Falsus In Uno, Falsus In Omnibus


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  1. How many intelligence agencies declared wmd’s in Iraq?

    • A member of the tribe is an E-9,Sergeant Major. Service rendered in Korea,Vietnam and other beautiful vacation spots around the globe.His take is quite different. Marine recon and Army calvary scouts discovered large warehouses in Iraq where 55 gal drums and pallets had recently been loaded and removed ,headed to Syria. Trace elements of all sorts of nasty shit was discovered around the country. Contaminated bunkers and arsenals with prokaryotic and eukaryotic contamination. Ionization detectors revealed radioactive material was present also.Many fine soldiers contracted life changing illnesses and maladies. Saddam Hussein had a virtual plethora of nasty shit courtesy of the USA and other accommodating players. There are a group of sociopaths and psychopaths who have been and are currently in positions of power. These nasty pieces of shit want confrontation,war, death and destruction.It is how they earn a living. Simple economics.

  2. The same CIA that told us that the Ruskies hacked the election, told us about Trumps pissing parties. Sen. McCain has admitted that he was the one who gave the pissing story to the Feds. And then the Feds leaked the story to Buzzfeed.
    I wouldn’t piss on Sen. John McCain if he was on fire.

  3. These memes preach to the choir. Do I think the average millennial snowflake or stupid inner city ghetto trash will recognize him or remember that?

  4. This POS is a lying traitorous scumbag. He’d have to be to work for our soon to be ex pres boy Barry the Kenyan.

  5. It’s a shame the MSM didn’t publish the truth about that hotel. They actually had to strip the suite and destroy all the furnishings after Obama stayed there. Everything was covered in feces. But then monkeys DO love to throw shit everywhere. So what else would one expect from the Chimp in Chief and the First Sheboon???

  6. Dear Mr. Clapper, you might want to think about updating your resume.
    Donald J. Trump

  7. POd American

    I would like to know who air brushed the inverted pentagram from this weasel’s palm? BTW, Clapper’s office motto is “absolutum dominium.”

  8. And the guy that told us the NSA wasn’t spying on us likes his skiing weekends in Aspen.
    But it’s okay. He has James Brennan to cover for him while he’s on the slopes, and Mr. Brennan’s knowledge of the terrorist threat is almost as “profound” as Mr. Clapper’s.
    Remain calm. Your Government has everything under control.

  9. Perhaps wrsa can create a Wiki type POS people database? This database could compile their associated grievances, atrocities, traitor traits, lies, et cetera. References and links attached. Probably could just to link posts on wrsa. The database would summarize the questionable actions of individuals. Most politicians would make the list.

  10. Been watching comformation hearings for a couple days. Very telling. These senate committee members spend more time giving each other ” reach a rounds” even Feimstien, then they do vetting.

    The CIA, appointee,,is clearly a suck ass, he does a lot of promising to meet each committee members best personal pet Intel peeve.

    Little Marco Rubio is nothing more then a lil bitch, what a fucking slug.,

    Mathis, is standing tall, doing a fantastic job of, Frank honest answers. He understand the way it has to be, for a,erican first.


    • I’d probably wait until after Trump is sworn in to judge the appointees. I’m sure they know the game before the “committee”. Mattis had me concerned, until I remembered by own suggestion.

  11. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Love to see Clapper testify about all the countries that hacked HRC’s private ,unsecured server ,hidden in her bathroom. Sanctimonious,lying ,career, political, globalist, hacks .That about 99.9% in the District of Criminals. Maybe Clapper will do a Sonny Bono on his next ski trip to Aspen.

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