Reds: ‘Massive Protests At Trump’s Inauguration Aim To Set A Tone Of Resistance For The Coming Years’



Do you see that?

People, away from their keyboards.

It’s hard for nothing to beat something.

Even if something is wrong,

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Again, as always, you’re making a mountain of a mole-hill.

    You lose credibility when you preach doom and gloom and it doesn’t happen.

    • Actually, I think these protests will be small and wholly ineffective.

      Which is more than much of the freedom movement can muster.

      That was the point.

      • I’m hoping for pitched battles, barricades, and running fights…but you’re probably right.

      • Correct. The point is that they can put it together. Size is irrelevant. Study the logistics./ S//

        • Exactly. I’m wondering how many people went to and went through it thoroughly link by link. Or even follow their Twitter feeds? I’m betting none.

          Know your enemy…

          • The real question is where is all the money to do this coming from. Astro Turfing is very expensive. And who exactly are the key “community” organizers, both on the ground and behind the scenes?

            • Jimmy the Saint

              “The real question is where is all the money to do this coming from.”

              – George Soros

        • I’ve been trying to make that point with folks using these mall fights as an example. Hundreds show up to these fights almost instantly. They can rally and group up very quickly. 1, learn how to do the same. 2 learn how to monitor their social media for intel. Hard to get folks to group when everyone is distrustful of everyone else tho

      • Agreed. Blue Team couldn’t find it’s ass with both hands tied behind their back.

        Point well taken.

      • “Which is more than much of the freedom movement can muster.”


        Necessity is the mother of all righteous violence, n’est ce pas?

        If I’m at the Ceremony (I won’t be) and some roller derby gal tries to take me out, she will lose traction, to her dismay and probable injury.

        As needed. NAP

        See whutamean, Vern?

      • small and wholly ineffective“?

        Paging the Bundy clowncarnucopia.

        And FTR, “freedom movement” is oxymoronically just a whisker away from “liberty collective”.
        Which does much to explain the perceived results, and (lack of) enthusiasm for the effort.

        Just saying.

        At any rate, let the Left do their thing.
        At this point, nothing like doubling down on a failed narrative to underline their own irrelevance. Given what half-ass-clownery is likely to be on display, I can’t muster much chagrin that there won’t be an equally assclownish counter-demonstration.

        Seeing a few meritorious beatdowns awarded to SJW stragglers by working folks would warm my shrivelled reactionary heart though.

  3. It’s not so much they are away from their keyboards. It that they act after
    “keyboarding.”/ S//

    • Probably true. But that is easy when you don’t have a job or other responsibilities in life. Which it’s plainly obvious a good many of these people don’t. When I read the reports of the Charlotte riots – and how the police found a high percentage of the those arrested were out of state – and then the reports came out about how they were being paid – and BUSSED IN – it’s pretty clear that what you’re dealing with here is not wage earning people with families and other responsibilities.

      The problem I think the freedom movement or alt-right or whatever you choose to call it has – is that that utterly refuse to attack the roots of that which is opposed to them. Take out the public schooling system. Take out the IRS. Take out the foreign wars – take out all of that – and the need for us to “organize” to oppose the results of those things would be significantly diminished.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “But that is easy when you don’t have a job or other responsibilities in life.”

        That’s true to a point, but it’s a very short step from that to elevating cowardice to a virtue by hiding behind one’s job/responsibilities.

      • The “roots of that which is opposed to them” is spelled J E W.

        Yes. That is “anti-Semitism.”

        I am unrepentant.


  4. They must have forgotten that their candidate with the BIG BUTT, LOST big time to the candidate who was not crooked. Can I come to the protest to show them what a flame thrower can do. How do they spell “Crispy Critter” ?

    • Because you think that “BIG BUTT” lost should be good enough for them is a lack of understanding on your part. The Russian and Chinese and Cuban nationalists won too, but the communists didn’t care… did they?

      You have my permission to take a flame Thrower to the “protest”. Will you? No.

  5. never interrupt your enemy…

    • Then how do you kill him?

      • With a rifle at the right time.

        Grey Ghost

      • You let “him” self destruct, just as Trump has been doing since he first even hinted that he might run….

        Ineffectual flounderings which fail to live up to the raving are self evident.

      • If you’re doing it right – you don’t have to. They’ll kill themselves or make themselves irrelevant.

