The Oregonian: Prosecutors want California man to remove blog posts on FBI informants in refuge occupation case


MSM attention to the Gary Hunt articles.

Very interesting.

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  1. This newspaper is actually called “The Whoregonian”…

    • Notice how the article states that the Hammonds “set fire to public land” – when the full story is that they set a backfire to combat a fire that was encroaching upon their home and hearth. The backfire was set on their own, private land that, yes, got out of control and burned about 120 acres of public land, but they also put that fire out and yet were charged with terroristic arson. How many of the Portland snowflakes, pipeline protestors, or BLM (both the terror organization and the Federal one) have been charged with that crime? 120 acres, for that part of the state, is miniscule. The Federal agencies during the original trial even admitted that the backfire prevented what could have been much more extensive damage and actually improved the range condition. This sort of journalistic legerdemain is what you find all the time in the Whoregonian and other MSM outlets.

    • Or the Portland Daily Fish Wrapper.

  2. No problem.
    Hunt should remove the posts; right after he reveals the actual names of the informants, and the posts get reposted by about 200 other people, who then re-post to another 2000 people, and so on.
    At least one of whom should self-publish the documents in question in their entirety as “The Malheur Papers”
    If the feds want to play whack-a-mole with the First Amendment, they should have the rules illustrated to them properly.
    Lesson one: there are 300M of us. There are somewhat less of them.

    Federal Fucktards.

    You want to be a snitch, you take a snitch’s chances.

    • They were FAR MORE than mere “snitches”.

    • Right on.

      is anybody aware of the names of the Oregon State Police who shot Finicum, AND,

      does anybody know the outcome of the FBI HRT involved in Lavoys murder. Their evidence tampering is a felony. Has their inspector general finished their investigation?


    • Aesop, I see that you are still writing fables. However, I suppose such habits are difficult to give up, especially at your age.
      Let e suggest a “non-fable” called the Constitution, with its subsequent amendments, particularly the First of them.
      It seems that the Founders saw a necessity for the Press to be the means by which the people knew of the doings of the government. So, along with speech, assembly, and religion, they chose to make that amendment the first — to avoid having to resort to the Second.
      I believe that Maxine Bernstein’s article, as well as my own, have made clear that this government mandate, this Cease and Desist” order, is not compatible with the above mentioned amendments.
      So, why should I post and run? That is the act of one who is unwilling to stand up for his rights, and, quite frankly, your rights.
      Someone suggested that I was doing good by standing for my rights. Now, let’s think about that. It is YOUR right to know that embodies the Freedom of the Press. It is not my rights that are being violated, it is your rights.
      Apparently, however, you think that post and run will secure those rights for you to know. That, dear fabled old man, is not how this country came into being, nor is it the means by which it will be kept, as intended.

      • NorthGunner

        Ah another ‘parchment worshipper’ slips out of the woodwork….
        Read Ken Royce’s “Hologram of Liberty” along with Spooner, Larken Rose
        and Bill Buppert and Stefan Molyneux among others.
        The ‘constitution’ was and is nothing more than a cleverly contrived fraud by asshat hamilton and his lawyer/bankster cronies…it doesn’t authorize jack shit nor does it obligate me or any other free individual to any service or worship to it or to the fake god called ‘authority/gov’.

        Read “The Most Dangerous Superstition” here for FREE (yes you can download it and print it out for yourself or read it offline at your leisure)

        Yours In Liberty thru Anarchy/Voluntarism!
        NorthGunner III

        • I don’t worship the parchment, though I do revere it as the only, as it was intended, form of government that doesn’t subject ts subjects to the arbitrary authority of others. That, you may understand, is why I am refusing the dictates of the US Attorney and his minions, fully prepared to do battle (in the courtroom) with them.
          Schuyler Barbeau called me, earlier today and said the he had heard that I was in trouble with the government. I had to explain to him that it was not I that was in trouble, rather, it was the government.
          As for you ideology, I rely upon a system of government that worked well for its first seventy years. You rely on a system of non-government that has never, in any effort to implement, was able to achieve even close to that amount of time before abject failure.
          So, you can worship your ideological absence of parchment, all you wish. While you are at it, why not try a pipe-dream?

