Let Them Go


Schlichter: California Can’t Secede

Why hold people against their will?

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  1. I suggest we expel CA from the union unless they start prioritizing food production in the central valley. Trumpers would go for it, as well as the coastal liberals.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      I’m kind of surprised that the central valley folks haven’t already started stringing up politicians – there is a lot of pent up fury there, and rightly so.

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        Jimmy the Saint/12Jan17@17:34,

        We’ve as yet not been forced to comply w/ all that wannafl ‘progressivism’ like unrestricted elementary-HS restrooms/showers, but that’ll happen one day & it’ll be a delight to behold the reaction of the non-white (Mex, Black, Hmong) & non-Elect population to such edicts from Theh Bettahs®. The thing that just might get the Friskiness underway in CenCal is when all those ‘gun safety’ laws Brownie signed start being enforced since the vast majority of CenCal sheriffs openly opposed them & publicly stated their refusal to comply.

        The P.D.s as always are a different story though, but if their S.O. colleagues side w/ their pro-2A bosses & back up the pro-2A refuseniks things’ll get mighty dicey for the blue suits since many if not most live in the county/county islands & also depend on sheriff’s deputies on the street. Same goes for the Chippers who patrol mucho emptiness & can’t depend on their CHP buddies to be there in time if another Newhall/worse situation occurs.

        Like the rest of the state/country we have our own fuses busily burning their way toward the social powder house & it’s just a matter of when one of them will go in first & start The Party. An interesting development is how much serious talk there’s been recently from stereotypical staunchly pro-LE/proudly Greenwoodist Cunsrrvuhtiv folk about establishing a mutually beneficial rapport w/ unconventional entrepreneurs regarding the undocumented importation of certain non-pharma related items popular w/ NorMex ‘businessmen’, same same for easterly/southerly locales where said ‘nice folks’ have relatives who’d be amenable to a similarly ‘irregular’ arrangement.

  2. Question: There are some decent, hardworking, conservative patriots in NoCal (or so I’m told). Do we give a grace period for them to move to the US after secession and retain American citizenship? If Kalifornia was to ever seceed, there would probably be a lot of people who always hated the progressive culture looking to leave there and come here.

  3. If California seceding means California breaking up into several States, I’m all for it. But all of it south of Northern California will be desperately short of water and energy…

    • not the point. If Calif goes, so will Texas…then others. The Central Regime – even if it shares Calif values – will not permit secession short of Civil War II.

  4. They don’t like us, we don’t like them. What is the right, proper, and gentlemanly thing to do? Go our separate ways in peace. It’s the ‘peace’ part that is difficult.

    • And if they, in the end, do not seceed, can we make them leave? Is there a process for selling or gifting territory in 2017? I would happy to give Mexico SoCal in exchange for them paying for the wall.

      • We goad China into invading. They are successful right till they reach the Sierras then an armistice is declared. 🙂

        • Would be nice, except that China doesn’t have the ability to invade anywhere. I vote we just let Mexico take the dump. Let Kalifornia wallow in its diversity. Lol

  5. These are the same people who roll their eyes when Conservatives were bringing up seceding? I seem to recall how the argument was that the Nation needed California’s economy to survive.

  6. The ugly truth is that California will not leave. When things start unraveling, the people there will attempt to escape, and just bring more of the misery to other places. The good part will be that because of the collapse, they’ll be very limited gas, air travel, money, etc, and most of the ones that want to leave will be stuck there. And then what happens is beyond ugly.

    • What you are describing has been happening with a vengence since the market collapse in 2002, and for 30 years before that. Californincation happens fastest where there are wide highways like I-5 so the transplants can “commute” between the new place and el-aye. Agenda21, mcmansions, restrictions (esp. zoning and guns) come with the socialists ahead of a flood of service-sucking D-voting Spanish-speakers, but miss their maids and pool boys.

      Watch for people who claim to be “real estate brokers”, “Agents”, or “finance specialists.

      I watched it happen in Seattle in the 70’s and Portland more recently.

