Yes We Can: People Share Their Most Memorable Moments from the Obama Presidency

Watch, and then then share your “moments” in comments.


51 responses to “Yes We Can: People Share Their Most Memorable Moments from the Obama Presidency

  1. My favorite Obozo moment hasn’t happened yet. It will be right after DT takes the oath of office.

    • My favorite moment will be somewhat later than that, when he is swinging by his neck for his treason. Of course, if President Trump is assassinated before then due to the complicity of this country’s “Law Enforcement” following the direction of those who sign their paychecks, then I’ll have a different favorite moment…

      • MM,

        Did you follow that Pittsburgh radio station poll you posted on 10 JAN 17 ? To my surprise and glee 71% of the respondents (17k+ responding) voted that historians would record the illegal Kenyan’s unconstitutional presidency as UNFAVORABLE !

        The dirt people are waking up. That is why DJT was elected. Tired of the same old, same old and the lies.

        Thanks for posting that.

  2. Hey, I was gonna say that!

  3. My favorite moment was when he shut down Gitmo – well, talked about shutting down Gitmo, anyway. Oh, and when he stopped all those damn wars – well, talked about stopping those wars, anyway – and that Nobel Peace Prize was so impressive, even though he did nothing to earn it, a kind of Affirmative Action for Presidents, I suppose. Oh, and when he ended racism – well, talked about ending racism, while actually aggravating it.

    People who kiss the feet of presidents ought to get the taste of boot black out of their mouths, and try to work on their self-respect. It is distasteful to watch such displays.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I think the masses are predisposed to being groupies to one thing or another. Always looking for a new sheepherder.
      Not enough self confidence or self esteem, and they see someone else as being cooler than they are, so they automatically want to emulate or worship them. How else can you describe the insane flock behavior towards athletes, musicians and movie stars, or politicians?
      And the most distasteful part is enabling and defending someone you know absolutely nothing about.

  4. Centurion_Cornelius

    G. Steinem: “…1st time I thought the White House belonged to everybody…”

    REALLY? How about the 48,500,000 Americans YOU helped slaughter in the womb?

    Blood on their hands…rivers of blood….


      Word. Anathema sit.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      There’s a flip side to that 48,500,000. Most abortions are to leftist parent(s). Most kids learn their politics from their parent(s). Look at how close elections have been for almost 30 years. Now think of how one-sided they’d have been with tens of millions of additional leftists out there.

      To no small extent, the Left aborted its total conquest of the country.

  5. My favorite Obama moment was ruined when the fence Jumpers were stopped… My second Favorite moment was when I saw obama handle that photo shopped Shotgun like a boss, in 5 inch fuck-me heels and that little skirt… Had me cutting a check to the NRA in support.

  6. Hmmmm….give me a minute, I’m thinking….

  7. It’s the Republic’s Oligarchy pathocratic machiavellian kakistocracy (aka NSA – CIA – DNI etc.) vs. the Democracy’s ‘Dirt people’ peasants elected choice Trump. In a fashion & sense, we are living what the continued saga JFK schwack was all about. Only they have been at it for 53+ years longer advancing the technology & control. MK Ultra – Scalar Energy – ELF = Weather Modification – GMO et al etc. We are past the Rubicon Frontier into the void of unchartered & unprecedented Deep State dynamics. Sea change coming & that chapter has yet to be written. Survive, adapt, innovate & overcome.
    What a chronicle & epoch in US & planetary history to be alive in & witness.

    Truth is always the best metric. It has no temperature, no agenda & doesn’t need defending.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. As long as that fucking bastard leaves, and takes all those cocksuckers with him. Fuck him, and anybody that looks like him.

  10. Those people are so fucking delusional.

  11. My favorite moment has not happened yet. That moment will be when he has left the presidency.

  12. That’s alright – they can all move in with the Obama family, they will surely support their former staff / supporters. They need people to carry the bags, do yard work, wash the car – that sort of thing.

