The So-Called “Report” On Alleged Russian Hacking



Powerline: Today’s Intelligence Report Proves Nothing

Read it and answer the question yourself:

Credible analysis, or politically-motivated smear job?


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  1. colddeadhandsdays


  2. An “easily identifiable signature”? What a load of crap.

    Somebody was talking about cyrillic characters found “somewhere”, who knows where? How hard is it to insert cyrillic characters? Do you have to be Russian to do it? Would a professional Russian hacker leave such a signature behind?

    Here’s something. 70% of Americans believe Wikileaks over US intelligence officials. And that’s not a random sample, it’s heavily weighted toward Hillary supporters:

    Congress is off doing its own thing (whoring for the Deep State), and the American people can suck the hind tit as far as they are concerned. I guess they pick and choose the times they are going to worry about “the will of the people”, eh?

  3. Shinmen Takezo

    Early on in this election GOP zipper-head after zipper-head were adamant that Trump would not get the nomination… they were wrong.

    Then after he gets the nomination–notable GOP (allegedly GOP leadership aka Mitt Romney, Kashich et al) dumped on Trump in every imaginable way possible… and they all failed.

    Then they attempted to sink him with the release of the “pussy grabbing” video–followed by the pre-arranged parade of sluts alleging abuse. At the same time the major newspapers floating the meme that Trump will/should/shortly drop out and let Pence take the reigns…. and it didn’t work.

    Then the MSM spit eights and doubled down in each hand in play knowingly floating phonied up poll numbers and the meme that Cunt-ton’s election was inevitable–and that Trump would lose in a massive electoral landslide… and when this did not work, they literally shit themselves live on TV.

    Next they tried to influence the electoral college directly with whining please and well crafted Youtube videos–and when more electors attempted to abandon Cunt-ton than Trump… they again shit themselves live on TV.

    Now the combined powers that be in DC who are threatened with the loss of their gravy-trains and life’s work (treason) are propelling the meme that “THE RUSSIAN” hacked our elections…. the same fools who gave you 911, weapons of mass destruction, the Bay of Pigs and The Gulf Of Tonkin Incident just to name a few things–all of which did not serve the national interests of the USA.

    So what are these slimy fucks attempting to do now? Start a hot war with Russia? De-legitimize/cripple Trump in some political way before he is sworn in? Or…… build this meme of “Russian Hacking” to a boiling point (as they did with the “pussy grabbing video) and just before January 20th reveal a news “Russian kill shot” from the grassy knoll which would force Seotoro to cancel the outcome of the elections and throw the matter into the hands into the congress… or worse.

    If so, then these rats in DC are literally playing with Civil War II fire.


    If they/them in DC can believe they can pull off such a coup without massive chaos, without bloodshed and still maintain the semblance of legitimacy and stay on power…. they again are deluding themselves.

  4. Paul Bonneau – Speaking of How hard is it to insert cyrillic characters?


    Cyber Security Expert John McAfee speaks of such.

    • Curtis, McAfee is more than just a security expert, that was his side job. McAfee is nicknamed ‘Father Ethernet’. He wrote most of the protocols that define that transport method. (TCP/IP came later, by others.). For my own purposes if McAfee opines something is or is not possible, I’ll trust it first and verify later.

  5. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are just butt hurt that their oil plays in North Africa will become much harder. That the peasants know about their nefarious plans is an outrage. Who do the peasants think they are?

  6. You have to ask yourself WHY did the second tyrant from Illinois suddenly blame the Russians for hacking “American Democracy”? Because while the Demoncraps know it won’t stop Trump’s inauguration, it can and will be used in the future by the Dems, McStain, Grahmnesty, and Ryan to beat down Trump if he tries to thaw now “frozen” American/Russian relations.

    What did Trump do after his intel brief today? He called it a “political witch hunt!” That is a quote from the NYT article. Describing it as a political witch hunt is a punch back in the face of Obama, the agitprop MSM and the politicized senior Intel officials who are purposely trying to “freeze” US/Russian relations and start yet another war.

    As to the UNCLAS document… still NO EVIDENCE! Bunch of generic words describing vague “hacking”.

    Grey Ghost

  7. I read the 25-pg UNCLAS version of the DNI “assessment” that just got released by Clapper (got the PDF from Scribd but it’ll be out there all over at the speed of electrons). In the spirit of not wanting to be hurtful I’ll just sugar-coat things by saying it’s a piece of crap. They go way back in history into patterns of Soviet effort, including trying to divine Carter’s foreign policy goals, OMG Occupy Wall Street, RT as a national propaganda tool (because apparently US MSM aren’t) etc.

    Anyone who ever said a hurtful thing about Clinton/Democrats/liberal causes is a bad guy. This thing Is.So.Bad. I need one of those ROFLMAO followed by pukin’ smilies. It is “It’s All a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy!” writ by .gov expense with some nice templated cover sheets. I’m so glad the ministers in the current North Korean, excuse me, US administration could amazingly come together & agree on this.

    Buried in the middle on pg. 13:
    Russian Cyber Intrusions Into State and Local Electoral Boards.
    – Russian intelligence accessed elements of multiple state or local electoral boards. Since early 2014, Russian intelligence has researched US electoral processes and related technology and equipment.
    – DHS assesses that the types of systems we observed Russian actors targeting or compromising are not involved in vote tallying. (last emphasis mine)
    [sarc]I’m waiting for Putin to release his unclassified assessment of the machinations involved in a regime change in Ukraine.[/sarc]

  8. So the snowflake agencies say they have a high confidence level.

    Speaking of confidence level how about the confidence level of intelligence that got us into Iraq war?

