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  1. Randall Flagg

    “With little hope of a job or escape route to any kind of safe, prosperous life, young blacks in Chicago get sucked into gangs where the only currency is drugs, crime and violence.” ~Piers Morgan

    And yet we’re told, over and over again, by the PTB, that this country needs an inflow of immigrants, apparently because of a labor shortage, to do the jobs that need be doing in this country. Why is it we can human traffic, er, I mean take in ‘refugees,’ from whatever shit-hole country half-way across the world, and plop them near anywhere here in rural ‘merica where there is a meat processing plant, but the PTB just can’t figure out a way to get all of these hopeless people out of Chicago/Detroit/etc into these same positions which are given ‘migrants’? People, there ain’t no labor shortage. We’ve got all the labor we need.

  2. Piers Morgan couldn’t find his ass with both hands. Leftists like him run interference for Mugabe-grade feral negroids as a matter of course, to lie to the whites, enrage them thereby, and encourage the blacks, promoting them thereby, and keeping our focus off the leftists. Once they achieve their “revolution”, ie; getting everybody in the US fighting everybody, they swoop in and offer peace and stability, at the point of a gun. And life long slavery and poverty, at the hands of our “betters”, who know oh, so much better that we do how to run our lives. Randall, if you offered one of these little monsters a job, they will either attack you, or take the offer, and show up so late and do so little work you’d be forced to fire them, or sneer at you and walk away, with plenty of “white motherfucker” comments on the way. I’ve worked with them many times in my life. Some are the salt of the earth, but most are of the “Fuck you, whitey”, variety.

  3. Even the astute Ol’ Remus hasn’t figured out that the US Navy has no future against modern weapons(long range torpedoes, hypersonic cruise missiles, ballistic missiles, and soon lasers, to mention a few), which is why China and Russia aren’t building large targets like aircraft carriers….Oh well, at least all those Annapolis ring wearers have rides….

  4. Remus doesn’t get what the hardRight edge of the (currently being converged) “Alt-Right” doesn’t like about Israel-in-Palestine.

    1) the only essential difference between the revolution-mongering universalist Tikkun Olas and the Zionists is that the Zionists want a territorial, external GHQ while they destroy White Western Civilization, in case things get too frisky along the way. Most of the Universalist Tikkun Olas reciprocate, of course, by forcing open borders on all (White) nations…but not on Israel-in-Palestine.

    2) nothing grows gubmint like war. Currently, the Zio-NeoCon forced GWOT, which blows the ragheads out of their own countries, and then lets them into the White nations precisely in order to displace and destroy the Whites. And next up: a Zio-neoCon forced war with Russia, more White-on-White fratricide, same as 1914-45.

    unfortunately, Christian Zionists like Remus, Rawles, Beck and rest are beyond help. They’ll love their Jew-executioners right up until they get the bullet in the neck.

  5. Great journalism!