  7. http://www.soj51.net/ Have a look at the State of Jefferson. Northern counties that want nothing to do with Ca and it’s politics.

  8. Look State Of Jefferson has been on the board for,some 60 years, and makes far more sense. Bottom line is northern Ca and southern Oregon have zero representation in both legislative State bodies. Both in recent history have major population centers, who are the shot callers.

    I personally know a dozen life long Californians moving to Nevada, or Oregon. The article nails it. SoCal has almost zero natural resources. Drain the Colorado, steal water from NorCal, Nevada, Mono Lake area of Ca, and other states.

    I was told yesterday by two Californians, who stayed at my place, while vacationing, that 22 counties out of 56 counties have agreed that it’s time to make the newest state. All NorCal counties.

    Frisco, south have created the problem they shoul Waller in the shit they created. The lime is roughly Placer county north , with a couple on the coast having not committed to incorporation of State of Jefferson.

    Living in gods country, errr southern Oregon I’m inclined to support the transition, to SoJ, fuck The progressive northern communities. And good reddens.


    • Oregon is God’s country? Tell us another funny one.
      High taxes, maniacal micromanagement, water czars incarcerate homeowners for collecting the Oregon government’s rainwater that falls on the “homeowner’s” renter’s roof, Oregon pigs as accomplices in Finicum’s assassination…. especially in view of fag Portland, Oregon is no more God’s country than Sodom and Gomorrah.

  9. FYI, the folks last night confirm that Cal DOJ, is aggressively pursuing the new gun rules in Ca. Both are retired deputies, and stated that County LEOs are doing only what they have to, they are not in support of these draconian rules.

    Neither could speak to city police agencies position on the m4 and mag issues.


    • Very interesting observations, hence my point of State of Jefferson, is roughly 30 miles north of Sacramento.

      If the boys from the south want a piece of the action, then they should step up and make their intent noted.

      This coupled with Aesop, are great food for thought.

      Well said shinman.


      • And yet….how is the political power in the state distributed?

        My understanding is that the hard-left Dems run the state, and that there is no functional Republican party, let alone a Freedom party.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          That’s a big part of the problem. There are plenty of decent folks in California, they’re just not represented in its government at almost any level.

          • Which means that in a purely political contest, they are impotent and invisible.

            • Jimmy the Saint

              Possibly. The problem seems less with the people than with the politicians. The normal folks really don’t have much to choose from on the electoral menu. If there were some decent options to rally behind, they could achieve at least some local success.

              • Don’t have any problems with the millions of decent Californians.

                But the fact remains that the Dems have achieved their permanent majority in Sacto and with the Senators/Reps to the US Congress.

                “Decent options” arising from that Dem machine other than MOTS (“more of the same”) seem unlikely.

                Hence the (somewhat) harsh opinion in my prior comment.

        • correct. Calif will neither split nor secede. Until the debt bomb goes off. Then there will be a stampede away from the toxic (((Central Regime))).

  10. Shinmen Takezo

    Most retards who write such tripe don’t know California at all.

    Actually the majority of the counties in California are wildly conservative.
    The majority that is.
    But the majority of the illegals/leftists/zipper-heads who vote are in just two small enclaves, they being the coastal strip of Los Angeles County down to San Diego (about 20 miles deep). And the San Francisco Bay area.

    This is where this “leftist majority” comes from which controls the state legistature in Sacramento comes from–and it cannot be broken because of the illegals voting in mass in these areas.

    If you look at the “Red/Blue” voting map of California, it is deceptive–in reality these “Blue” areas are about 35% to 40% smaller than they are portrayed. Look at San Bernadino County in the South–it shows blue all the way to the Nevada border… and this is ridiculous, because just one city (San Bernadino) causes this with their heavy illegal/leftist voting block. Actually if you took if precinct by precinct–only the actual City of San Bernadino would be blue–and the whole rest of the county to the Nevada border would be red… and believe me these areas are wildly conservative areas, they just don’t have the population density that the major cities in Cali have.

