s like Newtown, Method actor productions are us. Where are the children’s bodies? Where are the candid documentary of truly grieving parents. Shooter had a 9mm pistol, but it miraculously transformed into an AR15, a Bushmaster AR15 mind you.
        And Aurora. Cops find “The Shooter” standing stoned out his mind in the parking lot behind the theater. Has no idea who is is even. Cop radios it isn’t this kid who was the shooter. Had a backpack, no weapon. Cops on radio looking for multiple persons all dressed same clothes with backpacks, witnesses say the ran out exits. Cops over radio talking multiple perps. Feds, in caravan of vehicles, miraculously show up in 10 minutes. Confiscate cop radio recordings. Completely take over situation.
        Shooter kid had an arsenal of weapons at his apartment, multiple battle rifles, belt feds, pallets of ammo. That M-60 in the press pics would have cost anybody a minimum of 10 grand, on the black market. 30-40 grand for a transferable. No way that kid had money for all that, never mind sourcing it.
        Aside from the interesting anomalies, every time these shooting events take place, it is right when another event that is pissing everyone off requires distraction, and or dovetails with an official narrative.

        This just too convenient, just too coincidental, just to timely bullshit only really got started when the clintons where installed. it’s been one right after another false flag operation ever since.

  6. Of course, it’s also quite convenient that these events occur when they need a fast distraction, like needing people to look away from a vicious attack in Chicago committed by the protected people. Also telling is that he just laid down and gave up after he ran out of ammo, patiently waiting on the police according to some reports.

  7. Lightninbolt

    Yep! “Trigger word”,…..? MKultra? It’s not a coincidence that Trump had a meeting with “intelligence” personnel today, then this airport thing happens and covers Trumps meeting all up, does anyone, or news outlet know anything about the so-called “intelligence” meeting? The outcome? Will we ever know?

  8. some fox news talker asked when is this going to change. I guesstimate when around 100,000 have died in Europe. seems like a high number but give all those “refugees” there a few years to organize and build bombs and taking out thousands at a time will be a common occurrence.

    • These shootings will continue until ALL of Islam is booted from the country… including very senior soon to be ex-politicians and intelligence types.

      Grey Ghost

  9. FL airports are Gun Free Kill Zones. That’s how you know the guy is a coward. Shooting defenseless people, women, children is the worst kind of soul.

  10. Jeh……Heh ?……..ya, Jeh, he is representative of this ……. ( and all other) administrations……..they are just looking down their nose at us….looking at the dirt people can be so bothersome …….they don’t have time for this noise.

    ……..and neither do I…………!

  11. MichiganderJim

    Collectivism in all its varieties must be eradicated from minds and the only way that can happen is by a person’s own choice. Now if a person based his choices on logic…

    1. Hierarchically, collectivism is worse than whatever good it proposes to achieve; never mind that it’s false-to-fact in the first place.

    2. Racism is an instance of collectivism, possibly the worst since it’s created exclusively of a physically uncontrollable attribute.

    3. Ergo allowing collectivism into one’s mind, no matter the supposed justification, is both false-to-fact and egregiously anti-individualist. IOW it’s wrong and socially immoral to act upon it…against someone anyway.

    I think a lot of people might be surprised at how human creatures with genetically human material would act, if they were treated as such steadily.

    We’ll never know unless liberty wins. The rotten blacks…or Mexicans or Chinese or even Mericuhns for that matter…why is anyone worried about them? Do you really need some societal “plan” to know what to do about a street thug?

    “We need this Dragon to protect the innocent” Hopefully nobody gives that even a glance these days. Some innocence, some protection.

    • MichiganderJim

      Oh, sorry. I didn’t know that was already up as the banner—“Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.” – Goethe

      • But but but that would mean spending time, money, and energy.

        and the typical murkin surely would find it expedient to go out and steal a broom from his equally rotten and cheating neighbor.

        oh wait…

        You want your communities and way of life back? Get rid of the costumed gang O thugs so you don’t have to be looking over your shoulder while getting on with what desperately needs to be done.

        Nothing will ever change until the protectors of filth and evil are permanently out of the picture. NOTHING.

        100-200 million…

        Think hard about it.

        • As long as you’re among that 200 million estimate, I’m oddly comfortable with it.

          • Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while. Ol’ taffy has it almost figured out. He made this comment in a previous thread on the Faceborg 4:

            Eliminate the badged blue bellies and there would be no crime…
            The cops protect scumabgs.
            Scumbags are their bread n butter.
            No criminals would mean no bloated paychecks and benefit packages.

            What he hasn’t figured out that it isn’t the cops, it is us as men who have relinquished the natural Patriarchal right, and duty to administer justice ourselves in our own AO, our villages and communities, even our tribes.
            The cops are a symptom of two things, the afore mentioned problem we must solve and return to, and the power the political class squires from having a blue Praetorian Guard enforcing their diktat and garnishing tribute from the populace, us.
            If Ol’ taffy kills all the cops, it doesn’t solve the first thing, the most important thing above. All else follows when we take care of the business mentioned first about us.
            Nor does killing all the cops solve the problem with musloids shooting all the people like this scum in Ft Lauderdale and his buddies. Because those musloids wouldn’t be a problem either if the political class was out of power to bring us such a wonderful gift of diversity as musloids, because we as Men took personal measures into our own hands.

            It is a change that must happen in us, or where this is heading we are all fucked.
            It isn’t going to be easy.
            Our survival depends on changing this state of affairs.

            • Not one of us alive today relinquished anything. The rotten to the core system was well in place long ago. It’s up to this current and probably last generation to correct this wrong before liberty is finally extinguished.
              The cops are the enemy of all that good and just.


