Because Waaaaacisssm


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  1. The Usual Suspect

    Because I for one am not tolerant of a bunch of goat fucking,
    murdering, pedophiles who are funded by my government.

  2. nice beard.

  3. Because I for one am not tolerant of a bunch of goat fucking, murdering, pedophiles who are funded by my government.

    Jeez, you’ve got something against the Podesta brothers?

  4. Make no mistake, Islam will win the European battle. The Hillary feminists look the other way when a million girls are gang raped in England. A fine family in Sweden invites a helpless migrant into their home and he rapes then beheads their 7yo daughter. A fine family in Italy invites a migrant into their house and he rapes and impregnates their 12yo child. She is now forced to bear that child. And the women leaders of Europe are silent. Amerikan feminists look away. The men are all cucked. The price of diversity is gonna get real high real quick. I will look away also. As Billy Pilgrim says, ” So it goes”.

    • Western women have no idea what patriarchy is. They have turned against their men, and turned their sons into cucked faggots. They’ve sealed their fate, the stupid bitches.

  5. Bat shit and Mohamed come from caves. So you must be bat shit to follow the profit from a cave full of bat shit.

    Let’s get the shooting started I’m getting old here.

    • We got this, pops. Overwatch only requires a steady hand and very little rucking or running. You’re hired. 🙂

  6. The biggest mistake the globalist made was thinking sending barbarians into Germany was going to be met with the lay-down attitude that seems to fester in Europe. Relatives of mine in Germany tell me of a growing nationalism. And the police there are starting to “write their own missions”. Police in Germany are on high alert after one of their own was stabbed. And since then their policy has been pro-active arrests.

    Merkel is much hated and on the way out. So it seems the great purge will begin in Germany as hordes of German protestors are out in force. And what could anyone suspect. Over 100 women have been brutally raped since the refugee crisis began. And, that is only in Germany.

    Here in the states, the people have spoken. And as POTUS-elect’s leadership looms near the tolerance of radial Islam is losing ground. The Wall on our southern boarder will be built. And actually enforcing emigration laws will zip up the bulk of the problems we are having today.

    Other countries in Europe that have citizen & police actively engaged in purging the barbarians are Italy, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Italy. Its only a matter of time before the locals take control of the situation.

    • Police in Germany are on high alert after one of their own was stabbed.

      Fucking cops are scumbags there too. They don’t give a shit about anyone besides themselves.

      Fuck them.

  7. Presented to Karl and Heidi without any comments directed to them, other than your country is lost due to you electing the wrong people and giving up your only rational means of self-defense decades ago…(new group of links than the ones I posted a few weeks ago):

    In case anyone here doubts the Euros hate us, read this one…tons of links to “mainstream” news outlets all over Europe. A *very* important article:

    And then, I leave you all with this:

    Th-th-th-that’s all folks (for now).

  8. Moslem scalps. Hmmmm. I’ll think about it. Going to involve de-lousing, and lots of hot water and soap. Not much of a market, but it should diversify the old lodge pole, ja? Oh, and the heads. The heads, man, the heads. I know man, I know, sometimes he just goes over the edge, goes too far, y’know, but what can I say, they believe in him, man, and that’s what it is.

    • I fail to see how their fucking heads on pikes will help but we can’t really know for sure until we try. I mean it’s not like universal healthcare or anything…..

    • So much for the ‘gatekeepers’…..

      SHOCKING AFDI UNDERCOVER VIDEO: US Immigration Office Fake Syrian Passports OK

      “AFDI operative Laura Loomer went to a USCIS office and told an official that she had met a family of illegal immigrants from Syria and wanted to make sure they got immigration services, but were afraid to come in to the USCIS themselves since “they don’t have documents because they came here illegally,” with fake passports.

      The USCIS official was unconcerned about the fake passports, explaining, “In the case of asylees and refugees, we waive sometimes the passport, because they are unable to provide that documentation.” He was likewise unconcerned about the possibility that the migrant was falsifying his identity: “We are going to use the name on the passport as AKA, ‘also known as.’”

      Astonishing jihadis in the Paris attacks, the Brussels attacks and so many bloody jihad attacks came to the West using fake passports.”

      Add this to all the ‘replacement voters’ that obummadulla and others have been shipping in…definitely need MUCH more ammo!

      Yours In Liberty – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers and supporters MUST be destroyed!
      NorthGunner III

  9. Definitely time to go ‘Full Vlad Teppish Medieval’ on these ‘cultural enrichers’ and their ‘useful idiot’ supporters, whether they happen to be sjws, ‘religious bleeding hart importers or the parasite class (and don’t forget the badged orcs that will try to protect the aforementioned groups).

    Looks like folks in Texas not only see the writing on the wall but have the balls to man-up and do something about it..unlike the cucks in Twin Falls (Rawlesland).

    TEXAS: Mosque under construction destroyed by fire

    It might have also been an inside job by one of the local moslems to
    try to enact sympathy for ‘team mo’…time will tell. In any case I’m not sorry to see this ‘house of eternal asslifting and mohamedan buttsniffing be destroyed.

    And in usual excellent form, Bonnie presents the threat involved by importing these ‘cultural enrichers’ here:

    How do you know all those cute little Syrian Muslim ‘refugee’ children Obama’s been dumping into the U.S. weren’t part of the Caliphate Cubs trained by ISIS?

    “One extremely young boy is filmed shakily clutching a gun and shooting a man in the head, as another brandishes a large knife before savagely cutting a man’s throat. As part of the video the youngsters are also seen in rifle training and waving the group’s distinctive flag.”

    Harden your hearts and have mercy only for your own…’team mo’ has none and will show none.

    Yours In Liberty – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers and supporters MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

  10. Did you read the link below the story?

    Goddamn fucking animals.

    “The police arrested him while still in the act of raping the dead woman.”