    So if you were to look are a real “red/blue” map of California, you would see only two major “blue” areas–and both of them being “super-city/metro-plexes where all the major economic activity takes place.

    The guy who wrote this piece is one of the typical dolts who do not live in California–and who sits outside, typing away somewhere in the country side in his ‘double-wide’ thinking he is in the shit.

    In reality the “Red/Conservative” areas of California controls all of the consumable water flows out of the Sierra Nevada range, all of the water supply aqueducts, all of the transportation arteries/choke-points, all of the major hydroelectrical generation stations, all of the major food supplying areas (San Joaquin valley), all of the oil supplying areas and pipeline routes, all of the communications cable routes/choke-points, all of the electrical transmition routes… and in short all of the ingress and egress (other by air) into these “super-city/metro-pleses” where the leftist controlling voting blocks live (including access by rail.

    Actually (as a super-conservative) am all for ‘secesion’ by California.

    Because I am (along with others now) am thinking that there can be a “double secesion” if and when Calfornia drops out of the United States. And belive me, conservative people in California are talking about this possibility now–because the ballot measure will assuredly pass in 2018. It is a 100% certainty.

    And what would stop us (meaning the red areas) from also claiming our own indepencence and freedom once California declares its independence?

    You think a bunch of Ipod waving leftists using harsh language could stop the red areas from leaving their socialist paradise? FYI–these red-areas are in many ways wildly more conservative than Texas, and the people there own 90& of all the firearms purchased in Calfornia in the last two decades. The majority of combat veterans live in the red areas. The majority of the III% types ditto–and ditto down the line.

    FYI–there is massive private owneship of firearms in California outweighing most of the western states combined.

    So who would enforce this leftist paradise outside the ‘blue areas”

    Answer: no one.

    The police hate the leftists and are only working to draw a paycheck. The California National Guard is a joke–and those who are inside the units also hate the leftists–and would assuredly ignore any and all calls to duty (of those left after a secesion).

    No–this guy who wrote this article is a complete imbicile when it comes to the demograpics of California and what would happen if the state drop out of the Union (a happy thought).

    Red secesion from Blue could be done on a county-by-county, precinct-by-precinct basis without the involvement of the Sacramento government–and without interference by DC goons and wonks. Tyranny of a majority will not be tolerated by the sizeable minority of freedom loving California citizens (about 15 million BTW). Tyranny by the majority would be overidden by a new “Calfornia Free State Declaration Of Independence”…. followed up by force of arms if necessary (which believe me would be a short process over the snowflakes and butter cups).

    Ideally after a state secesion–there would be two leftist city states (north and south) where they can run rampant–fucking each other in the ass in the streets…. and the rest of the state can be split into perhaps three smaller countries–with new constitutions based upon the original US constitution (no property or income taxes, no gun restrictions, no welfare,all illegals run out at bayonet point, low sales taxes, generous business climates and so forth).

    Think about it–and discard the shit you read in this article.

    Thus spake Shinmen.

    • When I moved to Calif. back in 1987, there was a minority of people called “California Natives.” The majority of the people in the Metroplex City States of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Francisco/Silicon Valley, Sacramento/Davis; were from New York City, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut and the Liberal areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois.

      These people then occupied Colorado in the later 1980’s and began an influx invasion of Austin, Texas. After the 1990’s the commie libs invaded and occupied Oregon and Washington and began on the bigger cities of Idaho and Montana. (Okay, only one city in Montana, they have a Starbucks.)

      I always thought that if a major economic crash hit, Calif. would be deserted of many socialists and government cheese purveyors. If Calif. were to become an independent communist country, the Hollywood and NYC elite would have to leave, fast.

      As Aztlan, Calif. would have high tariffs on anything those rich people would buy. Food, fuel, clothing, luxury items (anything not bought in the barrio bazaar) automobiles, etc. Then find they can’t leave because they don’t have an exit Visa. Happy times ahead.

