Cato’s Cringe


Porter’s latest, on yesterday’s virtue flogging of Jeff Sessions.

Same as it ever was?

5 responses to “Cato’s Cringe

  1. Those left wing pukes have known Sessions for a long, long time and for some reason have barely ever opened their mouths to criticize him. Now, they feel like they need to rake him over the coals for racism he never committed so they can further their own career.

    They’re lucky Sessions is who he is, otherwise he might be looking for some payback WHEN he gets confirmed with no difficulty.

    That’s part of why they did it. They knew he is a better man than they are.

    The left will always tear down a man who has virtues that they can only dream about.

  2. Lightninbolt

    I didn’t like what he said (Sessions) or how he looked, like a deer in the headlights. “Et tu Brutus!”

  3. The Usual Suspect

    Conventional swords have two sharpened edges,
    to thrust, cut on the fore and backswing.
    These SOB’s want a war !
    Give them a war !
    No surrender, no prisoners !

  4. I watched Sessions entire day long senate review. Frankly I thought he was bullet proof. Other then Frankenstein and one other. And then booker and the black ass caucus, he in my humble option sailed thru so far.

    Jeff demomstrated incredible restraint, thought, and logic,he is on his AGame, “their playing checkers, he’s playing chess” when being baited. Frankly a fantastic showing. Bottom line, Sessions 1, black ass caucus 0.

    I actually had to laugh out loudly at Bookers vain attempt to keep our black brothers in the fore front. The black caucus had zero to do with his being seated and more to do with a short blurt on black history.

    What is fucking simply amazing is these black fools, actually think Obama brought them political favor, when the reality is blacks have been set back 20/30″years in terms of, civil standing ” maybe civil rights” time will tell.

    These fuck tards ARE their own worst enemy.


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