I’m not really sure this…person understands how little slack is left in the line.

Nor the consequences of living on a naturally-grassland peninsula dependent on the mainland for water, power, and food.

I’m sure everything will be OK.

After all, who wouldn’t want folks like this as neighbors?

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  1. The pic says it all. It screams “snotty rugmuncher” & “nine cats”. The obscene levels of projection in her post, I can’t even in the current year.

  2. warddorrity

    This Byerly needs to be stripped naked and driven into the winter wilderness with a Swiss Army knife, a box of paper clips and two matches.

  3. Read Melinda’s first two sentences and think ”Detroit”, ”Chicago”, ”Baltimore”, ”Philadelphia”. Just the first four examples that come to mind.
    And I doubt ”fiber internet” is going to make any difference either.

    • What’s more, these idiots think we want their kind and everything they bring with them to dirt people land. Drugs, corruption, meddling in everyone else’s affairs, yes the brown people they coddle, no faith in God, nanny government. It isn’t enough they have created an unmitigated disaster in their collective hives, now they have self ordained themselves our betters and intend to spread like a virus.
      They think themselves gods.

      You can’t have too much ammo and tribe.

      • NorthGunner

        Main thing they want is their fiber internet…while they use the bully pulpit to insure that we’re made to eat our daily requirement of ‘fiber’.

        Life denying angry walking pieces of shit not worth anything!

        They can all FOAD!

        Yours In Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

  4. The “thought” process of women can be reduced to, “Oh! Pretty!”/ S//

  5. Why do all these SJW women look like the missing link? If I had a dog that looked like her,I would shave it’s ass and walk it backwards.

  6. lon a follower

    The weeds stand up.

  7. Virgil Kane

    Please, just stay where you are. We’re doing fine without you.

  8. She/He is a writer for VentureBeat, a tech-blog that covers silicon valley startups. While out of touch and offensive it’s comments are, it has a point from a business perspective: most mid-west investor groups have little to no sense of emerging technologies, products or services. In my home town, for example, our angel-investor group is zero for 40. 40 invested companies, not a single exit (sale or follow-on investment). So in a sense, I’m reading a genderless hippie-lib convey a truth, albeit in a hippie-lib manner.

    And you’re right: it will never produce a single meal on it’s own. Although I bet it can grow some other plants just fine.

    • Karl,
      Trying to fit a ’emerging company’ in some place like Union Kansas is not a winning strategy. Most tech industries have a large and rather deep support network, mostly underground to the average person. Without it they can’t survive. Its not ’emerging’, hell its not even sexy, but call centers are a good fit for many small town situations.

      • No argument here. You need the idea, the person or team to get it started and investors that understand the opportunity. That is a tough combo to find in the mid-west. The few promising startups in my town – two in eight years in my town – have found their 2nd round of funding in CA. Silicon Valley may have the most useless snowflake-citizens of this country, but they have the magic to turn ideas into major successes. For that reason, and that reason alone, this tech blogger’s comments re: business come from a position of authority.

        • This ain’t politics or economics, this is about who and what we are, our consent and our existence.
          It’s not about “them” and their power and arrogance and having the choices of submitting or shut the fuck up.
          This is war. It is laying the framework to make us dirt people into their cultural maxis version of the old soviet’s Kulaks.
          The leftists have lost political control of almost everything they held except on the local and municipal level. I think they are digging in and setting the ground work for guerrilla culture war. Something is up, because your hearing all sorts of calls for insurgent action, including violent insurgency. I think it’s all they got to work with, they have an immense media organ to help them shape a new battlefield. It’s a guess as to how much help they get from the federal government, we will have to wait and see what happens, and how much power the federal actors who have been running loose with their thuggery and use of violence since the Clinton regime.

          JJ over at Virginia Freeman’s Society has a great piece up we all should read regarding the Byerly’s out there. Some good critical thinking and a thought/action provoking framework.

          Alt-Left: The statist’s Patriot movement

        • When the domestic/foreign dollar and Trump bankruptcy negotiations kick off all this ‘tech’ shit will have little meaning. The doubling prices of energy , food and durables will focus everyone’s (even this sow ) mind to wholesome and productive enterprise.
          Silicon Valley is one giant soon to be defunct circle jerk.

      • She’s trying to hand us the rope to hang ourselves with. She wants fly-over country made palatable to lefties so they can migrate, infiltrate and turn a red state blue.