    All those people were sure that with Hillary win, their jobs were secure so never bothered to line up future jobs for ‘just in case’. Now that Dems are out and Repubs are in, all of them are competing with each other for jobs with Left leaning firms. The applications at these firms are probably pretty ridiculous. I’ll bet a lot of friends are surprised to find out who REALLY was a friend.

    Welcome to the dog eat dog world of jobs in the private sector !!

  13. My favorite moment happened some time ago when it dawned on me that a black man had made it to the highest office in the land and then was provided with government housing.

  14. Matt Brackins “what I saw at the coup” if Mr. Trump is taken out. Watch and listen

  15. I made it about 45 seconds in & had to stop it. Didn’t want to taste lunch again.

  16. My favorite moment was when he said “I’f I had a son, he’d look like Dindu Nuffin”.

  17. Still thinking…..

  18. I’m still thinking….actually putting extra effort into it too! Thanks for your patience….

  19. So many favorite moments of The Great Fuck You, it is all good. But I suspect some particularly fine and delicious favorite moments are yet to come.
    The leftist scum are imploding, they haven’t reach their lowest level of derangement, we haven’t seen nothing yet. The awesomeness of the chain reaction of statist explody heads begins on on inauguration day.

    We are talking about thousands of commie shit stirers who have made a career out of shoving their insanity up us dirt peoples ass, on our tax dollar dime. A more useless group of ignorant people, a virtual flood of unemployable SJW’s are going to suddenly find out O’l uncle sugar daddy Sam isn’t there to give them welfare. And they will find out what it is like to be unemployed, and better yet unemployable. All those nice goodies they squandered their lucrative government paychecks on, the fancy cars and zip codes, the under water mortgages, private schools for their precious crotch droppings, things like affording a phone, satellite tv, dinner 5 nights a week, 8 dollar lattes, the whole protected lifestyle gone in one day.

    I think that will be my favorite moment, because it is exactly what these fucking meddler’s have richly deserved.

    That they find out what it is like what they so arrogantly, deliberately, with malice and foresight done to millions of us dirt people with their fucking globull warming, their tax schemes of wealth transfer, their “culture war” against us.

    When they find out they realize they are totally unemployable but maybe for manual labor at $8 bucks an hour, and they have to decide gas to get to work in an old beater with bald tires and no defroster on a cold February winter morning snow storm, or ten boxes of store brand mac&cheese and a loaf of the cheapest white bread to get through the week, that is when it will be my favorite moment.

    Yes Sir.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I just told a young college friend of mine last week to look for some field not tied in to all that fake grant money, because those jobs will be extinct by this summer. No more climate change studies or free trips to Mongolia to study air quality and grass growth because the snow melted in June.
      I have been waiting for all these worthless liberals to end up unemployed, a decade or two of fake jobs that produce nothing, and pay on the upper end of the pay scale, their na na land world is about to come crashing down. And it won’t bother me a bit if they completely disappear, just like their last job.
      Hey, maybe they can work in soup kitchens, feeding all their new refugee friends………….

  20. My favorite part has been all of the racial healing.

    (I lifted this from someone on Twatter; I just cannot remember who.)

  21. The good news for all of those staffers are the jobs that Trump seems to be bringing back to America. With their massive skill sets they should have no problem getting a good, oh wait, never mind. They’re screwed.

    My favorite part of the last 8 years has been the record gun and ammo sales. They can’t get that genie back into the bottle. The second best part will be seeing his ass leaving office.

  22. That “Oh Crap!” Moment when I first learned that the birth certificate was an unequivocal fraud.

    Watching the White House turn into a rappers den.

    Seeing Obama pander to deserter Berghdal’s parents.

    Returning gitmo’s worst to the battlefield.

    All the flies on his face

  23. Favourite obama moment,well,defeating hillary,giving her a govt. gig she fucked up and thus,hillary loses shot at potus not once but twice.

