Boomers Broke The World, Family Edition


Millenials Earn 20% Less Than Their Parents Did At Same Age

And that’s before the robots moot a lot of so-called white-collar jobs, just as the same technology did to blue-collar jobs.

Those who can harness the young folks with gumption will win.

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  1. Yup! And who makes up the boomer generation…

    But just continue to disparage them at your own risk.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Millenials: The legal pot generation.

  4. Nate Krummholz

    But heh, so long as the boomers have a rich retirement full of social security payments and boner bills, what do they care?

  5. The Boomers didn't do it

    Quote: “Millenials Earn 20% Less Than Their Parents Did At Same Age.”
    You must be purposely trying to set me off.
    The boomers didn’t do it, and yes, the millenials are not doing well. The root cause of these negative trends is Top-down Globalism. To fix this problem, the boomers, and others, voted D. J. Trump into office.
    In a sane, civilized world a job well done deserves at least a “Thank You”.

    • > To fix this problem, the boomers, and others, voted D. J. Trump into office.

      It took you until retirement to do something, if voting counts as doing something?

      >In a sane, civilized world a job well done deserves at least a “Thank You”.

      I will thank anyone who has fought for the things I’ve fought for, and to anyone of any generation who admits their mistakes and changes. The rest were stupid or wanted free shit bad enough to screw over everyone else.. At least kids these days have the opportunity to change.

  6. First I’ll say that I am a “millennial.” Yet, I’m here, so that should tell you something.

    Millennials were not born in a vacuum, someone birthed, reared and raised us….perhaps boomers? Some boomers raised solid “Americans.” Some boomers raised snowflake, safe space, participation trophy booger eaters.

    It’s very “in” right now to insult the crap out of the next generation. But when has that not happened…yeah, my greatest generation grandfather had nothing but praise for all the boomers. NOT!

    I guess my point is, some millennials are worthless piss bags. But some are pissed off and very open to the right ideas…

    Boomers cannot win this war on their own. Reach those that can be reached.

    • Serious ask:

      Please tell us how.

      I think it begins by letting them know that their gauges are accurate – that there are A LOT of things wrong.

      And then, check with them on fundamental assumptions and the basis for each – not as a dick, but as someone who wishes an older person had done the same when we were in our twenties.

      Then, help them to see the merits in the freedom-oriented world view. Again, not a dick, but a friend.


      • Agree. Another tangent, and sorry, but my gramps, who worked every day until his last, would sit around the local McDonald’s many mornings and bitch and moan with his buds. Sometimes this place seems like the “new age” bitching spot.

        If the first thought, upon reading about millennials, is to bitch, cork it.

        While I can personally acknowledge the worthlessness of many in my generation, I don’t find it all that productive to lump all of us into the same basket of deplorables…

        Be open, receptive and less “grumpy old men.” Take your kid to the range. Take your nephew camping. If they think your a dick, you’ve already lost.

    • Let’s be serious:
      some of your generation was birthed, reared, and raised.
      Which effort we applaud.
      A lot more weren’t raised and reared at all, simply fed; many of the latter raised entirely on government cheese; and a like number simply aborted outright.
      Those apples quite literally cannot fall very far from the trees.

  7. Of which generational cohort are the Globalists?

    • Assuming CAs comment is a reply to the one above mine, this is precisely my point. Millennials didn’t export jobs, import cheap labor and inflate away the purchasing power of the dollar.

      Looks like a generation ripe for rebellion.

      • Only open Question is on whose side.

        What is the FREEFOR plan?

        Grampa-ing back and forth to each other over the internet is not going to work.

        • Exactly. Right now, most millennials would go team Bernie. Bernie doesn’t insult the shit out of millennials that are just living in the world created for them. So maybe start there. Acknowledge the shit sandwich, then offer alternative solutions. Because free college ain’t!

          • They’ll go Bernie because we have been ineffective in explaining the basic f’ing rules of economics.

            There is a finite supply of value in a collectivist utopia. They have 50 years of production. Who is on that menu? Is Bernie the millionaire on the menu? The value servicers have nothing to offer. It’s the value of labor (a human being) that they must seize.