          • Why not just send the “info” to wikileaks? I suggest you pick another fight as I am no lawyer but you don’t look to have a strong case, relying on just the 1st. Please be sure to include the names of the state police shooters of Lavoy and the treasonous INFORMANTS to wikileaks… that is if you actually have the names.

            IMHO, sending the info to wikileaks will spare you some jail time and everyone that needs the info will have it. IF you think tilting at windmills like the Federal Goobermint claiming your first amendment rights will keep you or anyone else out of jail… well, sir go mount your horse and have at it. You won’t be the first “journalist” to be imprisoned claiming their 1st Amendment rights. The vaunted 1st Amendment is only a shell of what it should be as it was mortally wounded by the first tyrant from Illinois, Dishonest Abe.

            Good luck and all the best.

            Grey Ghost

          • MichiganderJim

            Funny you wouldn’t want a world where you could freely market the champion work you’ve done, and I mean that sincerely. But alas, I understand the ethical underpinning of believing the ego, or self, is something bad. Truth is it’s the only good that can be found.

  3. It’s also clear from perusal of Hunt’s extensive blogposts, given the thorough and comprehensive penetration of the activity by informants, my previous comments on the asininity of the Malheur clusterfuck were too kind to the participants, by several orders of magnitude.

    The defendants exonerated should get down on their knees and thank a merciful god for trial by jury, and federal prosecutorial hubris and incompetence that matched their own.

    Local, Local, LOCAL.

    If you can’t do something with people known to you over close association lasting years, not minutes, don’t even think of doing it.

    • I am given to understand that the defendants did just that…”thank the Merciful God.”

      Prosecutorial Hubris indeed, but none out of the ordinary. It just so happened that the jury received the proper instructions re: intent, and the prosecutors did not feel the need to name one agent, from any agency, who had been “impeded in the performance of his/her duty” by the actions of any defendant, at any time during the entire duration of the occupation.

      Just for giggles, I ponder how far up they had to reach for that charge, as it appears that not even “trespassing” was applicable?

      As to your remaining issues with the actions of others whose perspectives and daily lives are no where near your own…we can all take lessons regarding the actions we have taken or will take when we have been pushed as far as we are willing to go.

      I hope one of those lessons is to handle up on our logistics and public relations, with the end goal of not giving a shit what those presumed to be on our side will opine from the Laz-Y-Boys, nor will we seek, nor accept “assistance” from third party organizations looking to fill their own coffers, or establish, unearned by their own actions in their own AO’s, gravitas by co-opting communications and negotiations.

      Yep…I surely do hope we all got that one, loud and clear.

  4. Yes, very interesting. Surprisingly a media article that was written pretty much without media bias or typical perjoratives. It just stated the known facts. Been a loooong time since I’ve read a piece like that from the legacy media.
    Attempting to muzzle Hunt is a weak ruling by the court, it only makes them look all the worse, especially in the face of jury nullification. They are trying to cover their corruption and are on a fishing expedition. They don’t want Hart to stop so much, they want to know who leaked the documents Hunt received.
    Traitors hacking traitors to traitors.

    • Well…I agree in large part. But I have it on good authority that Gary will not ever give them what they are fishing for…let’s face it…and they should as well…someone who witnessed the burning alive of 80 people at the hands of government agents just isn’t going to go all weak in the spine over a letter demanding a “cease and desist.”

      Apparently, this reporter from the Oregonian has been following Gary’s work on this case from the beginning. It appears that she has decided to be a reporter and not a propagandist in this instance.

      The Prosecutor is seeking a court order…this letter is just the opening salvo.

      I think the Prosecutor is stunned…and is going after the defense attorney for having been assaulted in the court room by agents from the US Marshalls office, and now Gary, who is exposing government actions in this case. Someone here made a very salient point by pondering the validity of the “Order of Protection” re: discovery, post trial, and jury verdict. Any bets placed on the possibility that none of the feds, from prosecutor, to FBI, to the Judge has even considered the possibility that the demand reeks of blind flailing at an opponent who just connected with a right hook to the frontal lobe?