        Suz Tzu the problem.

  6. GLADIO US? Presidential Decision Directive 62 – or Diffuse and Disrupt (CIA is lead agency for this)
    — George Webb, Day 73 – “The US Gladio Program: Diffuse and Disrupt”

  7. I hope the cute little commie bastards have fun.

    I have to go to work those days…

  8. water keyboarding…yeah that’s the ticket

  9. HHH Old Vet.

    ^^^Liberal Alaskan, ^^^ Must be a fricken Transplant, Sickening to Real Alaskans.

  10. I think the myth is that there is anything to protest, however many dindus and libtards will hear the siren song of revolution and respond like 60’s hippies drawn to a lit bong. C’mon ;progtards, this is YOUR TIME. Get out and burn something down. Get your head caved in by some DC jackboot so we you can claim you’re oppressed by “the man” and we can get this shit show started.

  11. Does anyone know who’s organizing the marches? I thought Soros went into seclusion after the Brexit, US, and Italian votes.

    I see where the nationalist candidate is ahead in the polls in France.

  12. The sling seems to be a good tool for dealing with obstreporous Blissninnies. It’s simple in design, quiet, easy to make and dispose of, and would allow FREEFOR to rain guano on the hordes blocking a roadway. Just a thought…

  13. (((Cohencidence)))

    That’s because tax and trade policies don’t animate people. And, really, what else does modern day “conservatism” offer? They’ve internalized so many of the Left’s premises that they have nothing remaining to offer, certainly nothing that inspires and excites.

    Kosher conservatism, this ersatz civic nationalism, all of it is incapable of working because it doesn’t speak to people at a gut level. On the other hand just a little bit of flirting with white ethnic identity and Trump was propelled by a newfound wave of energy that had eluded all prior Republican campaigns.

    The closest the civic nationalists will get to articulating the Kulturkampf raging around us is by referring to “the West.” Well the West is white people. They are inextricably linked. There is no West without the White Man. If you have a desire to preserve and defend Western Civilization, then you are by default a white nationalist.

    Until this realization dawns on people, we are not even on the battlefield let alone in a position to win.

  14. Ok, CA, exactly what plan of action do you have in mind for us? I mean that respectfully, not trying for sarcasm here, I’m genuinely interested. If we’re going to counter the demonstration, we need leadership, a plan w/ a goal and a back up plan, commo, logistics, command and control, warm bodies,strategy, and so on. I’m probably in for some support activity, being crippled and still pretty sick right now, but I’m game, WTF. Mostly what I’m looking for is some body to get out in front of us with some talent and LEAD. I got the heart for this, it just doesn’t have a direction to go.

    • No, I think there is near zero utility to a DC counter-demonstration.

      Moreover, failure > absence when it comes to the scoreboard.

      On the other hand, in each county, there are two organizations that alternate in playing the fool and playing the boss. Names, photos, addresses, known associates, etc. – think organized crime family or enemy chain of command/staff. All public info, all accessible.

      Where Team Mo is making inroads, know at least locations of houses of worship, other facilities, and ballpark attendance figures segregated by gender.

      Where culture-traitors are importing foreigners to dilute the native (heh) American population, same info as Team Mo.

      Same for gangs, as applicable. Both uniformed and otherwise.

      Same for every stinking lawyer in the county.

      Tedious, boring, but very doable Intel shytte.

      Use is up to the local Americans.

      But think for a moment of the pants-shitting hysteria if dossiers on such orgs were released to the news media – both old and new version:

      “ZOMG, those evil white men have targeted Father Sara and the Little Sisters Mission of Hope But More Likely Universal FGM Refugee Rescue Program!!!!1!!1! Who knows what other evil those anonymous men were/are planning?”

      Who knows?

      Pepe knows.

      Especially if it is called Operation Phoenix II.

  15. Red in OleVirginny

    I’m betting that “some people” joined up. I’m betting that they have made lists of their new “friends.” I’m betting “some people” know where the buses are leaving from. I’m betting that “some people” – as an academic exercise only – planned an L-shaped ambush with IED’s and accurate rifle fire. At a spot in the road with no quick turnaround, and perhaps some burning tires in the road to stop the commie caravan. I’m betting that “some people” have an existing network that does this type of thing.
    Death bus straight to hell.
    No one should do this. That would be violent and wrong.
    Red in OleVirginny