FO: War with Russia and China? Here Are Two New Indicators

A US Army (USA) Soldier assigned to the 1st Infantry Division, mans a .50 caliber M2HB machine gun mounted atop a High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), during a patrol along Logistics Support Area (LSA) Anaconda, near Balad Air Base (AB), Iraq. The area is being cleared of threats so Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) personnel can call in an air strike. The image is silhouetted against the setting sun.


2017-2020 are going to be exciting.

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  1. “Funny. The citizenry being armed did nothing to stop the US from becoming a Communist country.” — SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    But it did stop a Bolshevik style coup by you know who….

  2. This has always been Brzezinski’s geopolitical plan. Constant tension & conflict until attrition of resources & despair. Machiavellian 4GW / 5GW asymmetrical non-linear dispersed warfare. At some point does the populace want sovereignty or golbalism. The Republic’s pathocratic Oligarchy run by a kakistocracy want globalism the Democracy’s populace wants freedom & sovereignty. Russia & China appear to want to be on the right side of history so far.

  3. Never mind what the government will have to do; we, the citizenry better be “leaning forward in the saddle” when the axe falls. Not all bad actors will be foreign….

  4. War you have chosen and war it shall be but first a little “RuRu”.

  5. Funny. Although living in a communist state, the populace, or at least half of it, don’t seem pacified, disarmed, or obedient, at all. In fact, they appear prepared for some thing quite different than docile compliance. This ain’t Russia, circa 1917, and we ain’t peasants, kulaks or pushovers. And we still got something to say about it. And remember, one of the reasons the Whites lost their outside support was because of their rampant anti-semitism. Meaning they couldn’t let go of their Jew hatred long enough to get the support they needed to win the counter revolution, from people who were friends of Jews. Stupid.

    • You are right this isn’t Russia 1917 but betrayal by the western (((powers))) must be acknowledged .Those ‘stupid’ whites were battling (((revolutionaries))) for two generations before 1917.I guess they should have ignored that and all the Khazar money and manpower streaming in from the ghettoes of the west.
      They were not going to get any support from those that marked them for death at the outset. We are also marked for death but far more switched on and not following a bunch of doddering aristocrats.
      Your Jew fixation is equal but the inverse of Haxo’s. What gives?

    • the Whites were anti-Jew because 80% of the top 400 Bolsheviks were Jews, and communism is naught but secularized Judaism; said Stalin, looking out over a hall of recognizeably khazarian faces at a Pre-WW1 Communist Congress: “what we need…is a pogrom in the Party”. The Whites lost because, when in 1919 they had the Reds driven back to within 200 miles of Moscow, Wilson, Clemanceau, and Lloyd George – having decided they preferred a Red Russia to a Conservative Russia that might eventually ally with Germany (and been warned off by the (((banksters)))) – pulled the rug out from under the Whites. Jews had everything to do with the communist victory in Russia, both externally and internally. Just as they have everything to do with #WhiteGenocide via open-borders Tikkun Olam globalization. The entire morph of the American Right into neo-conz/cucks over the past several decades has been via Jewish infestation.

  6. These a new sheriff in town, IF his presser of this morning, is an indicator, your communist country is gonna get shoved up someone’s ass. Trumps willingness to call a spade a spade, his willingness to challenge especially the media, is a very encouraging direction.

    To challenge China, Russia, Mexico,Japan and those we have allowed to run scam after scam over our nation is truly a welcome relief.

    And to dis- engage his entire persona from his empire, publically even though law clearly states no,rules exists, is fucking stand up.

    To gut berrycare on day one, is literally hitting the ground running.

    He gives me hope.

    Dirk Williams

  7. MichiganderJim

    “What NATO wants is bad for Russia, and what Russia wants is bad for NATO.”

    No shocker there. Generally what’s good for any of ’em is bad for everybody…well, disregarding the many lined pockets that is.

    So with the ethics out of the way, I wonder if the post title might have a clue—what if it’s literally “war with Russia and China” instead of the good ol’ days when it would’ve been war against Russia or China? IOW…

    What if “New World Order” means New World Order?

    It’s tough to figure out the minds of the looting class, but it’s not impossible. “And it’s 1, 2, 3…”

  8. MichiganderJim

    “”Funny. The citizenry being armed did nothing to stop the US from becoming a Communist country.”

