Defeating Doomsday Derp: Part Deux


More solid reality, courtesy of BB.

Part I here.

You are headed to the range this weekend, right?

7 responses to “Defeating Doomsday Derp: Part Deux

  1. Hells bells I thought everybody trained for their own reality. Why would you do anything else?

    The ‘minute of barn door’ accuracy comment reminded me of a guy I recently saw at the range that was basically doing standing mag dumps on the 100 yard berm. In my classic eloquence (i.e. the mouth-filter thing was temporarily shut down) the guy looked at me and I chucked and said ‘those things are good at turning money into noise aren’t they?’

  2. Probably should be mandatory reading.

    We got a break with the election. we had a good holiday and everyone can turn the volume from 11 back down to about 8. Do not however mistake the current situation as a end of hostilities. The sword still hangs up there its just maybe not right over our heads at this moment.

  3. From the direction of their aim, both those guys are not covered, or concealed. The one nearest the truck is going lose his hearing if the other one starts shooting. They are both out in the open, standing next to a truck. Some one in a concealed position across from the truck could fire one round, and kill/injure them both. The guy nearest the truck should stay there, as he is grossly over weight, and over loaded, with gear. No rear security indicated. I would send them both back home, and tell them to go watch you tube.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And 2 prime candidates for heart attacks. All that weight they’re carrying, plus the web gear.

  4. Two great articles ZG & John Meyers.

  5. Marlo Stanfield

    To see how bad things have gotten, a associate of mine had to sign a document stating that they would not keep a weapon inside their vehicle while it was on company property. I said get all the over time you can until you find a better job that doesn’t require their managers to do that. When working for others keep your vehicle in top shape and parked facing out. Keep nothing at work that you would want to go back for. You are there for a check, nothing else.

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