        • City verses Country. Mao understood: “Take the countryside and the cities will fall”

    • Lot of people where I reside do not want that investment and the baggage comes with it. They like living in agrarian provincial culture. Me too.
      Besides, that whole bullshit line why no venture capitol, has nothing to do with it.
      Absence of unfettered economic freedom, freedom from usury taxes, fees, regulations, zoning, and the entire no we are the government you can’t do that because we have the power to say so is a inhibitor of people investing in local businesses. Venture capitol from outside is regarded with more disdain and distrust than the government.

    • The only “point” it has is the one atop its smug condescending fucking head, full. Stop.

  9. AnonForOpsec

    She’s BAITING per liberal SOP, which makes her stereotypical and insignificant. From her LinkedIn account profile; says it all.

    “I am kind, but I will be the person in the room who asks questions others might fear to ask, and am persistent about using productive conflict to get results.”

    ‘Productive Conflict’. Remember that terminology to use later……

  10. Call centers will be filled with Indians and pakistanis anyway. After that comes mosques and lots of bad drivers.

  11. Why doe empty shirts get bandwidth?

    Appears her start-up died on the vine after four years of “starting up”, maybe had two or three people at peak, and had no reported clients.

    Now the new “gig” is promotions agency “Timeshare CMO” that doesn’t seem to have a client list or even rate a mention on LinkedIn.

    Looks like long periods of unemployment in a dozen company “career.”

    Twitter Mavenry does not make a sage or pundit.

    I’m not the only one to notice there is no substance, just noise from this internet personality:

    All this in two minutes of research.

    Obviously more research than the media outlets quoting her have done – oh my bad, forgot that she is the reporter for her news. Internet snow job express,

    Any of you who have been around a grad school/business schools will have seen many folk like this gal.

    Big Hat but no cattle.

    Usually they want to borrow money too.

  12. Hey want to have some fun? Said Regressive has a linkedIn profile. You could send it your loving thoughts in a private email.

  13. FrozenPatriot

    Color me shocked; a leftist wants others to change so that it can better enjoy life. The tolerant one wants no diversity of opinion or lifestyle around it so that the feely-feelz aren’t disrupted — otherwise, no love, respect, or peace for you. Bend to its whims so that it may have what it wants wherever it goes, lest you bear the full force of its hate. Wow.

  14. Amazing how the realities of Nov 9 are so very slow to metastasize. Whom does this person think she is addressing? Her tone is overwhelmingly condescending for someone who no longer holds any cards.
    Would further add that we don’t necessarily want brown people to fail; it really depends on their objective. Things don’t look good so far.

  15. Capt. Hinde

    Ms. Byerley forgot to mention that rural white males love to rape middle class white women.

    • You are right. Just look at those Farmers Only commercials. They treat women like they treat their oppressed milk cows. They look at women like a hunk of meat. They dont call it rape they call it a “struggle snuggle” but we all know the truth!

  16. Chuck Noname

    Sigh, all that wisdom being produced by a San Fran grazer – I feel so much more enlightened. But, as part of the commentary asked, would you like to have that as your neighbor? Sure – as long as that potential supply source (battlefield recovery/confiscation) fully stocks her/it’s basement or garage with “emergency supplies”, you know, for storms and such. Other than that, she/it could be used as a whole blood supply (as long as hers is screened after capture) by hanging from the ankles and hooking up the drain lines. Drive on you progressives, we are listening and nodding our heads in total agreement (sic).


    At this point in our political/economic culture, the best start-up companies would involve heirloom seeds, chicken coops, reloading supplies, small engine repair, and personal protection classes. ALL of these are currently happening in my A/O.
    Let these Hillary-worshiping Cosmic White harpies scream about my bigotry and lack of diversity. When Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s run out of Tofu Burgers and sprouts, they will be running around in tight little circles emitting high-pitched squeaking noises. They will be perfect, helpless prey for the gangs of MS-13 gangbangers and gangsta rappers from the hoods surrounding the Bay Area. It will be entertaining.

    • “the best start-up companies would involve heirloom seeds, chicken coops, reloading supplies, small engine repair, and personal protection classes. ALL of these are currently happening in my A/O.”

      I’m in agreement with you for the most part, but I wouldn’t call these cottagers “companies”. Growth will be very limited and so will potential wealth. You’ll make enough to get by if you’re the go to guy and can stay ahead of the other locals offering the same products/services. Most companies like that are husband/wife and/or parent/son. Nothing wrong with that and did it myself for a time.

