WeaponsMan: 5,000 National Guard Troops – Armed? Not So Much

Jeh Johnson To Be Nominated Homeland Security Secretary

Any questions?.

You stupid dirt people will never know the difference.

31 responses to “WeaponsMan: 5,000 National Guard Troops – Armed? Not So Much

  1. While weaponsman is on the subject if rotten cops…

    Here are the seven reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, January 6, 2017:

    Clarksville, Indiana: An officer resigned and has been charged with theft from a Wal-Mart. ow.ly/mA83307KwcO
    Buffalo Valley Regional Police (Pennsylvania): An officer was arrested for threatening the lives of his wife and children while intoxicated. ow.ly/WZ1Z307KCsJ
    Rutherford County, Tennessee: A deputy was fired for reckless driving. His driving while responding to a call caused a collision. ow.ly/nXRw307KDk6
    Update: Danville, Kentucky (First reported 03-28-16): An officer pled guilty to wanton endangerment and DUI for head-on crash while he was off duty. His sentencing is scheduled for February 7th. ow.ly/XqiG307KE1k
    Temple, Texas: An officer was arrested for DWI while off duty on New Year’s Eve. ow.ly/tXSF307KGgp
    Collier County, Florida: A deputy was fired for using a law enforcement database to look up info on his then-girlfriend and then making false statements to cover it up. ow.ly/UC2g307KHFY
    Springdale, Arkansas: An officer was fired for undisclosed reasons and dropped his appeal of termination. ow.ly/sU9z307KIzW

  2. Not that big a problem. Shields, riot batons (the old type), and CS (the bursting type, not canister). And a willingness to use them. Some cavalry would be an asset.

    Oh. And club the shit out of the press.


  3. ALCON,

    So, the moslem Haxo’s pal Kevin @ Weaponsman claims Guard troops won’t be armed at DJT’s inauguration ? So what ?

    Army Guard ? They are some of the very best troops that the War Department’s dollars can buy. But, the Regular Army slice of the “Total Army” (Army Guard, Army Reserve and Regular Army) will never admit that. Let’s face it folks….just WHAT does a straight-leg, 11 Bravo, Regular Army grunt DO every day when in garrison, most of the training year ? Army Guard can do the job better and for less money. But, I digress.

    When the socialist Pope visited fUSA a couple years back there were thousands of Army Guard troops put on active duty to “protect” the RC Marxist then. Don’t recall WPNSMN whining about THAT Kabucki theater as those Guardsmen weren’t armed then either. Just as they won’t be armed on 20 JAN 17. Big deal. As that’s the way Big Army plays the game. They’ve denutted and emasculated the entire Force. And the ass clowns…. specifically the Chief, NGB (a flag officer mind you) falls right in line, without a whimper, telling his Big Army handlers “Yes Sir, Three bags full !”.

    Oh….and don’t forget….the Den of Criminals is a gun-free zone. Bringing Army Guard troops in from across fUSA, armed WITH ammo, would be akin to accepting concealed carry reciprocity as those hillbilly Guardsmen from West Virginia, Ohio and western Pennsylvania….well, you just can’t trust their tobaccky-chewin’, right-wing, conservative asses….can we Jeh ? As it’s not Donald John Trump’s ass you’re worried about is it ?

    • Since the NG is under federal control and not state control, why is deployment of the NG in the US not a violation of the Posse Comitatus Act?

      • Virgil,

        The law basically says that fedgov may not use US Army or Air Force assets to enforce or execute laws. Basically, Guardsmen will be there as nothing more than school crossing guards. They will not be enforcing any fedgov law. Also, the Posse Comitatus Act does not apply to Department of the Navy assets….like the USMC.

        By the way…..the Posse Comitatus Act was written in such a way as to allow Congress to declare, at any time, what they want the Act to mean. So, I’m hoping that DJT will shut down the border with federal troops and/or put Guard divisions under Title 10, send them to the Mexican border armed, locked and loaded, with free fire zones. But, I won’t hold my breath.

        Posse Comitatus makes no sense as fUSA’s military “defends” nations across the globe but can’t defend our own borders. What sense does THAT make ?

        Read the law Virgil. It’s only about 50 some words. Simple.

        • hummus abedin

          I thought it was a result
          of there being on rule of law
          and equal justice under the
          law in America.

          • abedin,

            ? ? ? ? ?

            WTF are you “talking” about ?

            The Posse Commitatus Act of 1878 was enacted to stop fedgov from using the US Army to enforce or execute fedgov laws. It was amended in 1956 I believe, to include the USAF.

            Go do some research.

    • just WHAT does a straight-leg, 11 Bravo, Regular Army grunt DO every day when in garrison,

      IIRC they cut a lot of grass, police the common areas, lots of maintenance,
      1st SGT’s lend their company out for same…

  4. lon a follower

    As always another perfect opportunity for a false flag event. Perhaps one based upon a lie that the world has been led to believe.

  5. I would merely note that, if President Trump is assassinated, as far as I am concerned, pig hunting season is officially open.