      Then again, what do paid informants think is possible when they are dealing with forked tongue, agenda driven, politically motivated from the top down, federal agency personnel who have clearly demonstrated that they do not know, nor concern themselves with principle and responsibilities of the their “first estate” so therefore will not be concerned regarding any possible consequence to them, should those informants be outed…this time by the very agency(s) in open court, who hired them?

      The verdict in this case has very profound implications. I have been following your dialogue regarding we “dirt people” for some time. This verdict is a harbinger…one that supports your thesis…and wanted to let you know how much your contributions to the cause are both noted and appreciated for the encouragement to stand and hold the line.

    • One reporter, Maxine Bernstein, has done all the reporting on this for the Oregonian. I think she has done a great job on the story, this article is only the latest example. There are still a few real reporters out there, last of a dying breed.

  5. (Colossians 2:1-5)

    14And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;

    15I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. 16So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. 17Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: 18I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. 19As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent. 20Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me. 21To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne. 22He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.

    Eyes Right

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  6. Never trust anyone who sports a beard.

    If they don’t have enough discipline to shave off their face what grows naturally on their asses, that’s a “tell”

    Seriously, it demonstrates a complete lack of personal hygiene.
    At least they can remember what they had for dinner the night before by observing what’s still encrusted on their mugs.

    Sport – the bulbus glandis of the male dog’s penis.


    Another aspect of FBI corruption. The FEDS rely heavily on snitches since they are so far removed from the citizens of this country, they could not infiltrate a DAR meeting. And, by FEDS, I am not focusing just on the FBI. It is all branches of “Federal Law Enforcement.” I saw it when I worked as a Deputy Sheriff and DA Investigator in SoCal.

    • Not just “federal”. The Millers in Nevada were on the payroll of the local pigs, who tried to get them to infiltrate the Bundy’s home and incite. When they were unable to effectively do so, that made their LVMPD pig handlers unhappy, and were threatened with jail if they didn’t try harder. Hence two dead pigs – who were their handlers – soon thereafter. It’s a shame they weren’t able to successfully take over the store’s security room. They could have cleaned a BUNCH of sewage outta that LVMPD pig sty.

    • MichiganderJim

      “they could not infiltrate a DAR meeting.”

      Don’t kid yourself. Some of this stuff takes place over huge periods of time, sometimes even through generations. Hell, we can even thank Govco and the CIA specifically for the very conception of Obama! Obviously today’s particular madness wasn’t the specific intent of the logistics at the time, but since it’s philosophy that moves the world, that doesn’t matter so much.

      That’s not to deny the thrust of your comment–I strongly agree about the personalities involved–but rather to point out that infiltration can be safely assumed to always be there…and the more sure one is that it’s not, the more sure it is. That’s the nature of the thing.

  8. are you suggesting that shaving daily, some how makes us better humans.

    Interesting observation.


    • in your case a definitive- NO

      Although doing so gives one a higher level of credibility when presenting oneself in public. That’s my professional opinion. But what do I know? I no longer have to work for a living.

    • Never knew that a beard determined your character and integrity. I was taught to eat properly without smearing food all over me. The corp teaches you how to piss without getting any on you. Thank God,otherwise I would be covered in food,piss and shit. I learn something every day on WRSA. Too fat, are you the guy that waxed his entire body?

  9. Anybody out there still doubt that LaVoy Finicum was set up and taken out in a professional hit/ambush?

    • as a general rule, I recommend against plunging a motor vehicle into a snowdrift in close proximity to LEO, then jumping out yelling, “shoot me!”, “shoot me!”

      • Ya unless you already know there’s a hit out on you specifically for having run your mouth about freedom and rights in FUSA, and unless you know that (((they))) are gunning for you specifically but that they’d be glad to shoot everyone with you too.

        Are you trying to suggest Finicum was suicidal?

        Are you trying to suggest Finicum was a dimwitted soul who didn’t know he was targeted for a hit?

        I think Finicum knew for certain they were gunning for him and that his days were numbered. That’s why he started sleeping separate outside under a blue tarp.. He didn’t want anyone else to get greased on his behalf or for being in proximity to him. Again this is all conjecture anyway but…….your version implies he was a moronic wack job and I think that’s pretty far off the mark.

