One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other


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german girls refugees welcome

Thought exercise: Go to your US Senator’s home office, ask to see the senior aide present, and ask for the DHS statistics for “other than Mexicans” that have been intercepted for the past eight years. Follow-up with a written letter to the Senator at both offices.

Send a copy (deletion of your PERSEC is fine) and any response to

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  1. Whoever made the meme forgot the Belgium airport bombing of the Spring.

    Retard alert!

    • The Brussels attacks (it was more than the airport, there was another coordinated attack at the Metro station) were conducted in March, the graphic only cites incidents since June.

  2. just plain todd

    CA, why? what a waste of time. we know how this goes. and what the answers are. the time is better spent to gather info on local apparatchiks, work on range cards,etc, i’m not gonna burn up my day on mcshitstain or that fuck jeff flake. they can all die .so can the asshole vets and old people that keep voting them in.

    • You are already convinced.

      There are others that need convincing.

      • CA,

        Yep, your boy todd is convinced. He’s convinced that anyone older than his punk ass deserves to die along with military veterans. Why ? Simply because the “enlightened” todd is convinced that those categories of Amerikan citizens all support and maintain the status quo. When in reality it happens to be the under 40/non-milvet crowd who support and sustain the liberal agenda in fUSA.

        Remarks such as “just plain todd” convinces me there needs some purging within the ranks. Folks like todd need to wake up.

        • MichiganderJim

          “Folks like todd need to wake up.”

          Oh, listen to this. The problem with todd’s comment is exactly the same as the problem with nearly all of yours—they deal with the wrong person or people…the ones you can’t control, rather than the one you do. It’s why so little ever gets done.

          • Klein,

            So tell me, as you can never seem to do without spewing meaningless drivel, just who is/are these wrong people ? Be specific.

            Odd how you support this todd character’s call for killing Amerikan
            veterans and anyone “old”. Instead of chastising him you choose to M-F my response to his outrageous attack proposing murder. Murder of folks who performed national service beyond what the 99% of today’s Amerikans ever did.

            As always, you are pitiful.

    • just plain todd,

      “….so can the asshole vets and old people that keep voting them in.”

      Guess what bitch….us “asshole vets and old people” don’t keep voting “them” in !

      So to you I say FUCK YOU ! FUCK YOU IN THE ASS WITH A SQUARE PEG you millenial POS. You wish death on military veterans who have defended what once was a great nation and then you continue your blasphemy wishing that same death upon “old people”. You lump your despised veterans and “old people” in the same basket of deplorables that Hillary Klinton did.

      Do you think the 60,000,000 + people who voted to make Amerika great again were all no-balls/NPS millenials ? Do you think the 6,000,000 + members of the National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, and countless other smaller Freedom/2A organizations voting and supporting new blood representatives and Mother-Fucking the status quo of the Schumers, Grahams, McCains, Ryans, McConnells, Klintons, soetoro-obamas and the rest are all punks under the age of 40 with no military background ?

      You’re a disrespectful POS to both your elders and those who had the balls to do what you didn’t have the ‘nads to do. You’re just plain ignorant.

      Drop dead bitch !


        Dan III: Relax, my friend. Yes, some of my Woodstock contemporaries(I’m 69 years old) are still drinking the Kool-Aid. It all depends on geography. A lot of the old Farmer-Labor Minnesotans now live in the warmer climes of AZ and they have brought their syphilitic thinking with them. It is the same in Florida with the “Progressives” who fled their Blue Hives in the Northeast.
        The great leveler for all of these clueless, Normalcy-Bias idiots is the pending “economic correction.” There will be a run on pitchforks, torch fuel, tar, etc. at Lowe’s and Home Depot. There are a substantial number of older Amerikans who, in their heart, know things are nearing the tipping point. They prefer not to think about it because it is just too terrible to think about it. I am surrounded by them every day.
        I sense jpt’s frustration and I witnessed it first hand when I lived in Curry County, Oregon. I tried to stop it in conjunction with a lot of people my age and older through the local chapter of the Tea Party. It worked. We educated the voters using the Leviathan’s own data against it. The corrupt. local political hacks and their “law enforcement” minions and Orcs were flummoxed at the ballot box every time they tried to raise our property taxes.
        JFK once said that it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. I still carry around a pocket copy of the Constitution, DOI, and related citations/information on jury nullification. My audience now is on the cusp of voting age at the local high school where I work as a teachers aide. When I can get them to pry the ear buds out of their skulls, they do listen.
        I would ask anyone here to get those booklets from the FULLY INFORMED JURY ASSOCIATION and start handing them out. People are waking up. The economy and the antics of the FSA and their handlers in Hollywood and the MSM are getting the average Joe and Jane to take notice. You can still make a difference with your voice and facts in your A/O. I forget which Patriot said it but Liberty is always unfinished business. Bleib ubrig.

