The Upcoming President-in-Exile Calls The Play


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10 responses to “The Upcoming President-in-Exile Calls The Play

  1. It’s absolutely predictable that rather than focus on their own corruption, without which, the Rooskies would’ve had nothing to “expose” they attempt to blame the Russians for their own failings. That said, I don’t honestly even believe the rooskies did a single fucking thing. It’s bullshit, just like every single thing that comes out of the left. Fuck em.

  2. Remember, there actually was a third option, retire. The pardons are nothing new:
    You knew he was going to do that didn’t you? This is what he is going to do before he ‘retires’

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Ya, because the fuckers know their ass is grass for all the bullshit they have pulled on us dirt people thinking they where going to hand off the regime of cultural marxism to a fucking whore out old shriveled vagina in a Mao pants suit.
    Sucks to be you you fucking traitors.
    Alt-Right up your ass’s.

  5. I can only hope Trump & his National Security team neuters the CIA/ISIS alliance and cuts McCain & Grahmnesty off at the knees. Such traitorous offal in DC Establishment.

  6. Then we get this fat fucking bag of commie donuts who pilfered The Great Fuck You like he invented it to use as his straw horse.
    What a worthless POS. He was trolling WRSA, saw how profound The Great Fuck You was, and plagiarized it, used it as all cultural marxists do, to project their insanity on us dirt people to distract from that very insanity they own.

    Resistance, right. The only resistance this fat ugly slug knows about is when his boyfriend has anal sex with him and forgets the Astroglide.

  7. ALCON,

    And the bitch (not soetoro-obama) will NOT go away:

  8. Hopefully the next administration will clean up Obama’s mess….I’m was hoping for a smooth transtion but the corruption is so evident it’s impossible for anything to run smooth. Go TRUMP my president