    Confidence Levels for Selected Key Judgments in This Estimate

    Iraq’s Continuing Programs for Weapons of Mass Destruction
    High Confidence:
    Iraq is continuing, and in some areas expanding, its chemical, biological, nuclear and missile programs contrary to UN resolutions.
    We are not detecting portions of these weapons programs.
    Iraq possesses proscribed chemical and biological weapons and missiles.
    Iraq could make a nuclear weapon in months to a year once it acquires sufficient weapons-grad fissile material

    Moderate Confidence:
    Iraq does not yet have a nuclear weapon or sufficient material to make one but is likely to have a weapon by 2007 to 2009. (See INR alternative view, page 84).

    Low Confidence
    When Saddam would use weapons of mass destruction.
    Whether Saddam would engage in clandestine attacks against the US Homeland.
    Whether in desperation Saddam would share chemical or biological weapons with al-Qa’ida.

    How did that work out for The USA?

  9. Comrade Igor

    Where was GMPI and his Gang when Mao-Mart hacked the OPM database/servers and stole MILLIONS of fedgov personnel files ? But when a stinking POS excuse for a political party gets fooled by phishing directed at its helsman ? …. well, now it’s on !

    [GMPI = gay mullato polydrug using islamicist ]

  10. Innuendo half truths, minipulation. Their lips are moving, their lying.

    These people ARE Deep State.


  11. [sarc]I’m waiting for Putin to release his unclassified assessment of the machinations involved in a regime change in Ukraine.[/sarc] — Badger

    Bingo! We Americans as a whole have a very blind eye to end games/counter party moves/action-reaction politics. Why I don’t know, but you see it in our law making constantly. Putin’s greatest move would be to hack into the mechanics of how the US tried to buy/influence the results of the recent Israeli election. The back pedalling would be so swift that the Rrussian hack story would die for lack of interest.

  12. wealthy farmer

    Trump is a proud man and in exactly 13 days he is POTUS. He is NOT going to forget this OUTRAGEOUS smear by the slimy toad Clapper and McShitstain. Many many heads are going to roll in the lack-of-intelligence community because of this crap. Trump is absolutely guaranteed to take a chainsaw to their org charts. They are ARROGANT, ENTITLED, DEFIANT and utterly committed to maintaining their status and privileged way of life (suburban DC area mansions, private schools and of course the ivy leagues for the kids) and they REALLY. DO. NOT. GIVE. A. RAT’S. ASS. if they end up nuking most of the country. Really dangerous psychopaths….

    • One can hope that the DoJ will be turned loose to FULLY investigate corruption, fraud, and treason by US government personnel, regardless of whether they are Executive, Legislative, or Judicial employees. Should make for some interesting times.

      My bet is that is one of the primary reasons why the Rove Republicans are so adamantly against President Trump.

    • I wonder if he realizes that gives the Trump Administration an opening to investigate voter fraud across the nation? Not that there are any significant number of illegal aliens or otherwise ineligible “persons” registered to vote in the Blue Shitholes…

  13. Hopefully we can get thru to inauguration w/o the Idiot in Chief starting a hot war w/the Ruskies.

  14. The “classified” briefing presented to Trump, separately from obozo, may have been an attempt to get Trump to twitter away on some “classified” portion, prior to inauguration as yet another attempt to delay/prevent same.

  15. You can always tell a vicious punk, by the fact that after you kick his fucking ass, he’s crawling/limping down the alley away from you, and still giving you shit as he fades away. Means if he gets the chance later, he’ll 2X4 your ass coming around a corner you don’t see him standing, and try and kill you. Which is why in the real world, when this happens, you don’t let him leave that alley in a way that he’ll be able to respond to you later. Ahem. There’s a way to do it, without killing them, but I digress telling it, as statute of limitations apply. Let’s just say that removing one of a pair of somethings will “encourage” the client to remain docile and quiet, on promise that the other of the pair of somethings will go, should Chatty Cathy rely. Sometimes it is offered that a sort of meal will be offered with the deal.

  16. EVERYTHING at this point is a distraction from the real game being played on the murkin sheeple. “Nothing new under the Sun”.

    Now would be as good a time as any to shit-can the Trump euphoria and face reality. The poLICE State is here.

    any doubts a majority of these punk ass brainwashed turds

    would do this when ordered?


  17. Man, war is truly hell. I pray our people never have to,experience this.,,


    • and as long as they obey the masters and their enforcers they won’t have to – Right?


      Sir: The big difference is that the poor souls in those photographs had been disarmed. They really had no gun culture or philosophical concept of:”liberty’s teeth.” Socialism had neutered them even before WWI. Sad.
      The Remnant here in Amerika is still armed and waiting. I am hoping and praying that once the new broom is in office, it will sweep clean and the Tenth Amendment will enjoy a rebirth. May The Donald re-institute the National Razor, in a figurative sense, on 01-21-2017. The Dead Elephant traitors need to be eliminated from the body politic and neutralized. And, if that does not work, I will leave the rest of the story to all of your imaginations.

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