    • What happened in San Berdoo Co., is that it voted repuke, but the repukes split the vote between Trump and Cruz. If the Cruzers had voted Trump, he would have taken San Berdoo. I don’t remember what the percentage split was, but it gave Clinton the delegates. Ideally, if one was to split the state, it would be west/east, not north/south split down the Sierras and San Andrea’s.

      Anyhow, the coastal cities and much (not all) of the inland-central is toast heavily influenced by the dude crowd, the valley crowd and the NOT posterity crowd.

      MexiKaliForniKation isn’t going anywhere. It.s just having a hissy-fit because Trump like the rest of the other half of the country.

    • Xavier Xelente

      You are 100% correct. The only thing I would add, is that these soft headed liberal idiots don’t realize that the laws of the United States are the only things protecting them. If they decide they’re no longer subject to the laws of the US, then neither are those of us who will do what must be done.

  11. Let them go. Black and illegal alien racists can’t fund themselves. The place will destroy itself.

  12. 1) Kurt needs to change the last name of his byline from Schlicter to Sphincter, because he’s talking out of his ass. On a sunny day, the meeting of those seriously proposing secession in this state could be held inside a Denny’s. If you kept the media covering the event outside, you could hold it in a phonebooth. And Sphincter knows that.
    2) When you “let CA go”, and it turns into more of a hellhole than Detroit has in 50 years, except overnight, all your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk aren’t staying here. They’ll be coming home at the speed of jet exhaust, to move back into mom’s basement. And they won’t be “Californians” then either. They’ll be the family douchebags you’ve happily foisted on us here since they started televising the 70-degrees and sunny every January Rose Parade.
    3) Sphincter got one thing partly correct: CA would become, in about 0.02 seconds, Mexico’s Spare Bedroom. You can’t keep illegals out of the US now, anytime since Eisenhower was president. Currently, the Mexico-US border in CA is 200+ miles long. Separated from the US, you’d gain, overnight, another 1000 miles of undefended border. And Nevada and Oregon would get to feel what AZ and TX have been going through forever.
    (Word to James ,Rawlesians: Mexico would be 1000 miles closer to “the Redoubt”. Suck on that idea a bit.) It’d also be 800 miles closer to Canada.
    Or to “greater Aztlan” as La Raza would inform you is its true native name.
    You guys can’t keep Pedro and his buddies out of the Home Depot parking lots in Portland or Seattle as it is. Now imagine 80 million of them right next door. Hablas espanol, putas?
    4) The rest of the twaddle in that piece of fake news isn’t worth serious discussion on any level. You want $2T for CA’s share of the debt? You’d get directions for where to look for that money, in a New York Minute, and it would generally be somewhere deep up your pelvic canyon. Happy hunting.
    5) And all those retirement refugees who’ve fled to Golden State to low-tax or income-tax free states? The ones whose pensions would suddenly be payable in CA Disney (via Zimbabwe) Dollars? Say Sparky, how you’uns gonna feel about suddenly being saddled with 30-50 million impoverished senior citizens suddenly with no means to feed, house, or obtain medical care for themselves, who’re your new poverty class? Have fun storming the castle.
    6) Sphincter overlooks the obvious good that would ensue: absent any allegiance to the New Regime, I and a few millions more her would happily overthrow the new People’s Republic of Retardia, and be dictating surrender terms by Easter, if not St. Valentine’s Day. It really would solve a lot of problems for us. But the stream of leftist refugees, being unable to tread water, would inevitably end up back in your towns and on your doorsteps by the metric buttload, which in most cases is exactly where they left from to get here in the first place. And having been without them for so long, I doubt you could cope with the influx.
    That fact alone should have anyone seriously considering the prospects of CA secession shitting their pants in a cold sweat every time the thought crosses their minds.
    (It would also play hell with the Electoral College vote in 10 of the states Trump won in 2016. How do you spell “lame duck” in 2018? Gimme a “T”, gimme an “R”…)

    Seriously, Sphincter and anyone else who gives this silly horseshit the time of day, or pays any attention to the assbags burping this sillyass idea out the seal around their colostomy bags, should stop feeding those little dung beetles, and find something of merit or substance to occupy their days.