            Oh, and can you believe it wasn’t too long ago that when gramps or dad died you actually got something other than a bill? YES! There used to inheritance that improved the lives of future generations. That value now goes to the pubic/private partnership ensuring you are a debt (or social program slave) until your body can’t do it anymore.

            And don’t worry, the wise medical ethicists will make sure you don’t languish too long and cost the collective too much in your old age.

            You know why there is a flood of young people getting politic and turning Conservative-r-ish around age 25? Because the indoctrination is over and the paystub tells the real story.

            I’m with Mike Rowe on this in the sense we need more real life education, not propaganda. I think the kids could figure it out for themselves if they had access to all the info. Part of that means curb stomping the “educrats” and teacher’s unions but much more it means being a parent and keeping your kids away from such people.

            Our evil Christian school is $6,500/year/kid. Worth every penny. No new SUV in my driveway. Few fancy meals out. Seldom a typical vacation. No HKs in my gun safe! 😦

            • Maybe you need to move somewhere where it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to send your kids to a Christian School…

    • The perennial ancient inbred priest class of the mystery cult generation. Jeffsags brings up some good points and the boomers were asleep at the switch but in fairness most people were blindsided by the ultra-evil of this hideous crew.
      Only fanatical history buffs and/or those who have seen the elephant can grasp the depths these foes will sink to. Even fewer would bring up these tin-foil hat subjects in the pre-internet era. Even now many even on here are slow on the uptake and cling to comforting religio-political dogmas.
      The global trend however is positive as more deplorables awakening up and causing the enemy to show their true colors.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        when all you know is religious dogma, then you have to answer everything with religious dogma….something about going back to your own comfort zone…… ideas scare the hell out of people who still think with their grandparents unused brains.
        For some, brainwashing goes generations deep.

  8. Boomers didn’t raise the Millennials. Our children did.

  9. Jimmy the Saint

    “Those who can harness the young folks with gumption will win.”

    Large, large wager on the Left, then. Throughout history, they’ve been lightyears ahead of the competition at recruiting the young to their side – in no small part because most of the young lean collectivist since it “sounds fair” and they don’t have the experience to know how it actually (and always) works out in practice.

    • Yes and no. Yes in that left is better at attracting “the kids.” No in the assumption they already lean left.

      Perhaps they lean left because the left provides “solutions” while the right says “shut up snowflake.” Maybe something in between?

      If the choice is

      Shut up




    • Bullshit.

      Most of these “millennials” never had their father or grandfather smack them upside the head for being little shits when they were, well – little shits.
      Soooooo glad I grew-up in the 60’s and 70’s before ‘the change’.
      I knew this country was toast once the blue and red hair crap was going on. It’s them weak-minded useless fucks, their fucking kids, and even their freshly spawned genetic waste who will make up the majority of the 100-200 million… IMO 🙂

  10. @ The Boomers Didn’t Do It

    You are absolutely correct. A top-down system was handed over to the 1% of the “Boomers” who kept on doing exactly what they were told to do and were handsomely rewarded for it. And believe you me, a Boomer” born in the mid-1950’s -1962 or so had essentially zero in common with the “68’ers”, i.e., the cohort born between ’46 and ’50.

    Let’s break something down here for a moment and destruct this idiotic fallacy once and for all, again. And take this baby to the bank and deposit it before we start – the voting age was 21 until 1972. Ergo, only the very oldest “Boomers” could vote in ’68 (b. 1946-1947) and in 1972 it would be those born in 1954 and earlier.

    1. “You kids did drugs!” – The LSD guru was Timothy Leary, a CIA asset and Harvard professor, born in 1920. That would place Mr. Leary as a member of the “Greatest Generation.” Note that the U.S. government invented LSD and not only patented it, but contracted with Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland to produce it in 1953. The oldest was seven years old at the time.

    And exactly who was importing all that reefer into the good, old U.S.A. during “The Wonder Years?” Fifteen year-olds? All the Blow? The Hash? 20 year olds? Maybe the damn govermnment and its apparachiks? Other actual bass-ass dudes in their thirties and forties instead of a bunch of kids?

