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  1. Never having taken a “true” vacation, might I borrow just 1% of that?

  2. Isn’t she gone yet???

  3. String it and it’s husband up!


  4. This stunning, extraordinary, trend-setting picture of sophistication, style and cutting edge glamour, wrapped in cosmopolitan elegance, absent even a hint of pretentious behavior. Every penny spent was well spent.
    I am going to burn for eternity in the fiery pits of hell. No purgatory. Straight to hell.

  5. ALCON,

    I was wondering what the bitch cost us with her extravagant meanderings across the globe on our dime. Her partner in crime, the illegal and usurping POS soetoto-obama, has cost us $ 85,000,000.00 for his vacations !

    When was the last time YOU could afford the time and money to go and spend money you don’t have on a vacation ?

    And there are fools who drool at the sight and sound of these two scoundrels. Not to mention the CINOs, some who have blogs listed at WRSA, who continue to respectfully refer to soetoro-obama as “President”.

    He has NEVER been a legitimate POTUS per the USC. He got away with it and that is why he has thumbed his nose at the Amerikan citizen. Because he can. He was allowed to. And the stoopid Amerikans have reinstalled the same scum into Kongress who have allowed Barry to do as he pleases. Vacations ? HTF does someone who is occupying the realm of POTUS, legitimate or otherwise, have the time to go on any vacation(s) ?

    $150,000,000.00 for these two POS to live like the king and queen the left and the right have both allowed them to be.

    1 + 1 + 535 + 8. They all deserve to hear the gallows being built in their honor.

  6. Oh they will get a final vacation one day

  7. Feral Underclass

    I’d say its reparations are just about complete.

  8. There is the root of the “free shit army”. Cut it down, chop and burn the the roots make sure it never grows again. You want it? You earn it!I never have and never will take the gov handout. So tired of hearing about those who are ” entitled”.
    Those are some damn expensive vacations. They have been living the dream for too long. Time to come back to reality. Your time in the WH is done.

  9. Get rid of 100-200 million murkin vermin and it would be much less stressful leaving your preps unguarded while on vacation. I’d be somewhere right now if it weren’t for the ‘corrupt to the bone’ people of this land. Seriously, how many of you have 100k in cash lying around? 100k in PMs, or 100k in ‘other’ things that aren’t replaceable or insurable? How many times right here on WRSA have you read a comment about how someone is going to ‘relieve’ someone of their preps?and that’s from so-called patriots. The murkins are filth and scum.

    Trust anyone?

    FUCK NO.

    Let the killing begin…

  10. I want to see the airport scanner picture of this man-faggot.
    Michael, not michele.

  11. Dear Black Lives Matter: We have set aside $73,000,000 in reparations for you. We have given it to Barry and Mitchell to hold for you. Just visit them and tell them how much you needf.


    It just goes to show us. If you put lipstick on a pig, it is still a pig. A blank is a blank is a blank.

  13. Marlo Stanfield

    The unshaved arm pit lost me.

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