Statement by Gary Hunt, Outpost of Freedom, Re Freedom Of The Press


More Fed follies.

Mark well the Obama Administration’s outrages.

So as to hold the incoming Administration to a higher standard.

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  1. Don’t know if you’ve come across this one, but it certainly bears wider dissemination.


    On Sat, Jan 7, 2017 at 12:04 PM, Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” More Fed follies. Mark well the Obama > Administration’s outrages. So as to hold the Administration to a higher > standard. ” >

    • Outstanding article and comments. But just one more pebble on a shore of abuses and usurpations by this cabal which no tide (short of God’s judgement) can reach.

  2. This guy and me have agreed to disagree a few times, regarding snitchs at the refuge. We shared some dialog we just agreed to disagree.
    Agree with him here, this IS some king sized bull shit.

    How does a govt, think they have the right to suppress court docs. Which are matter of public record. Open source.

    Does anybody know if any of the findings, or Intel generated regarding the Malhur refuge incident WAS via, FICCA” court secret warrants or indictments?

    Fucking bullshit, secret courts in America, nothing but nazi Stasi hitler stuff.

    going to take a guess here, but my spidey senses tell me the govt, is covering up something very specific here, and using the federal court system to do so.

    MY GUESS IS THAT THE UNNAMED MALHUR UNDERCOVER PERSONAL are some how named, or referenced in these docs. Their notes, or spot reports,

    It would be wise to download this stuff to a hard copy for scrutiny. Why the attempt to shut down Gary. Makes no sense.

    Saw earlier this week that the Bundies attorney plead ” not guilty” for being tackled at the trial. I’m giving serious thought to attending this proceeding. This is going to be fucking amusing.,,

    What 50 patriots witnessed the Marcus being assaulted by US Marshalls, and then he’s charged with assault of a federal agent. Good luck with that one.

    I’m hoping defense, put the federal prosecutors on the stand and gives them a royal rat fucking. Use them to eat their own armed guards.


  3. Pete, if the case has been tried, and ajudicated, the defendants found not guilty, how is it that the honorable fudge brown can shield the case from the people. Is this EFC# 342, “timed out” at some date and time.

    How can an ajudicated case, especially one ending in a finding of innocent, be held time sensitive from We The People?

    Trying to learn here.

    Dirk Williams

    • No Federal practice.

      What both we lowly local prosecutors and our lowly local police colleagues concurred 25 years ago was the Federal system was something to avoid at all costs.

      Or as an NYPD copper taught me, know the non-extradition countries and the next flights to them from your local airport.

  4. It’s not Pamela R. Holsinger, Chief, Criminal Division, that he has to worry about.

    It’s the fucking scumbag traitorous cops who will violently force their way thru the front door of his home, shoot his dog, and rape his wife(for laughs) then possibly murder him(if he doesn’t submit fast enough) all because they enjoy doing these things. Chances are, they are GWOT war veterans and have brain damage from all the vaccines and programming they endured. And so it goes here in the Former usa. All the while his neighbors will cheer on the poLICE for keeping them “safe”.

    • So I was reading another of your truly prolific posts, and was reminded of the TV movie in viewed last night.

      Listen up, tough question ahead.

      Im Almost certain your one of the two stars. Which are you, Dumb, OR Dumber.

      Either way you sir are a national treasure.


      • What’s truly wonderful is the entire world gets a WRSA window into how rotten the murkin cops really are.

        National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 01-05-17

        January 6, 2017 @ 5:33 PM by Jonathan Blanks

        Here are the seven reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, January 5, 2017:

        New York, New York: Three officers are under investigation after a video of them beating a 50-year-old man went public.
        Vermilion Parish, Louisiana: The sheriff paid a $2,500 fine and had ethics charges against him dropped. He was accused of buying a home from a departmental auction.
        Update: Flagstaff, Arizona (First reported 11-17-16): The officer who was captured on video punching a woman has resigned in lieu of termination.
        Detroit, Michigan: An officer is being investigated for social media posts calling residents “garbage” and bragging about abusing people.
        Update: Broward County, Florida (First reported 11-11-16): A deputy who was fired after his arrest for extorting sexual favors from a suspect has committed suicide.
        Update: El Paso, Texas (First reported 06-27-16): An officer was indicted for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for a fatal off-duty crash in June.
        Agawam, Massachusetts: An officer was indicted for stealing more than $10,000 from the police union.

        What kind of psychotic trash “wants” to be a cop?

        Answer. Psychotic trash – of course

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “Vermilion Parish, Louisiana: The sheriff paid a $2,500 fine and had ethics charges against him dropped. He was accused of buying a home from a departmental auction.”

          Hell, that’s barely even garden-variety corruption of any sort for Louisiana.

          • I like this one.

            Agawam, Massachusetts: An officer was indicted for stealing more than $10,000 from the police union.

            Ha Ha Ha

            They even steal from each other. Pathetic

      • Ol’ taffy will never understand it Dirk. No corrupt judges, no cop problem.
        But then again, when your a deep state troll, you are part of the problem.

        • You suffer from extreme/chronic Stockholm Syndrome

          It’s people like you who enable the poLICE State.

          Show me billyboy doug, where does it say in your CON stee twoshun that armed corporate thugs are permitted to summarily oppress, extort, rape and execute the Pee Pul?

          You are as much the problem as the rest of the swill.

    • You are so predicable. Not a good trait to have in a firefight.

  5. Dirk,
    The first group was found not guilty. Group 2 is standing trial in February (same time that one of three trial groups goes on trial in Nevada – The Bundy Affair). The government has added some misdemeanor charges, in hopes of getting a conviction, and the prosecution has asked the judge to try the misdemeanors without a jury.
    The Grand Jury came back with the original indictment, but its was composed of people from the Portland area, with one or two exceptions from the rural areas.
    There is no FISA court involved. (Not FICCA)

    • ThanksGary. Been over on your site, getting caught up.

      Gary do, you know if the OSP troopers who murdered LaVoy have been identified.

      Do you know what the status of the FBI HRT teams investigation stands. Has their council general completed his investigation into LaVoy’s crime scene evidence tampering?

      Thank you in advance.


      O yea, for anybody who seriously thinks this site isn’t monitored daily, you need to read the affidavit and paper work over on his sights.


      • Dirk, Two OSP officers shot LaVoy. I’m sure that their identities will come out in the wrongful death suit, as it progress. At this point, the officer;s statements were identified by numbers (not badge) only.
        The HRT investigation will be discussed, briefly, in an article I am currently working on, regarding the Freedom of the Press subject.

    • I understand the grand juries where stacked with questionable persons of conflict of interest. Is that factual Gary?

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  7. MichiganderJim

    >>>and to some degree, the Sixth Amendment right “to be confronted with the witnesses against him.” [from another article]

    Not “to some degree”…it’s a violation, period. That’s the end of it with regard to legality, though why anyone thinks legality could possibly resolve any of this, is well beyond me.