    2. “Womens Liberation” – Boomer broads didn’t just wake up one morning in the mid-1960’s en masse and in some weird “collective consciousness moment” decide to be feminists. Remember, in 1966 the oldest Boomer was 20. The one’s born in the mid-1950’s were 10 or so and didn’t even know what a bra was, let alone whether it should be burned or not. So where did the phenmenon come from, this “Second Wave Feminism?” It started immediately after WWII and kickstarted-hard by the Betty Friedan’s of the world with her 1963 book, “The Feminine Mystique,” It was psycho-babble and she was a nut, but it sold. She was born in 1921, a member of the “Greatest Generation”, and believe me, the members of both the “Greatest” (1900-1925) generation were not “angels” and the majority of the “Silent” generation, as have been the rest of us, was educated under a new curriculum devised in the 1930’s by members of The Frankfurt School. Google it/them up and pray tell, research them far past wikipedia. The “Boomer’s went to K-12 and on, and were taught by these people.

    They were taught all this crap, just like the ensuing generations. This was no accident. You get tested on the material and your ass beat if you get bad grades. Wake up.

    3. Civil Rights and Such – Well, frankly, getting shot up for nothing in S.E. Asia didn’t really make any sense, but hell, you’ve got an out-of-control “Civil Rights Movement” that led into the war. Martin Luther Whoever walked across that bridge in a now completely destroyed Selma in 1963 and the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 and another in 1965. That was done by Greatest and Silent members, all of it. The Black Panthers didn’t just disappear with that legislation, they kept going on for another ten years. Detroit, Watts, St. Louis, etc, all in ’67. Note that Panther leader Huey Newton wasn’t a “Boomer” by definition. He was born in 1942 and frankly, when people think of “Boomers”, the Panthers don’t come to mind, do they? When it comes to “Boomers” you folks is a’thinkin about “White Folks”, ain’t ya?

    3.5. Anti-War – Like I said, what was the point of Nam’? Let’s ask Ike, and we all know the answer. But, there they were, those “Long-haired, hippy-type, pinko fags” (H.T.. – Charie Daniels in “Uneasy Rider”) protesting and smoking their damn weed and shit protesting against the war against godless communism 12,000 miles away while at the same time commies were teaching our daughters to be slutty feminists! Damn!

    Well, shit boys. Look up “The Chicago Seven” and every damn one of them was from “The Silent Generation” except one, and he was born in 1920, a “Greatest!” Who was leading those kids protesting on campus? Greatest and Silent professors, that’s who!

    4. “Free Love.”

    Ummm. Well, ummm. We’ve got to round out that “sex, drugs, rock and roll” crap so here we go with this one. First, see above. Second, “The Pill” was invented in 1960 by a fellow who, if he was alive today, would be in his mid-90’s. “Greatest Generation” there, boys and girls. The doctors who prescribed the stuff? “Greatest” and “Silent” generation, folks. And who was teaching “Moral Relativism” to the kiddies in school back then? See above, again.

    Now the first people in the U.S. to use the term “Free Love” were utopians in upstate New York, “Yankees” if you will, back in 1848 in “The Oneida Community” by Christian Socialist John Noyes who founded their little commune in Onieda. I kid you not. Then in 1872 a lunatic woman named Victoria Woodhull, a leader of “First Wave Feminism”, ran in the presidential election against Ulysses S. Grant and his opponent Horace Greeley. She referred to herself as “the high priestess of free love” and her then unorthodox behavior earner her a lithograph by Thomas Nast in Harpers, titled “Mrs. Satan.” Google up the image. It wasn’t flattering.

    Let’s see here was were mixing up in this drink. Drugs from the government and older profiteers. “Free Love”, “Feminism” and “Moral Relativism” from batshit crazy people, most of them women and all of them from previous generations. That leads us to…

    Oh yeah. We can’t forget “abortion”, can we? A female lawyer from the Silent Generation started the case in Texas and it worked it’s way up to the Supreme Court over the years and in 1973 a decision was rendered. The Justices? Each and every one was from the Greatest and Silent Generations?

