Every Call You Make To Your Reps In Support Of The Hearing Protection Act, A Crazy Woman Loses More Of Her Mind


GOA: With Trump in the White House, Hearing Protection Act looks good for 2017

NRA: Your Members of Congress Need to Hear from You on the Hearing Protection Act of 2017

Yeah, yeah, I know.

Please make the calls anyway.



17 responses to “Every Call You Make To Your Reps In Support Of The Hearing Protection Act, A Crazy Woman Loses More Of Her Mind

  1. You can walk into any gun store in Europe (yes, they have gun stores) and buy a suppressor over the counter. Many of them are sold on racks in bubble packs./ S//

  2. “If you can’t hear the gun shots, how can you hear a shooter is coming?”

    Ah Honey, that is the whole point.

    • …if she hears a shooter, what is she going to do? Pop smoke and move to engage the shooter’s flank?

      Note to self – when I hit the Powerball, I must offer Shannon Watts some large amount of money to participate in a paintball match. No – let’s make it Simunitions.

      Those moms want action, right?

  3. Silencers are only quiet with subsonic ammo. Subsonic ammo while quiet is relatively impotent and short range. Good for target practice but not reliable for most ethical hunting (or killing). There are large bore airguns just as quiet with just as much power. Thus subsonic ammo is a niche market for target shooters, skilled stalking hunters and a handful of government sanctioned assassins who don’t care if it doesn’t work as they can lawfully execute a noisy plan B on their victims if need be.

    Criminals don’t have to buy an expensive durable precision suppressor when for crimes a thug with Tactical Small Gun Envy can fab an unserialized one welded up from scrap muffler pipe for $50 in parts that would do. But criminals rarely use them because they make the gun bulky and heavy. And less intimidating to victims as well as shooter once the shooting starts. Sniping through a port in a house or vehicle worked just fine for the DC snipers for obscuring origin of fire. Pretty much all buildings suppress gun shots contained within.

    So the current law has a disparate impact on the law abiding and under any honest review likely wouldn’t even stand up to any rational basis test. If the government can mandate mufflers and spark arresters for chainsaws and portable electric generators (and they do) a more rational basis exists for making a suppressor a mandatory item rather than a restricted range toy for wealthy gun nuts. They would actually make guns harder to conceal for criminals. But also more attractive to those afraid of loud bangs.

    This last feature of silencer proliferation (and they are proliferating with little uptick in criminal misuse even under the current onerous restrictions) is the rub for the gun phobic gun control advocates. They’d rather suppress lawful gun use than put in laws that help the law abiding, the peace and quiet of neighboring by standees, and to the extent that any law impacts criminal behavior, would burden criminals. It’s an anti-social and dis functional agenda. As such the silencer debate stands to further expose these irrational control freaks for the churls and harpies that they are. Meanwhile another 30,000+ silencers are manufactured every month in the U.S. mostly for the civilian market. On top of that Form 1 builders feed a growing cottage industry of precursor or dual use hardware. In 20 years gun silencers will be as common in the U.S. as marijuana delivery drones and driverless cars.

    • Praxis, I routinely shoot a 338lm with a can, without need of ears. Our lil crew all shoot with cans on everything. It’s a pleasure to do so.

      Ain’t I nothing about a 338 lm, subsonic. We shoot m4s canned AKs canned.

      i own many, if this were to pass, everything I shoot will get its own can.


      • Dirk,

        Can you imagine the run on suppressors when this thing passes. I’m going to monitor the legislation and be prepared to layaway one at a local dealer when this legislation is signed by POTUS Trump.

    • The .45 Auto is already subsonic anyway, and because of that it is an ideal caliber for use with a suppressor.

  4. A man shouldn’t be made to fill out a 4473 and beg permission from the FBI before he buys hearing protection.

    Despite the intent of the Hearing Protection Act, it is misguided. A muffler is not a firearm any more than a muzzle break is a firearm.

  5. ALCON,

    Per the blog author:

    “Yeah, yeah, I know. Please make the calls anyway.”

    Yep. He’s correct. I’ve made the calls. Will do it again. When I get out there and shoot my suppressed 300 BLK SBR, it reinforces for me what Pete wrote.

    I did it. You did it. We all need to do it again. Besides….think of how much it will annoy D-Bags like the whore Shannon Watts.

    • BTW….

      It is good that Gun Owners of America are endorsing and, more or less, giving DJT a pat on the back….”With Trump in the White House, Hearing Protection Act looks good for 2017″. But where were they during the Republican Primaries ?

      They were refusing to support Mr. Trump. Larry Pratt and GOA would NOT endorse Donald John Trump for POTUS. Their refusal to support Mr. Trump was no less an endorsement of Hillary Klinton.

      Sometimes one has to draw the line. GOA did with Trump. I did with GOA. Terminated my life membership. Larry Pratt and the family could do much with members and former members if he would apologize for his ignorance on the Trump endorsement. But, I’m not holding my breath waiting for that.

      • DanIII, it’s a good start, that it’s being acknowledged has put the issue on the big table, for review/merit. If it doesn’t happen this year, we get after it next and then the next if need be.

        This is common sense legislation. The only ones fighting are those that profit from the tax. And the haters, which are just ignorant fucks.


  6. Silencers work real good at close range. People don’t look around for a gunshot they didn’t hear. Urban varmint extermination up close. The dreaded .22.


      IDF uses suppressed Ruger 10-22’s on the “Palestinians” all the time. Very effective.

  7. DanIII, I know where you’re coming from, I’m a GOA member too. But you don’t work with the President you want, you work with the President you get. And GOA is about the best choice that is LEFT for a gun rights person of any appreciable intellect, such as yourself. Endorsements don’t mean all that much, Trump lacked a lot of “important” ones, highly visible ones, and he still got elected. GOA is going to stick with Trump, as long as he has the integrity that GOA wants, regarding the 2A. And we have to do the work we CAN, while we can. I would have even worked with Obongo, had he a shred of decency, integrity, or backbone. But he is a milk toast leftist jerk of the first water, dedicated to the destruction of the US. We got a man, who MIGHT be helpful to our cause this time. Let’s use the tools we got. How many chances will we get?

    • Sean,

      I nod my head with every word you wrote. You are most certainly correct to remark that GOA is the best choice left for gun rights folks. And yes, endorsements have little to do with how one votes. However, endorsements do offer one a look at the soul of the organization enndorsing/not endorsing. Larry Pratt’s vehement opposition to Mr. Trump told me quite a bit about Pratt’s mentality toward political 2A sense.

      “Let’s use the tools we got.” Absolutely. As much as Pratt/GOA galled me with their anti-Trump vendetta, they are the best tool in the tool shed.

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