    This entire subject is nothing but “boob bait for the Bubbas” in the genius phrase of Daniel Patrick Moynihan, even if they aren’t the same political stripe of Bubba to whom he was originally referring back in the day. In the grand scheme of things, it’s about as serious as reports on the Kardashians, but not quite as serious as who Ahhnuld will fire next on “Celebrity Apprentice“.

    But if any of the Trigglypuffs stealing oxygen hereabouts decide to secede from America on an individual level anytime soon, and we can figure out how to replicate the process, I’ll be only too happy to pass the information on to a waiting nation.

    • Interesting observation.


    • Shinmen Takezo

      You’re another one talking out of his ass-hole.

      You’re also living in your double wide somewhere in nowhere’s-ville thinking you know the demographics and dyanmics of California.

      The ballot measure will be voted upon and it will pass with a 100 percent certainty–it is another thing if the congrss allows them to leave (this could happen BTW).

      You don’t know jack-shite about California.

      • Oh he lives in CA and he’s going to be the last one standing or that’s his fantasy anyway…

    • “America’s dopey adolescent California is sulking because Hillary lost, so now it’s talking big about moving out of Mom’s house.”

      The entire population of the state? Every last person living here? Really?

      Sphincter gets it wrong in the very first sentence.

  13. There will still be a flood of Bolshevik refugees flowing out and furthering their destruction of az, Nv, ut, tx etc.

    All state borders would have to be shit down.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “All state borders would have to be shit down.”

      And how exactly is that done with respect to native-born Americans, for example? Can’t really “shut down” the border as to them, unless you could somehow show that they had *personally* renounced their citizenship.

    • The ones who would be leaving are city dwellers, married to their cars. Close US 101 North at the CA/OR border, SR 89 north at the CA/OR border, SR 299 at the CA/NV border, I-80 at Donner Pass, SR 88 east of Kirkwood, US 50 at Echo Summit (there’s a great spot where you could just park a semi and throw the keys over the retaining wall), etc. Anyone who walked over those state lines would have their politics changed by the time they got to Carson City or Ashland, just by the terrain.That’s just for starters.

      In the south, well, San Bernardino is mostly desert. And then there’s the aptly named Death Valley.

      Any freeways would quickly become clogged, allowing BLM and MS-13 types free rein to do what they do best.

      • You are checking maps. The real exodus routes which can handle volumes of traffic are I-5, I-80, I-10, I-15 and I-8. US101 is so convoluted it takes all day from I-5 to get to the coast. All those other routes you listed are two lanes undivided, pot holed and subject to wildfires and landslides.

        There is a causeway on I-80 at Davis/West Sacramento and one on I-5 at “Natomas”/Woodland.(Sacramento/Woodland.) Should those routes be compromised, traffic on the left coast could be substantially halted for a very long time.

        US 395, US 6 are also two lanes undivided.

        • Right you are. I just didn’t want to type that much.

          Those SoCal freeways are a mess at the best of times. It would take more work, but they could still be made impassable. “Greeting parties” from the neighboring states wold have an incentive to keep these “internal refugees” out of their states. Plus, a certain amount of people would try to cross the desert without water, so there’s that.

  14. Of course, the exiteers haven’t thought it through. They think that a half-dozen counties and their population will decide the entire state.

    Says WHO?

    The Bay Area counties, Sacramento, Los Angeles, would vote to separate. San Diego county? Probably not – they’re on the front lines of the invasion. San Bernardino and Riverside counties? Likewise, invaded but the invaders don’t vote Orange County is becoming californicated but is still strongly conservative. Pretty much everything else east of the coastal range would vote NO. The farmers in the central and imperial valleys, the desert rats, would rather have jobs than feelings of superiority.

    And the US Constitution requires the states to provide “…a republican form of government.” The rule of the majority is not that….