    And the first “No Fault Divorce” legislation was signed into law by none other than then Governor of California, Ronald Wilson Reagan in 1966.

    5. Rock and Roll

    Sam Davis of Sun Records to Johnny Cash in the mid-1950’s: “I can’t sell this stuff (gospel). Go out and sin some more and bring me back something I can sell.”

    Well, boys. If that’s happening in that genre, what about the folks puching Elvis and those who followed? Remember, this is a “business” and what are they teaching those kids in school? To go out and sin, right? If the earlier generation didn’t want rock and roll it could have easily been stopped. No record contracts for that “Devils Music.” You keep it out of the movies and off The Ed Sullivan Show. But htat isn”t what happened, is it? See, the Greatest and the Silent generations liked money and “Look at that market!!!” So, we’ll just quote Mick Jagger – “it’s only rock and roll and I like it, love it, yes I do.”

    6. Porn.

    We’ll skip over the disgusting “Nichelodeons” on “Tin Pan Alley” in New York back in the 20’s and 30’s and try to get a bit contemporary.

    So it’s 1953, in December. A year before a bit of a risque’ “White Christmas” comes out. There’s a bit of a pervert born in 1926, so he came to be during the first year of the “Silent Generation.” So behind the counters, out of sight and wrapped in paper like grocery bags in “not the finest of stores”, a yet to be named magazine goes on sale during the Christmas season. It sold so well that in January of 1954 it was christened “Playboy”, even though the founder was a very Jewish dude named Hugh Heffner. In 1954. Now we must note that the Christmas season of 1953 would have found the oldest Boomer to be seven years old, so guess who wasn’t helping Heffner’s empire get rolling? Boomers. And guess who was? Their parents and grandparents.

    A while we’re at it, because of the Greatest and Silent Generations. financially things went so damn good for Heffner that he opened the first “Playboy Club” in Chicago in 1960. Look them up. Hot chicks with bunny ears and tails, dudes with money, cigars and cigarettes. The oldest Boomer was 14.

    7. “Obey your parents!”
    I could go on and on.

    • How about the voting patterns of the past 45 years?

      How old were the Boomers then?

      • What options were they given to vote for? President Trump is the first candidate with the ability to fund his own campaign, which he did indeed do. Who in the past 60 years has not been beholden to the globalists? President Reagan was a good man, but had to put Rockefeller Republican Shrub I on his ticket in order to stand a chance of getting elected. And we all know how that worked out.

        By the way, good ol’ Shrub I formerly headed the CIA. I see things haven’t changed much from his time there…

    • Sad but accurate breakdown.

    • I’ll save you a lot of time and effort on this.
      If one is a statist/collectivist, what we have in America is
      what ‘good law abiding taxpayers’ VOTED for.

      As long as people believe in the false god of ‘gov/authority’ they
      will fall into the trap of accepting the ‘legitimacy’ of a ‘ruling class’
      and all the freedom denying bullshit that goes with it..they are nothing
      more than ‘human groceries’ on the shelf for the pathological narcissists/
      sociopaths that constitute ‘gov/authority’ at all levels.

      Lots of radicals have been trying to warn us for what seems forever….
      Larken Rose

      It’s easy for folks to be distracted/diverted from seeing what the parasites
      don’t want us to see and therefore understand..that’s the beauty of them
      using ‘offical news’, managed entertainment/sports and the like…it’s all distract/deceive/divide ‘n conquer.

      Stop believing in the superstition/myth and free your mind! See and understand what the parasites don’t want you to and own yourself and
      respect every other persons inherent right to own themselves…stop believing
      in the false god and worshiping at their altar

      The Complete and Undeniable Truth – Larken Rose

      The Iron Web (02)

      The Most Dangerous Superstition (free pdf download)

      Yours In Liberty thru Anarchy/Volunterism!
      NorthGunner III

    • The only other big movement you missed and brought to us by a generation BEFORE the “greatest” is Margaret Higgins Sanger (1879-1966) and the “science” of eugenics. A small branch of eugenics has been turned into the infant death cult of planned parenthood supported by Demoncraps as “freedom”.