    Right, solid identification. Now logic—must rest on something else. Here, expert—what organ of the body causes a trigger to be squeezed?

  9. Two bits says first exchange of small arms fire is from or on China.

  10. re the SFC. So , the US is the same as DPRK? This is kind of glass is all empty tripe gets on my goat.
    As for FO .. ‘Trump’s high risk friendship with Russia’.. huh? And this ‘US Navy unveils ‘new’ strategy’ is hilarious, almost as funny as ‘Heavy Brigade Combat team’ (7 mins work For Russian rocket artilery or 1 second for Iskander) dicking around in the Baltics.
    We are Europe’s backstop… WTF, ‘we’ are Europe’s suzerain and ‘we’ are terrified resurgent nationalist Christian Europe will break bread with Russia , ending 100 years of Anglo-bankster-Khazar intrigue.
    Why do we care what these imperial pigs are doing and why are we regurgitating their retarded lingo?

  11. Trump talked today, you can bet Russia, and China listened closely.. Both should be concerned, very concerned. America can be a great friend, or a brutal enemy.

    Although only his first post election presser, an awful lot was said, understand that what wasn’t said, is as critical in terms of nation strategies.
    What culpeper notes, is concerning.

    Think it’s Clear that trump is rebuilding our blue water navy. Isn’t it prudent to reflect a smaller footprint and smaller flotillas, with the new leathality of modern munitions.

    Wolf packs work, basically guerrilla warefare on the water. attack retreat, disappear.

    Two issues are addressed. We get a modern navy. Jobs, high paying jobs.


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  13. I’m more concerned about the possibility of meeting up with one of murkas 1 million psychopaths with a license to murder while wearing a retarded blue clown suit.

    Here are the seven reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, January 10, 2017:

    Cincinnati, Ohio: An officer was arrested after dropping her department-issued firearm while she was intoxicated and off-duty at movie theatre. The incident prompted a temporary evacuation of the facility.
    Update: Fort Worth, Texas (First reported 12-27-16): An officer was suspended for ten days without pay for the arrest of a mother and daughter that was captured on video. The mother had called police for help because a neighbor allegedly assaulted her young son, but the officer arrested her and chastised her for not teaching her child not to litter.
    Update: Texas Department of Public Safety (First reported 03-24-16): A trooper had forgery charges dropped for lack of evidence.
    Waxhaw, North Carolina: An officer was charged with a misdemeanor after his 2-year-old child shot his wife with his unsecured gun.
    Update: Little Rock, Arkansas (First reported 11-12-12): The City is being sued by two men who were arrested by an off-duty (now-retired) officer who had been working a security detail.
    Council Bluffs, Nebraska: An officer was arrested for OWI and leaving the scene of an accident after an off-duty crash.
    Update: Stevenson, Alabama (First reported 03-07-16): The now-former chief was sentenced to 27 months in prison for federal civil rights violations and was ordered to pay $12,000 in restitution. When his friend’s business was burglarized, the then-chief and his friend went to the suspect’s home and beat him.

  14. I sometimes get gut feelings when I think of big cargo ships,
    turned into aircraft of all kinds carriers; only they look like
    big cargo ships full of “containers.” Something to think about.
    Like big Trojan Sea Horses.

      • boss21, the first time it came to mind was during the Iran hostage
        situation. I remember reading that the only ships allowed navigating through the Suez Canal I think, where only cargo ships. Then when
        training in Pax River for a week or two, setting up quickly take off
        ramps for fighter jets it dawned on me. Imagine huge cargo ships
        hollowed out in different sections, elevators and all.
        Hey, maybe some Russian “remote viewers” read my mind!! 😉

        • Heh, the KGB like the The CIA messed around with remote viewing. Seriously someone here probably wrote a memo but it would be too cost-effective to satisfy the money-burning methods of the MIC.

