Le Pen Now Leads In Latest French Presidential Poll


Zut alors!

“Hate” continues to rise.

12 responses to “Le Pen Now Leads In Latest French Presidential Poll

  1. With a La Pen victory will come other European nationalist leaders catapulted into positions of power, Germany, Sweden, and with it the predictable collapse of the E.U. and centralized power in Europe. The E.U. parliament in Brussels will be pulling out their collective hair and having a screaming tantrum.

    With Trump’s win, Brexit and Le Pen’s rising popularity, the One Worlders are losing their grip on world domination; therefore they must do something drastic on a worldwide scale to help us dirt people get our minds right: They have many options, war, pestilence, famine, assassination(s), UFO landings claiming to be Jesus and other deities of the past … the list is almost endless. The trillionaire puppetmasters don’t like being poo-pooed by the commoners.


  2. One man’s hate can be another man’s love. Ask any guy who has been divorced.

  3. Holy smoke indeed. Hate? Not so much, when the actual emotion is love of ones own people, race, country, and heritage. Interpreted as hate by leftists, who of course, sully and throw filth on everything good and wholesome. Cher Dieu, vous voulez dire que les blancs ont une chance? (Dear G*d, you mean the white people have a chance?)

  4. Stealth Spaniel

    I’m happy that the French seem to be waking up. Sometimes, you just need to get real serious about fighting for your country. And France is being lost to Islam.

  5. Le Pen, Trump and the Alt-right only exist and have power because of the horrific words and performance of the progressive alt-left. After the Charlie Hebdo attacks, the priest beading, the Paris attacks and the Nice attack, the left is truly stunned that Le Pen is leading in the polls. The alt-left is actually demanding the importation of MORE mass murdering, rape-refugees after all these attacks. They will blame Putin is she wins. But was it Putin who was responsible for the million children raped in England by the grooming gangs? Is Putin responsible for Sweden leading the world in rapes? Was it Putin responsible for the 1000 women raped in Cologne a year ago? Was it Putin who drove the trucks in Nice and Berlin. The Bataclan theater, the Orlando night club, 911? Someone document one rape or one murder that Putin is responsible for in Europe or the US in the last 10 years. Yet NATO send hundreds of tanks to the Russian border and supports the Nazi Azov militia in the Ukraine, while continuing to welcome in thousands of more rape-refugees every week.
    The alt-left is literally pissing their pants trying to figure why Trump won the election.

  6. It’s not “hate” to love your people and your country enough to be willing to do violence against a self-declared enemy. I believe that when alien people inside my country declare me, and people like me, to be worthy of being slaves or dead in favor of the New Caliphate, that they don’t have my best interests in mind.

    Make Paris safe again! Make Stockholm Swedish again! Europe for Europeans, and those visitors who will behave/comply with Western Civ norms. Eastern Europe still has some sense, and memory of what invasion/occupation means, at the street level of if/when/how your daughter gets raped, and who the County tells you is staying in your 3rd bedroom.

    When Germans can’t do what needs doing, leave it to Italians. “After making some number of detours across several EU borders he was eventually shot dead in Italy by some properly incentivized Italians.” http://cluborlov.blogspot.com/2017/01/wherefore-goes-germany.html

    North America is only a few years behind. The Scouts are here among us.

  7. 1st round. 2nd round, Le Pen will likely be put down by the usual alliance of open-borders Red$ and Cuck$.

  8. she has a nice set of teeth.

    that counts for something…

  9. VIVA LePen!.


  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Allez-y ma chere LePen! Le jour de gloire arrivée!

  12. It looks like The West is finally waking up. I just hope it isn’t too late.