      Grey Ghost

    • Randall Flagg

      John: In other words…. modernism. You just may be onto something.

  11. Depending on the source, I am at the end of ‘Gen X’ or the beginning of the ‘Millenial’ generation. A lot of us have parents who are basically clueless or apathetic toward being engaged to the issues at hand. Those of us that have realized that are trying to figure out what we don’t know. Trying to determine the answers to questions we’re ignorant of. As is plain to see, the results are mixed at best.

    JeffSags nailed it. The grumpy approach will only create more people who will be joining the Golden Horde when things get spicy. Whatever their political or religious stripe, an asshole is an asshole. One that’s connected to a mouth that says it would rather be right than effective, as though those two positions must be mutually exclusive. Engage us, like we’re trying to engage you old bastards, because some of us are trying like hell to be a part of the solution. Many of you have been there, done that, and have the skills and wisdom to prove it, not to mention the scars and nightmares. Help us help you.

    Attitude leads before all else; before skills, tools, even experience. And a shitty attitude leads shitty followers.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And how many of you already have a seething anger for the hand that fed you? Way too many exceptional privileged people out there who see any boomer as they do Trump, the enemy! and why?
      I would love to teach younger people the many skills I have acquired from 40+ yrs of hands on experience, from log home building and custom gun building , to horse packing and untold outdoor skills, and what do I get? Attitude from those who’ve done nothing, and think they know it all.
      Ask, show an interest, instead of just staring into the palm of your hand 24/7 and you could receive also.

      • SemperFi, that willingness and interest on your part is invaluable, and the lack of gratitude must be maddening. Certainly won’t expect anyone to put up with nonsense. I have been the beneficiary of many folks sharing their knowledge and wisdom with me, for which I’m grateful. I wasn’t always receptive, young and stubborn, though I’m getting there. Now in my later 30’s I’m in a position to turn around and pass on some of what I’ve learned to guys just out of high school. Like you, I’ve seen much dismissiveness. It’s the ones that are eager and willing to pick it up that makes dealing with the no-loads worth it.

        If and when things get real nasty, I have a hunch that I’ll look back at this time as relatively quite easy, so I reckon I’ll do what I can now. Learning a new skill by candlelight bundled up in a parka with little to no social order will be decidedly more difficult.


    It is a lot easier to fix the blame than to solve the problem. The real problem, which will manifest itself soon, will be a huge economic correction. The tax burden placed on the wage earners, producers, and risk-takers cannot continue. The corrupt, “divide-and-conquer” political hacks on the left and right side of the aisles have made it near impossible for most people to adequately support their families due to wealth confiscation.
    Keep in mind that outsourcing and H1-B visas went into overdrive when the military draft ended. The Dead Elephants still needed cannon fodder to protect and control their “markets” overseas. The Jackass Party was only too happy to go along with this scam because it meant importing more Third World dreck to: “…do the jobs no American would do.” Joe and Jane High School graduate needed “money for college” so they enlisted. Tyrone, Mondre and Shantiqua saw the benefit gravy train of a REMF MOS, so they signed up.
    Do not point fingers at any group. Generations of decent citizens in this country have been played for many years by TPTB. Just read BROTHERHOOD OF DARKNESS, or THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND. Or, you can go back further to HOLOGRAM OF LIBERTY. In any event, I know who the real enemy is. I do not have enough rope or ammo, but I am working on it. Bleib ubrig.

    • Dweezil, regarding the FRB, Eustace Mullins’ “Secrets Of The Federal Reserve” is the best. Griffin’s book is derivative and it doesn’t pass the (((test))).

  13. Sorry but the CNBC article are like many thought pieces — Pretty Printed but Content Free. Example: “Andrea Ledesma, 28, says her parents owned a house and were raising kids by her age.
    Not so for her. Ledesma graduated from college four years ago. After moving through a series of jobs….”

