Herschel: Re The “Hacking” Report From The US Intelligence Community


Another beating.

One indispensable nation, my ass.

Yet there are upsides to the report, under the evidentiary doctrine of “(Democratic) party admissions”.

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  1. Yes. The recent fauxrage by Obots is predictable. Where was their outrage when OPM was hacked and everyone who had filed a recent SF86 had their information stolen? Anyone who was listed as a reference/contact on people’s applications was harassed, threatened to try and get more info on the clearance holder, etc. Absolute silence from the MSM and the Obots. There have been multiple genuine hacks of personnel records and zero f*cks given by the Obots and MSM.

    It is well known and accepted as a fact of life in the IC that the entire structure has been infiltrated by anti-freedomistas and freedom loving Patriots sidelined and then eventually purged by the Obama Regime. It is corrupt from tip to tail. The purge is unprecedented and belies the claim that the military and supporting federal civil service is “neutral”.

    Trump and his team are correct in that there needs to be a thorough housecleaning, with appointments of people who will actually enact policy that puts America – and freedom – first. I recently got into a FB flame war when I responded to a post by an hardened Democratic (((Obot))) who had served on the Senate Foreign Relations committee as a staffer decades ago who was pushing the “teh Russians did it” meme hard, citing his “experience of consumer of IC products”. FWIW there is a big difference between being a “consumer” of IC products and being a sausage maker.

    His fellow Obot defenders rushed to demand “proof” of my assertion that the ObamaRegime has politicized the IC community to an extent heretofore unknown. The “Truth” they seek is all around them. Many courageous whistleblowers have stepped forward, only to be isolated/ridiculed/marginalized (Alinsky) by the MSM and spoon fed to a gullible Obot adoring public. Crickets happen when you ask these Obots why the Obama Regime has viciously prosecuted genuine Whistleblowers who stepped forward more than the combined total of ALL previous Administrations?

    Brennan, Clapper and Stewart are known as unqualified partisans who are outed serial liars and do not have the respect of the professionals who must toil under their “guidance and leadership”.

    Purge the IC. Let the bloodletting begin. The “Russians” are not our problem. The danger lies within.

  2. isnt it interesting that nobody, zero nada, media, or progressives have remained We The People of Clappers willingness to boldly ,lie to our leaders and is citizens, under oath,

    I watched in amazement on CSPN, Clappers begrudgingly admitted his deceit regarding lying about Intel issues to,congress, and is.

    1. Why isn’t he in prison?
    2. Why isn’t his admin over at DIS, in Prison.

    This man has zero creditibility, his lips move he lies. A puppet, a deep state operative.


  3. Now, if they could only stop the whipping of that great patriot Joe McCarthy.

    He was right all along. So was J. Edgar (wish he’d put out a hit on that fucker FDR).

  4. The assertion that the two party system does not represent a significant portion of the public is not unlikely. Personally neither the Demonrats nor the Rethuglicans represent my views.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Anybody thinking Russia, or any other state gave the John podesta emails WikiLeaks has rocks in their head.

    Just stop for a second and consider the motherload of Leverage they would have had over these people provided they had the data and the information remained secret.

    A prudent course of action for Russia provided they had the emails and they were still kept secret would be to support a Hillary Clinton presidency, because I would have effectively own her sorry a**. They would have her continue making noises about Russia being the enemy, because that would allow them to continue modernizing their military military regardless of budget pressures, but nothing would come of it because she would be Putin’s bit**.

    They then proceeded to pick her key staff with other similarly compromised people; Secretary of State, Treasurer Secretary of Defense, etc. They would have influence agents in the Press that they fully controlled. It’s just inconceivable they would throw all that away.

  7. I’m of two minds. There is a lot of evidence that Russia did not hack them. Yet we know that all major countries hack the shit out of everybody else, which suggests the Russians may have hacked them.

    I guess I don’t in the end care which of the above is true. What I worry about is going to war over nothing. Can we make it to Jan 20 without the nukes flying? How long after that before Trump is assassinated?

    Our ruling class is truly disgusting. How can ordinary people not be completely horrified at their conduct?

  8. Virgil Kane

    Obame, “I told Putin to knock it off.”

    Trump, “Putin told me they didn’t do it.”