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Hell, even the most ultraviolet areas of the coastal enclaves would still probably have about 1/3 of the population voting against secession – even assuming that 100% of the Leftists vote for it.

  15. Stealth Spaniel

    In the northern part of the state of California, you will see many “State of Jefferson” signs hanging at the front door. Flags, 8X 10 hangers, or painted windows, it states in a straight forward way that Californians are sick to death of Illegals, welfare, Hollywood, Climate Change/Warming, EPA, & assorted other horse manure. We were fairly normal until New York, New Jersey, and other assorted easterners decided to share the sunshine. I think the only way to fix any of it is to start shooting. But I like simple solutions.

  16. Been saying it for years. Save wine country and give SoCal back to Mexico.

    But than the liberal elitist ilk will move east and infest red states like Texas, oh wait……..

    • “Wine Country” is no longer just Napa County. Paso Robles has well established vineyards and “collectively” grossed $ 100 million in total sales. That’s near Camp Roberts.

  17. Marlo Stanfield

    As long as they take their share of the National Debt!

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    • Jimmy the Saint

      New governments can repudiate debt, so everyone else just gets to book massive losses – all on the same day. Enjoy the financial chaos.

  18. Here’s an idea for a novel: Terrorists attempt to collapse the economy by taking out a container ship in San Francisco Bay, the navigable portion of which is only 44 feet deep. If they sunk it in the right spot, they would also take out the Bay Area Rapid Transit system’s Trans-Bay Tube. That would instantly dump about 300,000 more cars into the daily commute in an area where it takes 2 hours to go 18 miles every morning.

    (And for those who have just joined our program, that ain’t me that’s going to do it. I once spent what seemed like 38 days puking over the rail of a half-day fishing boat.)

  19. John A. Fleming

    We the People of the United States will never willingly give up San Diego Bay, Los Angeles Harbor, and San Francisco Bay. Never. They are ours, we stole them fair and square from Mexico, and kept Russia and England away. And no whiny tiny cabal of progressives and Mecha La Raza Aztlanites are going to steal them from us.

    A much more likely and satisfactory solution is that California will be split into several States. The trick will be making sure that the Country people are not overwhelmed and dominated by the proggros in the city warrens.

  20. What would be interesting is if this movement got traction,but then other states wanted to band together and form small countries,also succeeding,or at least attempting to,that,could get very interesting!

  21. If the conservative/Liberty Folk were smart they would jump on the bandwagon also…It would be a whole lot easier to break away from CA as a country than the US…

  22. I say we let Cali secede then invade them, burn a 50mile wide swath down the middle, confiscate all their natural resources, move in foreigners to govern them for 20yrs then subject them to all kinds of different laws and restrictions not applicable to the rest of the nation.

  23. Alfred E. Neuman

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  24. Why should a bunch of rat bastard commies get to carve off a piece of paradise for themselves? I say crush them in civil war and hang their leaders. Perpetual Union people, Perpetual Union.

    • Using what?

      Serious question.

      FreeFor has a MAJOR gap between what it can type and what it can DO in meatspace.

      Address the gap or pretend it doesn’t exist — reality will not be denied.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Consider also that California has an awful lot of people – close to 40 million. Iraq and Afghanistan each have about 32 million, and the US couldn’t control either of them.

        • That’s a key point most do not even perceive: the US .mil will have its hands busy just not losing the upcoming global funfest. Putting down several material domestic disturbances at the same time will make their suck expand exponentially.

        • Yes, but in those countries, a seriously huge number of the people were in broad agreement, culturally, religiously and they hated being invaded.

          California bears zero resemblance to those. Many Californians would relish the chance to help destroy their tormentors.

        • Xavier Xelente

          What makes you think that all 40 million will be on board with a CA secession? Who do you think owns 90+% of the guns in CA? We are still working within the confines of the constitution and the courts to gain our freedoms here, if those are no longer options how long do you think the liberal carbetbagger trash will survive?