  15. boss21, I do not have an inverse fixation of Haxo’s Jew hatred. I have a little iron in my spine, and do not intend to sit and watch another Holocaust (which all these lovely people deny even happened, it’s all the stylish rage now) happen. You may recall it started out with a lot of dehumanizing talk and street beatings and propaganda. Recall if you will that once the Germans crossed that line, everyone of every group was fair game, and then WAS. It’s funny that most folks don’t think this stuff all the way through. Suppose the Jew haters get their wish, and the Jews and everything about them is now gone. Who will they turn their attention to now? I have other reasons for being a friend to the Jews, and I am well aware that there are among them some of our worst enemies. I have a little discriminating to do when it comes down to who is enemy, and who is friend. If some one doesn’t stick up for those who are innocent of a minority, where does it end, except in genocide? Shall the sword devour forever? These characters are nothing but bullies, and they’re dying to see how far they can go. And like all bullies, they strenuously object to some one getting in their way. And if they’re really so tough, why don’t they take the Jews on, right now? Because they want a crowd with them, and in on it, with blood on their hands, when they do their dirty work. Plus, they’re cowards, and CAN’T do it alone. They’ll tell any lie, any story, to get their way. They want power, and they need a victim to prove their mettle. And like the bastards of previous centuries, eons even, picking on the Jews is one of the easiest routes. Ask these budding Bundists what their end game is.

    • [yawn]

      Select the Big Jewish Lie that interests you.

      Torah encourages lies
      the “Hebrew Bible” fraud
      the infamous Kol Nidre nullification of oaths
      the noahide deceit—afraid of sharia?
      “holocaust”—the truth will make you free
      “Judeo-Christian”—the “defector-believer” oxymoron
      “the Romans did it”
      “a land without a people for a people without a land”
      false flags

      Or if you prefer,
      animal sacrifice paganism (kapparot)

    • What is so special about the Jews though? Mao and Stalin slaughtered tens of millions based on their class, religion ,race etc. If the Hollowhoax is so ironclad why are people doing hard time in EU for questioning it?
      For two generations the world was told that Hitler slaughtered the Polish hierarchy in Katyn, but no, it turned out it was Stalin.
      Just because someone disagrees with your historical analysis doesn’t make us all bullies, haters or ticking genocidal time bombs. That kind of pre-crime labeling is a method of the other side.
      The Irish were mangled by the Brits for centuries, the Polish by everyone in the vicinity. However in St Patrick’s time Ireland pillaged Britain, and 400 yrs ago the Polish empire stretched from the Baltic to the Black sea and even occupied Moscow. No one has a monopoly on misery.
      You are right that some harbor dreams of putting on Ernst Roehm costumes to go all pogrom in the din of an un-civil war. Likewise many fantasize about going all crusader , or viking. Those freaks are everywhere .
      However elevating one group is inimical to harmony no matter how effective their messaging.


      Sean: There has been plenty of dehumanizing talk against me and people like me for the past year. Actually, I was classified as a “bitter clinger” why back when the Butt-Pirate-In-Chief was running for his first term. I do not vote and I did not support The Donald. But, I do consider myself a Deplorable. As far as the street beatings go, between the rogue cops and BLM thugs, there have been plenty of incidents of murder and street violence against my tribe.
      The irony of all this is the (((FUNDING))). If anyone is interested in following the money trail, they will see the path of greenbacks leads to the same (((GROUP))) who have controlled Hollywood and the MSM, kept the NAACP afloat, were behind every effort to take God out of the public square since the 1950’s. The donors’ list reads like the Tel Aviv telephone directory. I saw it with my own eyes when (((THEY))) destroyed my beloved SoCal community with block busting and forced busing. I have documented it on this site numerous times.
      I am not a Holocaust denier. I do not believe in killing anyone just because of the color of their skin or ethnic/religious backround. I will defend myself, my tribe and my home against any and all who will encroach upon me. I have done it before and I am ready to do it again. The constant lulling of the sheeple to sleep with stupid entertainments, electronic distractions, and non-stop sporting events has had the desired effect of allowing a sinister, satanic cabal of individuals to entrench themselves into the Amerikan body politic and render it terminally ill.
      Whether we, on this site, classify them as traitors, invaders, useful idiots, or whatever; they are still our deadly enemies. Their plans and schemes need to be identified and exposed. And, intell needs to be continually updated and evaluated, vis-a-vis their impact on our individual A/Os. Bleib ubrig.

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