      The problem still comes with *scale* and it will be hard to move past being a serf like cottager when there’s big box service providers within 1 hour drive. Mail order will also provide goods directly to your door.

      Family farms here have been struggling to continue doing it all by themselves since the nearest railroad silo site closed. Bigger co-ops and corporations get the better trucking deals. Most end up renting out the acreage. Kids move on to a different occupation/another location.

    • Saw this at wirecutter today:

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • SemperFi, 0321

      It’s not much different in Sun Valley and Jackson Hole either, or Boise for that matter. I’ve seen this same type for 2 decades now, telling you about how successful they are with some internet consulting firm they have and blah, blah blah. As Big Sam said, all hat and no cattle. And yes, always on the prowl for someone with money. I see them as techno hookers, just a never ending line of bullshit trolling for a life support system.

  18. I can see it now.

    Another down-for-the-struggle liberal beer wench who’s lining herself up to be beaten, raped and murdered by downtrodden dindus when the wheels fall off the cart.

    Can’t wait for that video.

  19. Between the homeless and illegals,,she does live in a shithole with stupid people. Literally.
    Can she leave her unlocked car running for a half hour without it getting stolen?
    Oh, and you can take the stupid people from shitholes – refugees and move them from the rural areas to SF until you’re even more overloaded.

  20. Her best & brightest will scrape by in a place like SanFran (or Seattle or Portland, et al) because they will not do without the companionship of the other guppies in the corner of the aquarium, the mutual validation that comes with it, or their $4 coffee. Her projection is rife with misunderstanding of what she asks for, even from a strictly economic viewpoint. She displays no understanding of what factor private property or individual choice makes in the market place, so she is mathematically & economically bereft. There are many like her.

  21. “Productive conflict”? That sounds like she wants to trigger a microaggression in another human being. Naughty, naughty!

  22. I would take a dump on my lawn in broad daylight in sub-zero weather every morning to prevent this smug PoS from moving into my neighborhood.

  23. Why I do not want civil war, too the CSA, I understand. maybe the racist rednecks will just shut down our food supply….we will see how fast those utopia cities turn into a third world country, sense they are all knocking on the third world door soon as the sun goes down.

  24. This woman is a product of a soft and easy culture where “fairness” is a perception of goodness and righteousness and feelings are always superior to thoughtful, analytical, rational processes. Her world is not reality based, but one learned in post-Vietnam War public schools, colleges, universities. A soft and easy culture produce malaise and fuzzy thinking. Her opinions are shared by many who are just like her across the nation. Soft, easy times produce soft and weak people.

  25. I got as far as “misogynistic” in her little opening screed, before the overwhelming desire to scream “Eat shit and die, yuppie scum” overcame any desire to read anything further.

    She should get used to exactly everything she doesn’t want, once she realizes that bringing the Brown People Diversity here is EXACTLY what’s going to open the ball in corporate HQ on all that violent, racist, misogyny she thinks she doesn’t want, but is going to get by the metric fuckton.

    This is a leftist troll, hoping that if she throws her own countrymen to the alligator, it’ll eat her last.

    Fuck her sideways with a rusty chainsaw, the horse she rode to town on, and her seven cats.

  26. Thanks for the tips, ugly beotch!

    Don’t want any call centers, “factors” (whatever that may be) or anything else that would make proglodytes feel warm & comfy.

    Stay in your own shithole.

  27. 2 observations. The cunts first paragraph perfectly describes Americas inner cities and B. She seems to believe out “urban utes” WANT jobs. They do not. In their tiny rat brains, the parasites truly believe we “owe” them a living because “herrrrrrDERRRRRRRRR SLAVERY”. Fuck. Them. All.
    There’s a reason white flight is a thing and NOBODY wants to invest in urban retail establishments and it sure as fuck ain’t because those folks are racist. I wonder if she can guess what the reasons are and who the actual bigots are… I doubt it. She seems dumber than a bucket of shit, just going off her tweet…

  28. Who butch dis be?

  29. The Usual Suspect

    How ironic that the 1st ad presented after her banter is;
    3 ways to stop dementia !
    See, there is truth in advertising.