  3. What is your planning horizon for LTIOV? I am near ground zero right meow, but will be back in my new AO inside of 2 weeks.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. I thought they hate the jews yet I see no attacks in Israel. I am sure this is just an oversight on their part.

  6. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Wouldn’t waste my time or effort contacting the 7 blue, commie loving ,gun grabbing, scumbags that the Tards & Plantation Nigras keep voting in the Un Constitutional state of Ct. [D] im Wit Dannel Malloy is quite upset.He is not riding into the District of Criminals on the wicked witch from the South’s coat tails. The Clinton’s are carpetbagger galvanized Yankees.We don’t want them either !

  7. 1) The June 2016 timeframe is far too short. It left out the San Bernardino Christmas Party Massacre a year ago. Boo.
    2) FWIW, some years (and another president) ago, when my teammates intercepted a typical group of 20 or so illegals and held them for BP, there were four rather obvious OTMs. The full beards and prayer rugs were a giveaway. Before the rest of the catch were loaded into BP dog catcher trucks as usual, two blacked out tacced out SUVs arrived, several 5.11-clad individuals arrived, unidentified to us, and took the four OTMs away separately.
    When we inquired as to their disposition to one of the BP agents present with us, of our long acquaintance, who watched the whole incident, a couple of nights later, he looked at as blankly and said “What OTMs are you talking about? What blacked out SUVs?”

  8. Malmo?

    shiite on sunni?

  9. Simon Jester – Data collection and aggregation in progress

  10. According to Sam Donaldson…

    “it’s not your country anymore”

  11. Alright meow, just plain todd, whatever you say. I’m old AND a veteran, and I’m dyin’ a little every day, I reckon, hope that’s fast enough for you. But I don’t and never have to my knowledge voted for the bastards you so railed agin’, or supported them that I know of, and I sure as hell don’t support them now, if I can help it. Hope that helps. Oh, and by the by, one day YOU TOO WILL BE OLD, and maybe a vet to boot, I wonder how that will turn out. Did you know, I actually like being old? I like it because now at least I know a few things, and have found out a few things that mystified me, previously. Not that my life is based on some quest for knowledge, but that I have always been curious as to why such and such happened, and what so and so was really saying. I highly recommend it. CA, not a bad action plan, BUT, Burgess, my Rep, is preoccupied with the health care schtick, and my two Senators, well, you know how Cruz and Cornyn are. Besides, I think what’s going to happen down here is akin to the scene in Starship Troopers where they try and defend a fort agin thousands o’ them bugs. I have been at both Senators now for ten years, and all I ever get back is a lot of palaver about peace and love, and bring on the committees.

  12. NorthGunner

    And while folks are a dither about the continuing invasion and
    destruction of Europe, look what’s been happening on our
    Southern border;

    Jihadists Train, Plan U.S. Attack from Mexican Border State of Nuevo León

    “Cartel informants tell law enforcement contacts that ‘they are only waiting for the order and the times to carry out a simultaneous attack in the different ports of entry or cities of the United States of America.’”

    That’s just on Texas’s southern border, don’t think for an instant that the southern borders of Arizona and ‘caliph ‘o phornia’ aren’t also slated to
    have attacks too…plus don’t forget about all the training camps that jammat ul fuqra (paki based islamists) ALREADY have across America. Of course this doesn’t take into account all the somali, fake syrian and other ‘replacement voters’ that obummadulla and hiligula have already imported and continue to do so….

    Homegrown Jihad- The Terrorist Camps Around The U.S. (35 Minute Version)

    Know Your Neighbors: Do You Live Next To A Jamaat Ul-Fuqra Camp?

    Homegrown Muslims of America Terrorist Camps in the US – 31 of Them! Just Another Guy in Your Neighborhood

    Jamaat ul-Fuqra Compounds

    Prep, train and remember poi = poa when dealing with anyone
    who decides to go ‘sudden jihadi’

    Yours In Liberty – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers/supporters MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III