  6. I appreciate that on the anniversary of Caesar crossing the Rubicon into Rome we’re discussing unarmed troops in DC.

    Before you have a Caesar, Sulla must come first.

  7. If obozo doesn’t go full dictator in the next nine days.


  8. Couldn’t be more obvious. Somewhere in Kenya a Village is missing it’s idiot & bogus claim to being The Hope & Change of the planet. You can’t make this stuff up. Delusional narcissist dictator & fraud against humanity.

  9. Chimp vote here:

    “How will historians record the history of the 44th President, Barack Obama?”

    “Favorably” is currently ahead. Voting on this topic only available on 10 January.

    • MM,

      Of course soetoro-obama is “Favorably” ahead in your referenced poll. The radio station, KQV, conducting it is in Allegheny County. One of the bluest of blue/Marxist catering counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

      I did my duty and voted against the usurper. But, don’t hold your breath. Those dirtbags in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas love the illegal Kenyan.

  10. Does anyone remember a few years back, a parade I think. They took the bolts out of all the marines parade rifles. White stock 1903 spring fields.
    It was said it was done for the presidents security. Wonder why Obama was feeling so insecure?

    • Hillbilly,

      That’s when the Joint Chiefs should have resigned en masse. But, those fucks are too comfortable with large salaries (much of it tax free) and exceptionally lucrative pensions to have any principals.

      • You don’t wear a West Point ring without learning to kiss the ring first.

        This scene is appropriate as we approach the next potus/chief/don/king/ceo:

    • hummus abedin

      Random parade my ass!
      This was done to the Marines
      of Company B, who serve at the
      historical Marine Barracks,
      Washington, DC, as they participated
      in the parade for bathhouse barry’s second inauguration.
      This was the first time in the history
      of their participation in inaugural
      parades that this disgrace happened.

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Already forget the Alaska NG turd who killed 5 people in Ft Lauderdale just a couple days ago? Want him in DC with a loaded M4? Didn’t think so.
    People think that the police, fire and military (basically anyone who wears a uniform) is recruited from some magical/mythical source of perfect humans. Not so. To accomplish this mission, there’s just no need for 5,000 M4s in DC at once.

    • Monkey,

      I call your drivel BULLSHIT ! Who the hell are you to determine mission requirements for the Trump inauguration

      To answer your whiny, colectivist question: Yes. I want all the activated Guardsmen to be armed with M4s, 249s and frag grenades. That, or don’t deploy them.

      Your alleged AKARNG “turd” is a practicing, fucking moslem. You referring to Esteban Santiago-Ruiz aka Aashiq Hammad ? The FORMER Army Guardsman ?

      Your “turd” appears to have been on a 1-year enlistment, as a prior service enlistee, with the AKARNG. He was discharged in August of 2016 as an Unsatisfactory Participant. So contrary to your left-wing whining about Guardsmen being irresponsible and not to be trusted with firearms, it seems the Alaska Army National Guard policed their ranks responsibly and discharged the POS some time ago.

      Also, you don’t seem to have a problem with all kinds of badged thugs being in the Den of Criminals with all kinds of assigned weapons, do you ? Just not Army National Guardsmen who can be afforded the opportunity to be maimed or die defending Mr. Trump with their bare hands. How dare they be issued their assigned and qualified with duty weapon, eh Monkey ?

      It’s pretty left-wing of you to blame an entire organization as being untrustworthy for the actions of one FORMER member of that organization. Doesn’t surprise me though. But, when one moslem causes death and destruction we aren’t to blame all moslems, are we Monkey ? ‘Cause all moslems aren’t terrorists although it seems all terrorists are moslems, eh ?

  13. I dunno. 5,000 NGs with full basic loads start gunning down the leftists, the press, the feral bunch of EBT collectors, distinguished asshole bureaucrats, politicians, and other tripe, what’s not to like? Hell, maybe they’ll even be some Whorelywood cock-bites in attendance, and who could pass up THAT target rich environment? Just as a science fiction scenario, I’m saying.

  14. In 1992, after Hurricane Andrew destroyed Homestead Florida on the way across the state, I was out of state, but a friend went down to help with the disaster communications. Ham radio stuff.

    The national guard was mobilized, but my friend, being sane, brought his own EDC gun. He soon found some of the NG guys hanging out around the ham station. He asked why. They showed him empty magazines. They were deployed with no ammo, just for show.

    Is this a regular practice?

    • Beard,

      “Is this a regular practice?”

      Yes it is….ever since the OHARNG and Kent State.

    • It happened during the Rodney King riots, also.


      Yes, it is. They were deployed during Rodney King with no ammo while the higher-ups dithered about whether to hustle up to Camp Roberts and get some 5.56mm green tip. Any savvy NG 11B knows to have a stash of his own and to watch out for unannounced shakedowns by the PC brass and their senior, lick spittle NCOs. That is the reason they will never issue frags.

  15. Marlo Stanfield

    Any one noticed the fitness levels of guard troops these days. Fight better not last longer than 30 seconds. There will be some huffing and puffing.

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