        • Thinking hard, as in critical thinking, is not only something that escapes you, you don’t even know what you don’t know.
          What you think is hard thinking passes for the recording of a parrot imitating a broken record.
          Kill all the cops!
          Kill all the cops!

          • dude, you’re from W.V…

            nobody cares what you think.
            I think your sister is getting lonely in the other room.

            • And so, you prove his point, once again.

            • Your thinking again taffy. Careful, you might hurt yourself.

            • PS,
              taffy, I don’t have a sister, surprised you don’t know that either.

              • I was joking Ha Ha

                Don’t take it so serious.

                We ARE talking about West By Gawd Virginia.

              • Watch it mtnforge, Titta! is an Alpha male, numerous times he has reminded us of his “superiority” right before he sits down to pee.

            • Hi princess tfat! Greetings from “not cali.” And, since I spent my formative years on the shores of Lake Superior, my being able to handle where you are is another wrong supposition. Imagine this; all your searching and intardnet savvy has returned erroneous information. One thing is certain -no one cares what YOU think. Not even your sister. Or your mom.
              When it’s time for your 100 to 200 million, your shit will be mixed. And I am waiting for you to work out your usual 2nd grade ‘neener neener’ reply – saying something I know took you hours to fabricate, that you would never have the courage in your tiny manhood to ever say to my face. Ever.
              How sad you’ll be when you have to see your boyfriend die…
              just remember the happy times you shared with him…

  12. Lessee, I’ll take themes in play for $100, Alex!


    Mental Illness!


    “Trigger” event!

    Disenfranchised minorities!

    What else ya got?

  13. SemperFi, 0321

    So what happened with the Canadian connection? He “supposedly flew in from Canada” and Canadian airlines say “NO, nothing with his name here”.
    He just mysteriously appeared in FL and starts shooting up the place? Stinks like another ‘planted passport’ to me.

  14. Oh yeah, here’s an interesting bit, h/t to silicongreybeard for early mention(on the 4th!)

    “Off To A Busy Start for Florida Gun Legislation
    Courtesy of our friends at Florida Carry, we learn that the first bills of the new legislative session have already been filed. The one that is possibly the most important bill, Senate Bill 140, is coming to committee on January 10th, next Tuesday. SB 140 is being talked about as the Open Carry law, but it also includes Campus Carry, and enlarges areas where carry is permitted. The Panty Wetters are predictably getting all concerned about it.
    The first, and arguably the most important pro Second Amendment rights bill of the 2017 legislative session is about to be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on January 10th at 2pm.

    Florida Carry urges you to contact committee members to tell them you want their support for this crucial bill.”…

    I’m sure there is no connection.

  15. lon a follower

    In a greater since, there is but one tribe. The human race. If you look at the’ hatefull four ‘and all you see is there color and tribe, perhaps you are missing something?
    TfA-t pointing at the entire state of W.V. is a prime example of this sick mentality. And yes he may be joking, yet ….
    The word seems intent on increasing hatefulness, resentfulness and division on all fronts, do not fall prey to the tactics of the world collective (a flock mind.)
    i fail to see much difference between those on the left or right who use the tactics written of saul a linsky.

    • There is NO political solution.

      There is only pain and death.

      in other words – WAR

      100-200 million seems like a decent start to re-adjust things.

    • Nice thought Lon, but the world has never been, “there is but one tribe,” even in the greater sense. What we are witnessing is evidence of the dearth of history in peoples’ critical thinking. This current madness called multiculturalism, that it makes us stronger has never been revealed in history. In fact, quite the opposite. One only needs to witness the present genocide going on in South Africa, or the former Yugoslavia. But what about America at the time of European colonization you might ask? There was no racial mixing at that time and no cultural mixing at that time. Towns throughout America were white with churches. Native Americans were vanquished and regulated to their own zones using the same laws of war and treaty that they used against each other. Slavery, war, rape, genocide, treaty, deforestation; all where part of Native America long before Europeans arrived. Blacks where imported as Slaves and have never, even after freedom and equality, to this day, truly assimilated into western culture. Nature is the greatest teacher in this as a law that the strong will prevail, good or bad, the strong will always prevail. You cannot mix oil and water.

  16. lon a follower

    The ‘ world’ seems intent.

  17. ALCON,

    This recent attack will insure the below:

    1. Increased attacks by the Left and CINOs against the Right to Keep & Bear Arms.
    2. Increased loss of Freedom insured by increasing numbers of Badged Thugs (WTF did all those large numbers of BATFE and FBI scum materialize from so quickly at Lauderdale ?).
    3. The MSM as the Marxist/Islamic organ it is, will continue to support moslems and the left; fake news if you will.
    4. The murdering moslem-supporting savage will not be executed. No different than Ft. Hood terrorist Nidal Hasan. Hasan still alive 8 years after his murder spree.
    5. No justice for the dead and wounded.

  18. Damn white terrorists with Hispanic names!

    I thought that white hispanic Zimmerman was bad.

  19. Bonnie over at was *all* over this before anyone else was. She had that pic posted hours before GoV or jihadwatch bothered to write a single word about it.

    Her site should be on the blog roll here.

    • NorthGunner


      Definitely agree!! Bonnie’s site along with jihadwatch, and other counter jihad sites should be daily visits for folks here..they are for me! Also Dr. Bill Warner’s site, political and his many videos and David Wood’s anti-jihad site.

      Yours in Liberty – Furthermore islam and its enablers/supporters MUST be destroyed!
      Northgunner III