The Burn Pits


Robert links to a review of an important book.

A wise man told me more than a decade ago:

“The only good thing about the [Afghan and Iraqi] wars is that there will be hundreds of thousands of troops trained up on the latest technology and pissed off about what the government has done to them.”


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  1. That’s nothing compared to the depleted uranium dust they were breathing and living in…

    what comes around goes around…

  2. I know a good woman which got the Army Stuttgart Award
    for helping in the detoxing military from those burning oilfields
    after the Kuwaiti retreat. Remediation is still available if anyone
    needs info on it.
    The bottom line is basically – Toxins atrophy body functions, at
    different levels. Many toxins require different natural remedies
    that “bind” those chemical/toxins to carry out of the body. To trace those
    toxins require urine, feces, but more through blood samples.
    Use due diligence in remediation, natural is important!

    Also, here in civilian life is needed too. From birth to older age.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  3. The “medicine” we were given in VN to prevent malaria, (it could only protect against two types of malaria, and not 100% as advertised, and did not protect us from dengue fever, which I got) only was effective against falciprium and vivax strains of malaria, which left three more out there. It was probably about 80-90% effective. It also caused constipation, diarrhea, cramping, bloating, dehydration, etc. When I came home and stopped taking it, and the quinine I had to take to counter the dengue fever, it took me about a year to detox my system. For some reason, my lungs were much more clear. I don’t even want to talk about the swine flu vaccine, and what it did. Let’s just say that when you sign on for Uncle Sam, you get whatever the lowest bidder gives him for meds, and the rest is just legal human experiments. It would be much better to close all the VA hospitals, out patient clinics, all that, and just send the GI’s to civilian hospitals with a voucher, or a charge card. The VA hospital system is a joke, doesn’t work, and it kills veterans, needlessly. There are men and women waiting for treatment that they will NEVER get, RIGHT NOW, at a VA hospital some where, and they are going to die waiting for it. Close the VA, and send them to regular hospitals and clinics, and their health and chances for it will improve.

    • I just had that very same talk with a retired Coastie today.
      It’s great if you are healthy -free blood work every year.
      If you really need care – not so much.
      It seems the VA exists mainly for the VA.

      kill it.

    • The swine flu shot damn near killed me. Good news is, I haven’t had the flu or more than a slight head cold since. I refuse to take anymore shots.

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