Odds on this clip making it into the Newseum?

Pepe knows.





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  1. dang I love it !been waiting a while to see some one put them in their place

  2. The Never Trumpers look like real douchebags now. Hehheh. What a character.

  3. Epic.
    MAGA reigns supreme. Trumps entire administration is going to stomp on the coackroaches. They are going to eviserate the 5th column media. Gut it like a trout.
    What a sight to behold.

  4. The Fake media is

  5. It’s time for CNN to embrace their suck. Four years? Eight? How long before they simply disappear from their viewers’ cable packages?

  6. Stealth Spaniel

    My God-it put the widest smile on my face! Now……….if only Trump starts shooting…….😈

  7. The Usual Suspect

    Ironically it is the same media that elected Donald Trump
    by failing to vett Barack Obama at all.
    They took their handouts from the DNC scrambled to their
    safe spaces while feeling that thrill up their legs.
    You promoted and endorsed an empty suit into the White
    House where he proceeded to fundamentally transform this
    Coincidentally he also destroyed the Democrat Party in a
    when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade way.
    There should be a hunting season on you like coyotes.
    Any time, any where, either sex, you just can’t use a spot
    We still don’t know who the fuck he is.

    • You know you bring up a seriously salient point there. I’ve said it among a few others that Obama is the best thing that could have happened. While he is a destroyer, it was his mission, he ended up destroying the very thing that was to benefit from the destruction, and at the same time he woke the rest of America that was the object of destruction up.

  8. Trump say “Take that BITCH!!!”

    That was the biggest “oh shit” moment for the commies since the arrest Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

  9. Well we did get to see Trump pissing on prostitutes, unfortunately for CNN, they were the hookers.

  10. Let us not forgot how Fox News was treated early on by Ole Jugears’ administration as not being part of the main stream news medias, despite their strong ratings and viewership at the time…

  11. It’s great. We hired him because he’s not scared to call a spade a spade.

    House cleaning starts January 20.

    • Well actually, House cleaning cannot start until November 2018, when the GD Rove Republicans in the House are up for re-election. Until then, they and their Bruthas and Sistas in the Senate will continue to suck chimp dick, just as they have for the past eight years. After all, they are globalists, one and all, and are not about to change their spots. Just like GD Shrub I who sat through the entire Reagan Administration and came out the other side just as foul and corrupt as he was when he went in. May that entire family soon burn in hell where they belong.

  12. taminator013

    I was LMAO when I watched him come about as close as you can to telling the CNN douchebag to just STFU……………………..

  13. Scuttlebutt has it that Acosta called in sick today because his proctologist couldn’t remove that size 12 boot from his rectum.

    After a brief hospital stay for lower GI surgery he will be flying to SoCal to check himself into a Palm Springs psych facility for PTSD/ED treatment and electroshock therapy.

  14. New fucking Sheriff in town, indeed.

    I hope DJT revokes CNN’s press credentials for 30 days and bans this scumbag from ever covering him again. That will be a real lesson the rest of them won’t soon forget.

  15. You owe me a keyboard!

  16. He should just start having the Secret Service, or US Marshals eject these guys, and suspend them from coming back for one year.

    • My thought exactly. Why didn’t he just have the asshole thrown out instead of repeating himself so many times?

    • No way. Let them further beclown themselves in public. These are not ill-mannered children who might learn something from being dismissed from the table and sent to bed without supper. These are smug self-righteous shits convinced of their own moral superiority who have demonstrated repeatedly that they will not learn. At least half the country already despises them, give them the opportunity to make the rest of the country feel the same way. Banning would simply let them play victim.

  17. behind enemy lines Ct.

    The MSM yellow journalists need to be put up against a wall & shot. Along with 99.9 % of these globalist loving politicians on a local,state,federal basis.As they have all proven they are collectivist domestic enemys of the state.

  18. Thanks mtnforge for the motivation…

    • That’s a good one. Keep it coming.
      Agitprop which employs the truth is a gift best served back in spades to those who use it in criminal dishonesty.

    • Shit on a shingle.

      Finally parsed spam, blackeye gravy on burnt white bread.

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