CHS: Dear Progressives…


Madness in a different key is still madness.

Check yourselves.

Before you become your enemy, in the instant that you preach.

8 responses to “CHS: Dear Progressives…

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Brian of Epoch Blog

    This one time, Charles is absolutely awesome.

  3. I am not a “progressive” but I approve this message… except for that major portion that extols “true” progressive-ism.

    The progs deserve all the criticism, blame, guilt and hypocrisy Charles ascribes to them, but more and better “progress” is not the answer.

    Once again, and for All Time:

    “Progressives” assume the perfectibility of mankind and predicate the whole
    of their recommendations/demands upon that premise.

    Nowhere in the data base of human behavior and history is there any basis for that premise. Quite to the contrary, the fallibility of humanity, the tendency to error, the thrall to base, personal desire is without question.

    Check your intellectual premises at the door.

  4. Dear Self Proclaimed Progressive,

    I don’t love you. If you want to continue mouthing off, that is your right, but know that the second you step to me or mine I will shoot you in the face you worthless communist fucks.

    Dirt Person of the Bitter Clinger Tribes

  5. Proglodytes are immune to introspection, immune to the all too obvious evidence of failure, immune to the readily available observation that their policies create more of what the pretend to eliminate.

    They are immune simply because their stated goals and values ARE NOT what they desire. Their desire is widespread misery, systemic oppression, and elevation of themselves to pharoah like status.

    The problem for the opposition is a refusal to recognize the above, ascribing stupidity or ineptitude to progolytes all too apparent outright EVIL.

    To write off their activities as anything less than evil intention is a colossal error.

  6. To that 110lb, soaking wet socialist little smirking bitch, holding up the sign,”We won’t give up, We won’t give in”: Oh yes you will, you little cunt, oh yes you will. But not to us. You’ll probably wind up the afternoon plaything of some scabies moslem hairballs, after they prove to you that your ankles should always be up behind your ears.

  7. It’s time for an intervention for the nation’s socialist left, Part II

    Forgive the bluntness, but you folks on the left have had a free-ride for decades.
    You possess immense advantages over the right in controlling most of the news and media outlets. You also control most of the vestiges of cultural – music, movies and even what’s on the tele every night.

    You’ve gone so far as to think you can alter the reality of your failed ideology with absurd definitions of the term ‘socialism’ to essentially credit socialism for everything from the existence of civilization to sewer systems. You’ve tried to use bizarre and twisted logic that turns reality on it’s head to once again sell a new generation on an ideological dead end.
    Our wins came about without the benefit of your immense advantages you hold on the nation’s socialist Left
    You socialists on the nation’s left need to ponder why is this the case? Why is it that you hold most of the cards and are still losing the game?
    500 years of failure

    Your current fundamental belief system of socialism traces its roots back to ancient times, but were first expressed 500 years ago in Sir Thomas More’s book “Utopia” published in 1516.
    And just for the record, even the Marxists confirm this fact in a publication from 1949:

    “The first theoretical expression of a genuinely socialist position came in Thomas More’s Utopia, written in the early years of the 16th Century.”

    In our next installment, we will lay out the scientifically based argument on why you need to change – it’s your only hope.

  8. The Usual Suspect

    Like most of humanity the progressives are destined to learn
    their lesson the hard way.
    So it goes .