Bill Warner Video: Hijra, Islamic Migration

H/t: GoV: Political Islam Is All Of It; read the article too.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Spot on CA!
    Dr. Warner covers all the bases quite well in this 18 minute video.
    Definitely download, save and share with friends, family and others far and wide asap!

    islam is the far enemy/threat that is attempting successfully to colonize
    America..they’ve been working on it since the late 1960’s. The near
    enemy are it’s supporters/enablers/collectivists..along with the jihadi’s that are here, they’re the ‘near enemy’ that we need to especially concern ourselves with.

    They unfortunately are often women too…ala the ‘crazy catlady’…

    Women’s March on Washington partners with Hamas-linked CAIR

    “On January 21, 2017, thousands of women are expected to take part in the Women’s March on Washington. According to the Women’s March website, the purpose of their march taking place right after President-elect Trump’s inauguration day is to advocate for “demonized” groups including LGBTQIA, Muslims, etc. The Women’s March has partnered with several Islamic groups, including Hamas-linked CAIR (CT), the Muslim Women’s Alliance, Arab American Association of New York, and the Women for Afghan Women. While the movement strives for intersectionality between various groups – ethnic, religious, or otherwise, these groups cannot coexist without first assessing that their values align.”

    Do you think your values align with theirs?…..gun ownership, self-independence/ of country….the golden rule…

    Yours In Liberty with NO compromise in principles! Furthermore islam and it’s enablers/supporters MUST be destroyed!

  3. Every American needs to see this video and then comprehend what is already firmly planted here. If we could force the 535 that supposedly represent us to watch this and tell the American people afterword that muslim immigration is good for us, we know who our first 535 targets need to be. Spread this far and wide folks we either wake our fellow citizens up or we get colonized and enslaved. I prefer the Serbian approach.

    • Those 535 traitors are not the ones forcing it down your throat.

      It’s these fuck wads

      • that’s right. Police (and military) are now the most racially-converged and systematically anti-White elements of the ZOG. But this’ll only last as long as the debt-financed paychecks.

  4. Spent some time (too much) reading through comments below the GoV piece presenting the video. The number who cannot (or refuse to outwardly) distinguish geo-political/ethnic alignment from religious adherence to a political system that wants them destroyed (or seem to want to couch their words in flower petals) is large – that is an obstacle in itself. It’s almost as if people feel they must go completely to the end of the tunnel in order to absolve themselves of reaching this decision. This is not rocket surgery – jeebers.

  5. The Usual Suspect

    Hopefully some crazed jihadi will drive a truck through
    their column and rid us of these idiots who should be
    home taking care of their cats.

  6. Islam must be destroyed.