      • Using what? Everything! War to the knife and knife to the hilt!

        My people have been here since before the Revolution. A female relation of mine sent a red coat gun grabber down her cellar steps via a boot in the ass. Probably get shot doing that today. A great uncle rests at Chancellorsville, his younger brother, The Wilderness. Their youngest brother spent the year of the centennial, first in the South suppressing the KKK and then in June, a couple of days on the Crow reservation in Montana surrounded by a rather large lot of enraged Sioux. I have relations that crossed the Great Plains by gruelling wagon train only to be killed here in Washington in the Witman Massacre. We made this country and personally I would Arc Light Hollywood before I would let them go. Cut water, power and target all infrastructure.

        The watermelons want San Fran’s water supply in the Hetch Hetchy restored to nature. I say give them their wish.

        I live in a blue blue county in a blue blue state. A significant and mostly armed red minority would fight these assholes in our own county. I suspect there would civil war in every county in Cali. LA would become hell on earth.

        For example, prior to Washington’s idiot universal background check bullshit, I didn’t know anyone building their own 80% AR. After, you can’t swing a cat without hitting someone that is building or has already built one OR MORE. A stunning number of people said,” UBC? Fuck you! No background check at all now assholes!”

        The biggest county by population in Washington, King co, home to Seattle, is about half in the Republican 8th district. In other words Seattle, probably couldn’t even hold their a good part of their own county. Almost half of Seattle’s power comes from Boundry Dam (seen in the Postman). It is as far from Seattle as you can get and still be in Washington. Don’t see how those power lines can be defended. Seattle tries to take Washington out of the Union and Hell comes to Puget Sound. I suspect our Cali patriots will do the same in their OA.

        That’s more than I’ve said on-line in years.

    • Fuck your perpetual union. What are you some kinda Lincoln bootlicker?

      If they want to go and they vote to go… LET THEM GO! Jefferson, NoCal, SoCal… OR, WA, NY… I don’t GARA.

      Once Cali/Los Angeles/SoCal is gone… then we build a big wall around the largest collectivist enclaves. We get large amounts of ammo and guns and air drop them in the big cities immediately followed by tons and tons of dope/drugs. Then let them have fun. Anyone trying to escape Cali is then summarily terminated with extreme prejudice.

      Grey Ghost

  25. The most logical secession, geographically speaking on the North American Continent, would be Alaska. Hell, you wouldn’t even miss us. Then we could have all our land back and do what we want with our abundant resources. When y’all start splitting up, maybe then, we’ll just quietly sever the “teat” that the all-knowing-every-thing-about-alaska, tfA-t has stated. We’ll invite the Yukoners and the Northern Territories to join in just to piss off tfA-t and his man idol, Trudeau.

  26. Some of you really crack me up. Because dern it! If yer still living in Caleefoonia… dere’s sumting wong witch’u and’da ya ain’t no patriot! Why, if we’all just’ah move in tagedder, we’da be’ah won’da bigga happy da family! Pipe dreaming. As evidence of reading the comments daily.

    I guarantee you, after 4/8 years of Trump, all those “patriotic” reds will go blue again. Seriously, none of you fool me, I’ve been all over the USA. Almost every damn State.

  27. European American

    Still, though, some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world; northern and southern. I still miss them.

    • European American

      Oh, and I forgot, the SUN, that warm star seen almost everyday, crossing the sky, even in the winter. And lastly, back in the 60’s and 70’s, the most scrumptiously attractive women in the world, without question.

  28. Cassandra (of Troy)

    For the edification of the assembled & others who may be interested.:

    Map 1

    Map 2, more detail

    Map 3, even more detail

    Map 4, Trump vote by county & vote share

    And while we’re discussing regional politics, let’s take a look at The SOUTH!®:

    North Carolina

    South Carolina




    Jeepers, looks like things aren’t as cut & dried as SO many want SO desperately to believe. But what the hell, para-Leftist reflexive bigotry’s MUCH more important even if it helps the Imperium.

    So much for FreeFor!