    Well exactly kind of degree did Andrea acquire?? Hell it could be a MUB, Masters in Underwater Basketweaving. Or its equivalent, Wyomen Studies. The omission is the tell in that piece.

    Example: “With a median household income of $40,581, millennials earn 20 percent less than boomers did at the same stage of life, despite being better educated, according to a new analysis of Federal Reserve data by the advocacy group Young Invincibles.” Better educated? No better credentialed. But ask them to jump the battery in a car and they are clueless. (True story I had two students ask for jumper cables. Came back 15min later asking me how.) Between 2007 and 2012 median income for EVERYONE dropped 7.5% (graph:

    Which leads me to — educated in what? I teach at a tech school. We have IT grads with a new AS degree making $40k. For a kid with 5 semesters at school as a 20yo that is not bad money. They are now making enough to pay for their own BS. Our same institution have welding students making $60k. Higher if they have taken the effort to earn training in certain techniques. Many may think Mike Rowe is a jerk. The fact is he is very correct that there are approximately 2m jobs requiring craftsman level training approaching the $100k level. And its getting worse. Yeah, they are trades. You get your hands dirty as a given.

    As a kicker, who is writing the code for the robots? Why its Millenials who have the training. They will be displacing themselves.

    In the main CA you triggered a false positive on this one. You have my respect regardless.

  14. The education and job training of the latest generation consists of learning how to ask: DO YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAT? Biggest bunch of stupid kids I have ever run across. They know how to text & sext and other stupid stuff but for one of them to invent something?? I’m still waiting.

  15. In defense of the boomers, they are no different from most people in that they are concerned with themselves over most anyone else and when they found they could essentially vote themselves benefits much like welfare people do; they did.
    every year that the world doesn’t fall into a depression and seems to handle the debt and deline of society is just incentive to keep piling on.
    all the boomers did was hit the nitrous, but the path to debt defaults and decline of society was coming eventually.

    • redcoog not directed at you, but your observation has me on the soap box again.

      The observation is “which boomers?”. I personally have not benefited on whit from any form of transfer payments. I earned what I have over a lifetime of working and am now in the position that everything is paid for lock, stock and barrel. My generation continued the work of our parents that culminated in the destruction of the Soviet Union. Which if you consider the cold war a war has been the longest and most costly in modern times. I and other have not asked for anything we did earn ourselves. So I would ask, please don’t lump us in with the get-along-take-what-you-can-get crowd.

      Every generation makes a few mistakes. The Greatest probably being too generous for what they experienced during the Depression to the Boomers. We Boomers not taking seriously enough the problems of expansive government. The Millenials I suspect not trying hard enough, and abandoning their safe spaces.

      Put the debt bomb where it belongs, the central banks. For that all three generations are complicit. We did not get here overnight, starting with Nixon.

  16. Just tell them what I tell my two boys–“Piss off”

    “Better living through centrisms”

  17. @ Semper Fi, 0321

    My wife and I (37 year marriage, homeschooled all four children who are incredibly successful with real degrees – some “advanced” including doctorates, are moral with work ethics beyond belief plus they’re all really good shots) were discussing this mess after I penned my diatribe above (19:05) and we simultanously said the same thing you wrote. If people (X/Millenial) won’t put their (damn) “phones” down and be willing to go “get dirty”, we can’t help/tutor/mentor even if we are willing and not, bless their little souls, condescending.

    We built are own place decades ago, off grid and more often than not generate more power than we can use, did 4-H with a bunch of livestock projects along with others as well, like you did and still do mule packing in the Northern Rockies where we live, built a rifle and pistol range on the place, garden food like there’s no tomorrow, insert here.

    I’ll teach anyone who “wants” to learn, happily. And you know as well as I do that in the learning process when someone screws up, a dose of “ribbing” not only doesn’t hurt, it can help in the process. People just have to, as much as the phrase is over-used, “man up” and take it. We aren’t the damn vaginated, socialist school teachers they had with everyone getting “participation trophies”, because that isn’t how life works. That’s one of the reasons the damn country is in the horrible shape it is. No one is ever held to account because “there are no adults left in the room.”