  10. If the government does anything to HUNT, there should be a quick and vicious response.

  11. I’ve spent the morning over on the DOJ Inspector General’s web site. IG, Michael Horowitz, presiding. Zero on any pending investigations, specific to the FBI HRT, LaVoy Finnicum, evidence tampering case., seems odd, every other bullshit case in (High Lighted),

    I cruised for further info on the Deschutes County Sheriffs Office,” Tri County Major Incident Team. Again Nada, if,you will recall these guys are who caught the FBI, policing their brass, at the Finnicum homicide location.

    Both HRT,metal members initially denied their actions.

    Under formal investigations, ” I take this to mean After Their Miranda Warnings” both demanded their attorneys., and invoked the Fifth.
    Shifty mother fuckers.

    Just seems odd to,me,that we can already be thru one ajudication, and almost into the Bunkerville court case, yet nothing on two,dirty FBI agents, whom I’m told are soooooo vital to national security, that they are still actively on FBI duty. Something stinks in Gotham city,


    • Oh no, don’t trust your lyin’ nose. What you think is smelly, is just those other people doing their business as usual, trusting their institutions’ past experiences at covering up these affairs, and expecting that not too many of their salary-payers will catch on to the newest little problem that “fake” news sites such as this bring up.

      Could be that the influence of fake news is going though its death throes these days. But the people of the bad (once again, the other people, as Gen R. E. Lee used to call his enemy) are too busy worrying about their pensions to make the jump to realize that times have changed.

      Federal prosecuters are in line to keep the good old times rolling. As are pocketed federal judges at the lower levels, ambitious beasts, those. Wasn’t it Napolean, talking about his officer corps, who said that “stupidity has its limits, but ambition knows no boundaries?” No biscuit for those other folks, come the change of Bossman later on this month. Or not. We’ll see.

  12. Wanted to suggest those here who take Lavoys Murder to heart, note Gary Longs contribution of,dogged follow up investigations.

    Gary’s site is a treasure trove of useful Intel.

    Gary, for what it’s worth, hat tip brother you did good on this, thank you.

    I am still fucking outraged over LaVoy Finicum’s Murder by OSP and FBI HRT.

    It is my intent to drive over to the site of his murder outside of Burns on his one year anniversary and spend the day.

    It would be awesome to see some of you all their as well.


    • I don’t know if WRSA is going to post any of my “Freedom of the Press” articles, though the story has just begun.
      Schuyler Barbeau just called me and said that he heard that I was in trouble. I corrected him, the government is in trouble, not me.

  13. Gary, I don’t think esop, was taking a shot at you. But the federal side and their CIs. He’s a cryptic kinda guy,

    Regardless, you have done a fantastic job in my oppinion I’m ” invested” in LaVoy, homicide, not so much the occupation. Never the less it’s all one.

    On Oct 27th when the verdict came out via mass AM radio. The good word went threw southern Oregon like wild fire. Truly good news for the patriots.

    I actually was notified by old friends still active in law enforcement, they were ticked shitless, that the FEDs and to extent OSP got their bullshit packed.

    Thank,you for your efforts. Your at least keeping it real.

    Dirk Williams

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  15. I have been reading and following for some time. I read this article and the quote in the last paragraph reached out and slapped me in the face with a herring. It happened so fast I did not notice the color.

  16. secretsquirrel

    Gary Hunt:
    Please keep multiple backup copies of your documents electronic and physical. Keep them distributed with people you can trust, but out of reach of the FBI in case something happens to you. You probably already know to do this, but even pros screw this up sometimes.

  17. If you toss a rock into a pool of water, the rings spread out in fast growing circles. If the names get posted they can get reposted & reposted & reposted on and on. Once the Cat is Out of the Bag they Feds can’t put the cat back in the bag. What are they going to do, shut down the entire internet to stop the flow of the names of the GUILTY BASTARDS who need to be exposed?

  18. I appreciate the Intel on the informants, specifically the OMB,AB. I met Mr. Dickenson prior to the Burns, OR fiasco. I can say the information presented in Mr. Hunts report about the informant are true in regards to his background and movements between states. The details and his photo are correct. Hit me like a lightning bolt.