  30. Mercy me! She certainly gave us all a good dressing-down! I may faint! Why in the fuck broads like that want to re-engineer people like me, in places like where I live is the underside of a horny-toad. You seldom see it, and when you do, you say, So What? Look here, sugar britches, it’s real nice you got a mouth on you, and know how to use it, but shut the fuck up. Nobody I’m aware of needs, wants, or seeks any advice from you, dig? You got the looks of a middle aged toilet brush, you live in a toilet, and I’d be willing to place a small wager that you’ll meet your end being forcibly drowned in a toilet, by one of those “brown people” you care so much about, but don’t hire, right after they casually butt fuck you senseless. You can avoid such a fate if you’re smart, but you don’t sound smart. Face farting your prospective future clients is sine qua non for losing them pro eo. See what I did there? I know I used the computer to look up those latin terms, but dang it, I already knew them, I just wanted to get the spelling right. Anyway, my suggestion to you, missy, is that YOU CHANGE. And soon. It won’t be long, and snowflakes like yourself are going to experience the disappointment of a life time, when ye olde grid goes down, following a currency collapse. No food at the store, no water magically cascading from the faucet on demand, no lights, no power, no gasoline, and no electric to power up the Prius. You COULD still possibly sell your ass a few times for some food and water, but I wouldn’t expect anything long term. That, and similar fates are what’s in store for a lot of you smug city dwellers, who, “vote their own interests”, and live such enlightened lives. With our tragic and terrible schools, and only few bars to rely on for support, I have the feeling we’re not only going to survive the Big Change, but actually thrive. We gots other shit, puddin’, and we knows how to use it. See you down at the rail road tracks. And bring one of your girl friends.

  31. Based on her employment history she’s not a desirable employee, holding multiple jobs less than a year. Likely took too many sick days taking her cats to the vet.

  32. “…no educated person wants to live in a shithole with stupid people.”

    Sorry, guys, I think she is right. That is why I will never live in San Francisco.

  33. Stealth Spaniel

    A few notes for Melinda, from a Cali girl, not far from many techie (read: I’m so EXTRA smart) companies.
    1-No one, I mean NObody has worn that hairstyle since 1956. How did you get through grad school without becoming blonde and getting a good stylist? OBVIOUSLY-you are a midwestern transplant masquerading as a native.
    2-From the cut of your off-the-sale-rack dress/sweater/top, you do not understand fashion. Round necks belong on women who are: 70+ or flat chested or younger. None of this applies to you. Men techies can be dirty, slovenly, or geeky like Steve Jobs; women are held to a different standard. No wonder you can’t keep a job. Get thyself to a stylist. Nordstrom-if you can afford it-is your friend.
    3-I’m guessing you are about 40+ pounds overweight, looking at your picture. The Bay Area has many helpful places for you: Jenny Craig, Atkins Plans, Weight Watchers. A fat women, badly dressed, with an old hairdo gives you zero authority. Didn’t Hillary losing teach you anything?
    4-You aren’t welcome in my neck of the woods. We have farm girls who are stunning and most have at least a BA/BS. We also produce those fine wines that I am sure you are so fond of. Look up Eileen Javora Boeger. Works on KCRA, has 2 lovely children, married to a vintner, and gulp! she is from the midwest.
    5-You are crying for help. No one in Kansas, Missouri, or Ohio is missing you. No one. San Francisco County has many progressive mental facilities that will help you deal with your lot in life.

    • Actually, the Golden Gate Bridge is a better way for her to do weight loss. Climb one of the towers. Then jump. Extra points if she does it over the roadway and lands on Meryl Streep’s limo. Or Jerry Brown’s…

  34. The Fourth Horseman

    It’s just another clueless libtard dyke. Move along, spare the drama and just ignore.

    When SHTF, the dyke will find out real quick how wrong it is.

  35. I also missed this – My “small town” has gigabit internet, excellent schools, but not a progressive political system that invites criminals in because they wish to virtue-signal. I really, really don’t want you to live there and next time SF has an earthquake and you are there starving in a burned out city I will honor your request and not lift one finger to help.

  36. Randall Flagg

    She ain’t nothing new. Been happening since before I was born.

  37. Alfred E. Neuman

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  38. Slowly but surely, these “Social Justice Warriors” have been
    entrenching themselves for decades, and therefore, are known
    as Family Butchers, Family Slaughterhouses, and Family Executioners,
    via their Social Engineering towards their version of Judicial
    Indepen-Dance – A giant propped-agenda.

    Wonder why “The Children” and their “funded mentors” are so confounded?

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”