Connecting The Dots: A Refresher


This story:

WaPo: Czech government tells its citizens how to fight terrorists – Shoot them yourselves

suggests this article:

Iceberg Warning: 4GW Concepts

Connect the dots.

And yes, Europe does matter.

Many of the civilizational traitors here in FUSA are honing their craft in the Old Countries.

Are you building your skills (and those of your teammates)?

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. “You should know more than a little about the Russian Revolution,”
    Surprisingly the death total for the Rus Revolution proper (1917-18) was under a million people. The Russian Civil War claimed another 8 mil. Whether one considers the civil war part of the revolution is in the eyes of the reader. The Ukranian Голодомо́р of ’32-33 claimed some 6mil.

    Russians have a saying — There are always two revolutions. The first that sweeps away the old order. The second that installs the new order.

    The latter is always the bloodier of the two by historical patterns.

    • Great comment! I learned that which I did not know. Keep it coming!

    • While I’ve been a student of Russian history forever, I’ve never heard that.

      Thank you. I know just the book to find it in, it’s on my Russian shelf. Admittedly is only a few books thick. Mostly from college, back in the 70/80s.
      Thank you.


      • The saying I heard from my 87yo Russian mother in law. But look at the French revolution, Iranian revolution, Cuban revolution. The disaffected, having risen to power have scores to settle, many cases against the very people who helped with the first revolution. The body counts are based on sources I have run up against over the years.

        Most Americans are totally unaware that the US Army fought on Russian soil against the Bolsheviks. Wilson’s reason for sending them in was to protect a billion dollars of arms and aid that was intended for the Czar.

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    …our entire family will be out at the rifle range tomorrow after Church. it’s a little brisk now outside (single digits + stiff wind) but it will be toasty at the firing line. 4GW needs “four seasons training,” eh what? we call our annual winter outing the “Snowball Shoot.” plus, it’s always good to see how the lubes we use work in sub-freezing temps.

    • -16* here in western Montana, all the bolt actions worked well, .223 and .308 , the AR’s etc good , ak’s good…….1911, glock 19, 92FS none would hit the firing pin hard enough, too sluggish and the last round hold open wouldn’t push up with the follower , and difficulty cycling back far enough to pick up another round……encourage you to leave the weapons sit out at temperature as we did, at least one hour.
      Rifle rounds all hit 1″ higher at 100 meters cool and dry and fast….no chrono for you but it safe to save they are faster then warm weather, which we knew but good refresher course.

      Good luck and good training……….!

      • I had something interesting happen with bolt guns. Twice I’ve had a Winchester and a Remington bolt action freeze up while out hunting/primitive camping. It happened when I left the rifles loaded without running the bolt for extended time. Once over night, and once on a dawn to a few hours after dark deer stalking. I think it was due to snow falling off low branches of evergreens I was stalking game through. The snow probably melted from my body heat of the rifle up against my body carrying it then migrated around the bolt and froze solid. Without a heat source the only way to break the bolts loose was to fire the round in the chamber. I thought about taking a leak on the bolt the first time. They sure froze up solid let me tell you. Temps where in the teens both times.
        After that I was careful to work the bolts frequently or when I was getting snow on the rifles, along with keeping a generous quantity of oil on the bolt raceway and locking lugs. Got an early Ruger 44 Carbine I’ve hunted with since a kid, never had it froze up, and that is my favorite bush busting for deer rifle, gets a lot of hard use in the snow covered spruce thickets, probably due to the design of it being an enclosed semi automatic.
        Hope that helps you guys.

      • Interesting about the Glock. My G22 was having problems with light hits on the primer, and had problems cycling. It warmed up to 25*

    • CC,

      Good for you. Seeing how those gun lubes work/don’t work is good training.

      Have a safe outing.

    • Right there with you. Single digits right now and we are going through with our training today. SHTF could care less what the temps are.

    • StBernardnot

      Motor Kote {spelling?} is what I use year around. I’m not affiliated with the company. I just use their product with excellent results.

  4. ALCON,

    As the blog author remarked: “And yes, Europe does matter.”

    Perhaps it does. But, I offer CA and the rest of you “Priorities of Fire”. If bad guys are honing 4GW skills in Europe imagine the skills of the 3rd world invaders pouring across the Mexican border along with the moslems, in the hundreds of thousands invading fUSA and destroying our Judeo-Christian heritage. This attack on middle Amerika courtesy soetoro-obama, the Alt-CPUSA (Dems) and the GOPe.

    Shut down the border and the international air and sea ports of debarkation. Worry about the travails of Europe AND the Middle East after securing the Homeland.

    Terminate the emphasis on Europe.

    Terminate the emphasis on the Middle East.

    Our home, what is left of this great nation, is burning down all around us.

    “Priorities of Fire”.

  5. Ya just can’t make this shit up, or can you? Special place in hell for folks helping to disarm the innocent and law abiding people of this nation for profit. Bracken had//has it correct regarding our “media”.

    • Matt Bracken has been right about everything.

      • actually, we’re still waiting for the “Islamic Tet Offensive” in Europe. A minor raghead atrocity every 11 weeks or so doesn’t cut it. Bracken is one of the better writers of doom-porn though. The part where Der Kamp Kommissarette and Ms. Freedomista are frolicking in the bathtub is quite memorable.

  6. “This brings a new light to the mandatory EEO classes and installation of a “political officer (diversity, equal opportunity, etc)” i.e. “Kommisar” at the unit level and in all corporate HR departments.”

    I have news for you….this has exactly been done in HR departments large and small since at least the ’80’s!! I worked at large multinational chemical companies and saw it all first hand….and it continues unabated to this day. Put the sheeple fearful of losing their ‘pension’ in a group and you own em. That’s the reality.

    • Agreed. ‘Cept your observation on pensions. Most Corps these days use a defined contribution plan. That is you get out what you put in plus investment return plus some matching from the company (if your are lucky). That worry is out the door, so the schrub in the cube farm only has to worry about keeping his nose shoved up his bosses backside.

      But there is another plan, defined benefit plans which as still what most state and local employees are under. They are all under funded so anyone in those plans are going to take a haircut sometime down the road. If you read ZH with any regularity there has been hell to pay with the Dallas pension plan which is going belly up. All the more interesting in that city of Dallas itself is fiscally sound, not a Detroit or Chicago.

      I bring this up as an opportunity for team freedom. A first responder who has been lock step with the deep state will suddenly have the blinders stripped away receiving a reduced pension. It is an opportunity to turn them. But better minds than mine need to run the psyops on that one.