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13 responses to “Heh

  1. PERFECT! This should the “campaign citation” for everyone in the armed services for the entirety of o’shitbag’s “occupation”..

  2. You only get the patch (priceless) if you have already been awarded the Green Weenie, w/Ball Device. Got that one from one of the bruthas in the Army, and him and others like him, were absolutely cracker jack soldiers. Cracker Jack.

  3. Please, can anyone tell me where to purchase this patch?

  4. “You should know more than a little about the Russian Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, and the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia.”

    I would add to the list the Polish Partisan Resistance Movement. (WWI, WWII and Solidarity). Studying and applying the lessons therein negates having to reinvent the wheel.

  5. POS American

    Where can one buy this patch?

  6. POd American

    Ge auto correcting iPads. It should read POd American. “The POS Amerikan is Obummer.”

  7. Dude.

    I laughed for 5 minutes.

  8. Print it.
    If you have a printer, right click to “save image as” and hit save to desk top. Adjust size and print it on an iron-on transfer sheet. (available at any office supply store – i.e., Walmart or Staple’s).
    It’s quite simple if you’re determined….

  9. still laughing…

  10. POd American

    So did I right after I hit the “post button.” However, I felt compelled to write an immediate rebuttal to the auto correction debacle and just as I was hitting the post button it change “GD” to Ge. I finally went into the settings and neutered the damn thing. Glad someone besides me got a laugh…just remember, l’m POd American and Obummer is POS Amerikan. Cheers!

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  12. PMPLMAO!

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