GoV: Islamic Invasion Routes, 2011-2016


All will be well.

Wait until Team Mo starts dynamiting places like the Cologne Cathedral.

Vibrancy is our strength through diversity.

12 responses to “GoV: Islamic Invasion Routes, 2011-2016

  1. Stealth Spaniel

    Times are getting interesting indeed. I hope that once Trump purges the military and the intelligence agencies of pajama boys & pussies-we start running guns. It is the only thing to save the whole damned continent.
    And the Trump news conference of today was just EPIC! Thanks for the banner, CA. It sure does fit. And yes, I put notes in my little black book.

  2. There’s another route: China’s Muslims to Turkey:

    Then there’s the Janet flights to North America.

  3. “Someone is paying for that, and in most cases it’s not the migrants. One suspects the Saudis and the Gulf sheikhs, of course. And George Soros’ NGOs are known to be involved…”

    Why has that POS Soros not been held accountable?

    • Because he owns the globalists, who love to suck his dick almost as much as Barry loves to suck Reggie’s. And those globalists are the “leaders” throughout most Western nations. Orban is not one of them. Nor is Putin. And nor is Trump. Which is why they must be destroyed.

  4. Barring some exigency, the Muslim faith would probably rather turn the Cologne Cathedral into a mosque rather than blow it up. It would then stand as a living testament of the power of their ‘God’. Given the chance that is what Muslims have historically done once they control territory.

  5. Trump, rocked yesterday. Watched the entire presser. Like I said yesterday, I now at least have hope.

    Shits going to hit the fan. After watching sessions, Mathis, and the other marine general, Impressive, men, no,shot, get stuff done.

    I’ll know more in four years.


  6. Here’s a little bit of vibrant diversity to to help us Infidel’s see the error of our ways. I’m sure it’s all the fault of trump or something, or fake news:

    Turning Swedes into sex slaves
    The direct consequence of the liberal assistance the Swedes have been providing the so-called refugees of Syria:

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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