    God bless you all; the “Mean Jesus” beating the bankers and throwing chairs and tables around God. That’s my God.

    • Realize not everyone raised their children like you. I spent 10 years getting my hands dirty working the family business. Learned many lessons. But I chose another career or rather was steered in another direction. Why? Because “you don’t want to have to work this hard your whole life”. Or something like that. My parents “wanted better” for me. The message was, trades are bad! Now how many other millennials got the same message from their parents? How many got it worse?

      Oh and a skilled tradesman in my area can easily earn 200k…the local plumber and pizza man have swimming pools and Mercedes. So, maybe millennials will realize dirty work can pay well! But not if everyone, as Dirk said, talks down to them.

      Similarly, on college, my generation was told to go to college. You can’t do shit nowadays with a high school diploma. Shop classes were all but eliminated and only the “dumb kids” did that stuff anyway. So our choices were made for us, if for no other reason that we had fewer choices. And yes, as Aesop stated some millennials weren’t raised, they’re “feral.” My point was that we weren’t “born this way.” Many millennials suck. But if my kids turn out to be “millennials” I’m looking at myself first…not blaming cell phones…

      But with the Mac truck of reality about to come hurdling through the crosswalk, millennials will see it or not. Help them see it instead of saying told ya so at the remains.

      I see how my comments can come across as me pointing the finger at boomers. Not my intent! It’s best if everyone stops the finger pointing and instead, as I mentioned earlier, reaches those that can be reached.

  18. my young ones are just in their thirties. They see the world thru my eyes, that’s their training, that’s their values. Not cuz we shoved it down their throats.
    But because all their chosen models Were/are, God Country, Family.

    It’s interesting to me, the divide, based on age.”never practiced here, your either in, or your not. You either believe what’s right, or you,don’t.

    Sags, and Abram, have shared a point of view, foreign to most here. I’ll,spend the day reflecting on their observations, for merit, in my world. Be interesting to know where both were raised.

    Agree disagree, I appriciate both putting it out their. And to a point agree, we need to lead by example not preach from a pulpit. Talk to/not talk down.

    The problem with sites like this is we are all so busy talking that were not listening, everybody here is an “A”personality” alpha, with a somewhat clear path were walking.

    None of us learned this walk, our direction easily. Most have a lifetime of bumps and bruises getting to this point in our lives.

    Life Is The Lesson.


    • I’ll spend my day reinforcing any weak links in security and continue gathering intel on surrounding individuals…. Just this morning some strange car showed up at my front gate and parked there. I sat watching my security cams for any ‘furtive’ movement around the compound and other probable avenues of approach. It was a woman. She got out and placed a welcome note with the offer of “free” brunch and an island swag bag on the gate post and left… TINSTAAFL

      No doubt she was sent forward on a recce mission to sniff out any fresh prey and charitable donation$. I don’t answer the phones nor accept unannounced visitors here and I sure as fuck don’t want to mingle with the natives -too much.

      So few decent folks… and way too many murkins who are not, and never have been, nor will ever be- tru$t worthy. In my experience, 99.9% of all humans exist for the sole purpose of fucking you out of your $ or your shit.

      100-200 million…

  19. Horse. Shit.
    That would be the Boomers who will see Social Security disappear before they get any, despite getting fleeced of it their entire working lives?
    The Boomers who also got canned two years before their pension vested, by companies who declared bankruptcy to avoid the obligation entirely in the first place, then re-opened overseas after securing a nice tariff-free import deal, outsourced the value-added jobs to Asia and any other Trashcanistan they could, and lined the pockets of the Republicrats who voted their way, in order to get that happy situation in place?
    Sh’yeah, pull the other on, it has bells on it.

    The “Greatest Generation”, the bolshevism-lite folks who started voting themselves their kids’ and grandkids’ salaries starting in 1932, are the ones who own this one, always have, and always will.
    If a private enterprise had attempted to set up what the Democrats did starting with FDR, the would be, in their entirety, in federal prison for life.