Say It Ain’t So, Joe


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. And these are the ones that we know about. I’m willing to bet that there are others, including key US national, state, and local races. Put another way, is there anyone that we haven’t screwed with?

  3. Global terrorists for at least the last 100 years.

  4. Lost Patrol

    Didn’t we also meddle in the country Georgia? Remember the fight for Osseta. If so we can add them to the list


    It’s all blowing up in their faces. The progressives, the dead elephants, the msm, and others are having to eat crow over and over again. I just hope Barry does not pull a whopping big rabbit out of his hat on Inauguration eve, and we end up with martial law, civil war, and total chaos.

  6. Fuck these hypocrites. Klapper has zero,credibility, nor goes our Intel goons. WMD in Iraq, World Trade Center,, the list is long and distinguished.


  7. I was at Howard AFB Panama when Noriega was in charge. Security told us we could not leave the barracks for 3 days as there was going to be a change of government. nuff said

  8. …Hillary flew into a rage election night 2016 and claimed daddy Bush had double-crossed her when, in truth, the CIA, NSA and could only steal five (5) states for Hillary as they had stolen five (5) states in 2000 for junior Bush FRAUD but were unable to steal ten (10) states which were required for Hillary to reach the magic number of 270 electoral college votes….

  9. And their utter overall failure to stem the tide of liberty and resistance to tyranny with their insipid 24/7 agitprop and lies has the sonofabitches quaking in their boots.
    It’s us dirt people. Such a deplorable monkey wrench in the wheels of cultural marxism. How dare us defy the narrative. How dare us give them the finger of The Great Fuck You.

  10. Rumor has it…

    Merkel tried to influence the 2016 Presidential election by giving millions of tax payer dollars to the Clinton Foundation

    It is currently being talked about in Germany

  11. And the people continue to wonder why other’s “Hate” us for our freedoms, oh wait scratch that… Our Privileges via the government.

  12. Exasperated Citizen

    And, even after the Hondurans chose someone other than a Leftist, Obama’s maladministration tried to go-against the Honduran Constitution (why not, he sidestepped OURS), in order to keep the Leftists in power, so he was screwing-around with THAT election, even after-the-fact. Oh, wait, he’s doing that, now, with Trump’s victory. Well, at least he’s CONSISTENT.

    • And he had my “local” BATFE Field Division in Tampa running weapons to Communist terrorists supporting former president Zelaya in Honduras. Or do you STILL think that Fast and Furious was a one-off occurrence by a rogue Field Division in Phoenix, instead of merely one of the operations by every one of their twenty-five Field Divisions across the country???

      • Which requires coordination with the State Department and ultimately the secretary. Notice how not one question ever came up for the Hildebeast about her role in OFF?

  13. The next time a demoncrat whines about Russia stealing the per-ordained coronation from Queen Hillary, ask them if they were aware that we actually have the letter that was sent by a US politician asking them for help in changing the US elections that were coming up? Ask if we should use this evidence to discredit the party responsible? Then tell them that the letter was sent in the mid 80’s by none other than Ted Kennedy to the USSR asking them to stop Reagan from being elected a second time. The letter was found in the KGB archives after the fall of the evil empire in the 90’s. As you might have guessed because the letter incriminated the approved party of the MSM and the most approved member of the demoncrat party, nothing was done and no public outrage was allowed to happen even though Ted Kennedy was still a member of the Senate and the letter was absolute proof of an attempt to commit treason.

    But because it was the demoncrats who did it, the MSM could not care less, because the MSM has floundered since November trying to find some way to DE-legitimize Trump, the Russia meme seems to be the last card they hold and they will play it as long as they can, or at least until they find a better card.

    MSG Grumpy

  14. EC,

    “(….he sidestepped OURS)”

    Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5.

    He certainly did. But not without the immense help of TPTB, i.e., the US Congress, the federal judiciary, the communists of the legacy media and most importantly, the indifference and ignorance of the Amerikan citizenry.

  15. Uncle Larry

    Influenced Rhodesia, South Africa, SW Africa, Angola, Zaire, Sierra Leone.

  16. Pot to Kettle.
    Pot to Kettle.
    You’re Black, over.

  17. The Usual Suspect

    While the media are uncontrovertibly the propaganda are of
    the Democrat Party, and monopolize the airwaves with liberal
    content, when mentioning the right it is always as invective.

    Why then should the American taxpayer support the Democrat
    Party without equal representation by the opposition party?

    Some fine Republican Congress critter should proposition a bill
    that would rectify this misappropriation of taxpayer funded airtime,
    and either guarantee half of all broadcasts featured Rush Limbaugh,
    Sean Hannity, Mark Levin ect, ect just to be FAIR, HAHAHA.

    Either that or lump all Democrat Political news speak channels in
    a category where they would pay the same to broadcast on the
    airwaves as any political party, and taxed as a for profit entity.

    I am tired of the fucking Democrats raping the FCC, and propagandizing
    for a nominal fee, and since this is a FREE country charge them a
    outrageous tax or have the FCC rescind their license to broadcast.