Repost: MDT – Common Tasks Testing, The Army’s “Everybody” Requirement



Gotta have ’em.

Gotta keep ’em.

You and those around you.

8 responses to “Repost: MDT – Common Tasks Testing, The Army’s “Everybody” Requirement

  1. The Usual Suspect

    The armed forces, meaning Army & Marines used to teach these
    things as a matter of course.
    Now they make soldiers wear high heels and a pregnancy suit to
    illustrate the sheer torment women have to endure everyday.
    Poignent idiocracy on display, pray for our military.

  2. You COULD say that the soldiers manual is a pretty basic,and good yardstick to measure your preparedness to meet the bad times. Ja? While you might not be able to conquer and master ALL of those things, you’d have a good way to measure where you are in your training, and how well you are prepared concerning a lot of good skill sets. A. Good. Tool.

  3. Marlo Stanfield

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    • Marlo, just got a bottle of fermented cod liver oil with concentrated
      butter oil, and although I got the unflavored one, it wasn’t bad.
      Good Stuff too.
      Thanks for the tip 🙂

      Good manual masondixontactical!
      semper vivium

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. SemperFi, 0321

    Never got the hang of it at Infantry Training School, (too many students and not enough compasses also) but thanks to a great Sgt at NTA, Okinawa, I can not only do every one of those things, I excelled at them. Learned to make maps, underwater ones too at Amphib Recon School, and in college. Still use map and compass constantly for my archaeology work, everything is plotted in UTM’s, same as our grid cords!
    Folks think because they have a GPS, they don’t need to know this shit. Dumb move on their part. If you can’t use map and compass, you have no clue how GPS works either.
    Just remember- right and up, and re= me on a resection.