A Lesson From Oleg


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There endeth the lesson.

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  1. A man with a pistol can defend himself from close-up attack.
    A man with a rifle, and the skill to use it, can enforce his will to the geographic limit of his skills.

    • Currently loses to a man with a TV channel or a newspaper, because 99% of humans are statists and always will be. What weapon produces stalemate against a 100:1 numerical disadvantage between the whole spears, including logistics chains?


        Sir/Ma’m: I will agree that the vast majority of the Amerikan sheeple are statists and clueless, normalcy-bias fools. But, when the balloon does go up, I intend to defend my home, family, and belongings from these fools. I have no illusions about what will happen to me. But, they will be my honor guard when I walk through the Gates of Heaven.

        • You’re losing 10%/year of your savings to currency inflation. That trial balloon went up long ago, and you aren’t defending your home, family, and belongings. The advance to the rear you’re doing has gained momentum, and if they show up at your door that momentum won’t reverse fast enough. However, they don’t have to show up at your door, the real threat to do so after the sheeple report you has already generated all the compliance they seek.

          The sheeple matter because they’re military scouts. You can’t do your own honorable peaceful thing because they will report you.

      • Those are the people that don’t matter when it counts and only matter in the status quo because of an artificial, and unsustainable system.


      • A rifle. Shoot the “man with a TV channel or a newspaper.” If you haven’t done the research to know who that is in your AO, you can settle for shooting the power transformers, feedlines, antennas, etc. assuming you can identify the locations for these items… Repeat as necessary.

  2. A pistol will keep you safe.
    A shotgun will keep you fed.
    A rifle will keep you free.

  3. Funny. The citizenry being armed did nothing to stop the US from becoming a Communist country.

    • Hey Steven, are you using ” S// ” to signify that you are being sarcastic; perhaps facecious? Just wondering because sometimes I do not know if I understand your premises… Thanks.

      Back to the point; I believe we have already lost most the battles that began in 61 or 62; with Tom Hayden’s Port Huron Statement being the opening Salvo in the overt-attempt to kill individual liberty…..but there is no way to know if gun ownership has helped us keep whatever individual liberties we still have eh?

    • I disagree. Two revolutions have now been stopped before they started largely because the revolutionaries failed to secure a monopoly on violence.

      Oh, they tried. Their hatred for “black rifles” that are responsible for a whopping 400 murders/year is proof. This was never a public safety issue.

      The first failed revolution was Ayers & Co plotting to murder millions of us including my parents and grandparents in the 70s. The second one will either end on the 20th or go hot.

      The revolutionaries are getting old/weak, they are losing respect (Hollywood), losing credibility (media), and alliances (Islam, “minorities”), are starting to fray.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Stop talking reality, the people want more bullshit instead. It’s what they live for. Myths, legends, and exceptionalism.
      Remember, we’re hated for our freedom.

    • True , but it must be acknowledged that the higher gun ownership and awareness of 2A in recent years has run concurrent with a growing awakening . All this gun – buying is a political statement.
      The beast system has had to resort to crazy deceptions and fuck-ups lately. No Bolshevism here , Gulags and real round-ups have not happened as in Combloc.
      The saner jannisaries in the system and their algorithms can understand this. Every move they make re. gun laws only displays weakness and hardens the resolve of the yeomanry.

    • Curious, isn’t it? And where is my final copy of the “Resister?” (Sense of humor has been enabled.)

    • Good thing you don’t own a gun ’cause things would’ve been different, right ?

  4. Capt. Hinde

    If I was starting anew, I’d get a .30-30 and leave it at that. Really, brothers, I have options fatigue.

  5. ALCON,

    Read the comments. Lot of commenters there think they’re free. Hilarious.

    “Now shut up and pay your taxes !”

  6. The Usual Suspect

    He better quit the thumb crossing, or suffer a bleeding snoter !

  7. Sfc. Barry: Funny. While we do indeed seem to be a communist country, the majority of it’s territory and about half it’s people remain outside the total control of the commissars. Kind of a, “is the glass half empty, or is it half full?” thing. While the commissars DO exert a great deal of control over this recalcitrant populace, they haven’t succeeded in disarming them (quite the contrary) or in getting them to vote like they want, all the time. And one other, very important thing. While the recent recession, caused by commies, has made devastating inroads on the wealth of the middle class, a huge number of them still have some means of remaining middle class. Knowing communist ideology as you do, this says the classless morass that the commissars dream of is not only impossible, but that counter revolution is inevitable, given that the middle class will have the wealth to wage it. Check your Soviet history. The counter revolution of 1917-1923 was waged by Russians refusing to be disarmed, and they got some help from outside. They lost, because they simply got worn down, and their support lost interest. Had they been armed to the teeth, like FreeFor is now, I think a different story might have been told. Anyway, our story won’t be the same as the White Russians. Different in many, many ways. Don’t be such an old poop. Very Truly Yours, Sfc. Brian S. Barfield, USA, (Retired)

    • Interesting points….I’ve always wondered what part today’s communications would play. I.e. 2-way radios – what would just 1 set have done for Lee and Longstreet/Jackson?? What would basic wireless have done for the communities who felt isolated and alone but we’re doing pretty good…..

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