    Hardest moment realizing by beating hillary the country paid one hell of a price

  24. Devil Tongue

    “There are no jobs”, well no, not for the likes of a commie dictator wannabe servent, your time is up. Quit your whining, you made your bed! Still waiting on a better moment than “Gun Salesman of the decade”

  25. Well shit…I got nothing…

  26. The best thing will be not having to read about Michele’s ‘smooth shoulders’ anymore. Second best thing will be Putin not having that wimp to kick around anymore. That was so degrading.

  27. CA,
    You out did yourself with the headline and pic. I was scrolling down, read the headline and started chuckling, then I got to the pic and started laughing out loud. The clincher was your link of HA,HA<HA, and by that point I think I pissed myself a little bit! Great Job!

  28. My favorite moment was when the Bundy family manned up and forced the BLM to leave the VO ranch in Bunkerville. If only they had stayed local and stopped there.

    Other favorites include the passing of Ted Kennedy, Fidel Castro, and the defeat of Godhilla2016.

  29. This just became my favorite moment. May it spread like a grass fire. And may the evil sonofabitch end up with his head in a noose.

    Hungary To Launch Crackdown On All George Soros-Funded Organizations

  30. every last one of those hard-faced Reds will find a 6-figure “job” at this or that Beltway Shadow Gubmint “think tank”, University, “non-profit”, NGO, etc. w/in a month. Same goes with the Republiscams when they’re on the “outside” looking-in. The entire (((Beltway Mandarinate))) needs to be exterminated.

    • Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Al Liguori/Mohammad/ETC/ETC,

      See you’ve finally meandered over to WRSA spewing your sick, hate-filled, Taqiyya-tainted rhetoric. Takes a lot of time to visit and post at dozens of sites across the blogosphere, doesn’t it ? But, that’s what sociopaths do.

      “The entire (((Beltway Mandarinate))) needs to be exterminated.”

      What’re you waiting for Mohammad …. the descendents of 29 Handschar to join you ? With your entourage of alter egos joining you you can start the extermination on your own. Hell, you’ve a rifle platoon just in alter egos. Get going….your 21st Century holocaust beckons you.

      You are pitiful. Sociopath.

  31. I was a chef for over thirty years. Every cool joint,cutting edge restaurant,new hotel or country club that I became aware of and was interested in, I introduced myself to the owners and told them that they needed me. I didn’t knock on the door. I kicked the fucking door down. I sold my passion and ability to the owner. I didn’t ask for a job.Asking for a job is ass backwards thinking. Find the place you want to work. Whether they are hiring or not is irrelevant. Introduce yourself to the owner. Convince them that hiring you is the best move they can make. Asking for a job is a defeatist attitude. Be a cocky, swaggering superstar. You better be able to back it up.

  32. My favorite Obama moment was puking every time I heard him speak for the last eight years. Thank God I can stop puking now. I hope this nonsense is permanently over with the POTUS affirmative action BS promotion completed for the American sh!thead leftist..

  33. Can’t wait to see the door slapping him in the ass while he is walking out that door for the LAST TIME. Good Riddance to Bad Garbage

  34. Fuck “The Blaze” a piece of shit “fake news” site run by the Lincoln bootlicker Glenn Beck a fake libertarian if there ever was one.

    My favorite moment has not happened and probably won’t ever happen, but here goes. The day Obama is tried for treason and then duly and justly executed by a real court of law.

    • GG,

      Damn, you stole my thunder !

      1. “Fuck….bootlicker Glenn Beck….”

      Absolutely !

      2. “The day (soetoro) obama is tried for treason….”

      Treason as in against Amerika ? Nevertheless….when they going to start building the gallows ?

  35. My unforgettable moment was when he was campaigning for his first term. He made a stop here in Indianapolis, and the faithful showed up in droves for an outdoor event. A news account described how a certain dumb young white chick got to shake his hand, and she described his hand as feeling “soft and luxurious.”

    Jesus H. Christ on a crutch!

    I just about lost my lunch.