Unquestionable Moral Authority


WaPo: Congressman John Lewis Says Trump Presidency Is “Illegitimate”

Any questions how the game is going to be played?

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  1. Keep voting. You deserve it./ S//

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    Didn’t he get shot at the Cincinnati Zoo last year?

  3. He is one ugly fugger. The other is Elijah Cummings. Ugly to the bone.

  4. Affirmative Action is not a friend of liberty.

  5. No. Your skin is your uniform.

    13% NIGGERS take note.

  6. Who cares?

    Another old Commie spouting off…

    Disregard him and the fish wrap that’s packaging him.

  7. Randall Flagg

    And to think…. with an engineering and post-grad degree, along with umpteen years of working on my own with no assistance from .gov, I’ve got a snowball’s chance in hell of ever getting elected to Congress. And yet we have here this fine specimen.

    Something is definitely wrong with this country.

    • As I have repeatedly said before, can you show me even ONE mayoral ballot for a hive in this country – population of at least 200k – from the past twenty years that has a Constitutional candidate for the office of mayor? Sure ain’t no problem finding dem “Rent Too High” candidates though, eh?

  8. Yes, a ‘civil rights icon’ and in Congress for 30 years. And as out of touch with reality as the rest of ’em. A better argument for term limits cannot be found. Perhaps he should be out in the ‘steadily rising’ workforce; wherever the hell that is.

  9. https://www.yahoo.com/news/no-credible-security-threats-trump-inauguration-174203098.html

    Well THERE…….that settles THAT!! Jeh hisself has spoken! Everything’ll be rainbows -n- skittles!! Hooray!!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And that’s about the time you stay home, for you know something will happen.
      For yrs now they tell us of bomb attacks at certain places and times, fibbie research has shown they’re up to something and then NOTHING happens, over and over and over and now they say they see no threat? How do they think they know what some supposed single lunatic with a bomb is doing?
      I’m still a firm believer every single attack originates out of the D.C./Langley area. No Moscow, no Mecca.

  10. The face of a racist

  11. The Usual Suspect

    Just another commie picking scabs, hoping America will
    start to bleed.

  12. Time for President Trump to use the agencies the left so nicely weaponized for him and do a little digging into these idiots pasts…. While we’re about it, maybe we can final file charges against Sharpton for tax evasion. I mean how’s that scumbag treat any better treatment from the fed than Willie Nelson received?… I bet we wouldn’t have to look too far to find an actionable felony on ALL of them. The only way it could be better is if those felonies are a direct result of laws these people supported and passed…. “Hoisted on ones own pittard” so to speak.

  13. If Trump is illegitimate then the good Congresscritter MUST DO SOMETHING NOW!

    We’ve got our strategy all wrong on this. Let them add their names to the list and tie their associates to them like a boat anchor.

  14. And everybody is still ignoring all the stuff that was revealed when the Democrat’s emails were released. That’s what really lost Killary the election – but let’s just keep up with the “Russians Did It!” bullshit until everybody forgets about all of that.

  15. Are you not entertained ?!?!?


    “Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down, and Lee Greenwood will perform at Trump’s inauguration “

  16. Your first pic correct. This is Elijah Cummings. But I get the article.

  17. Centurion_Cornelius

    …for this irrelevant and soon to be forgotten Congress Critter, they say “A picture is worth a Thousand Words.”


  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. All of the negroes now in the US legislature deserve the title “nigger”. It’s really that simple.

    When you call the nest of Marxist negroes, aka Emanuel A.M.E. a church and the vipers killed by a young white man as being in a prayer meeting, you should begin to see a pattern of white denial of the viciousness of this species.

  20. It’s Black yap.. It’s what they do when they got nuthin….

  21. Stanza from the Cervantes text and from James Young Gibson’s translation (which scrupulously duplicates in English Cervantes’ Spanish verse forms).

    “Dice que nunca de la ley y fueros
    del senado romano se apartara
    si el insufrible mando y desafueros
    de un cónsul y otro no le fatigara.
    Ellos con duros estatutos fieros
    y con su extraña condición avara
    pusieron tan gran yugo a nuestros cuellos
    que forzados salimos de él y de ellos”

    “She [Numancia] says, that from the Roman Senate’s law
    And rule she never would have turned aside,
    Had not some brutal Consuls, with their raw
    And ruthless hands, done outrage to her pride.
    With fiercer statutes than the world e’er saw,
    With greedy lust, extending far and wide,
    They placed upon our necks such grievous yoke,
    As might the meekest citizens provoke.”

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  22. Another intelligent rep for the dems.


  23. This is the genius who was concerned that too many of our troops on Guam might make the island tip over.

  24. What about the Kenyan poseur with the fake birth certificate we had the last 8 years. I guess he considers that fool legitimate. No need for an answer, just rhetorical.

  25. Gotta allow Lewis some slack. In the 60’s while marching for civil rights, he got hit in the head w/a brick. It broke the brick, but still.

  26. He’s still worried that Guam might tip over if the US military puts too many troops on the island.

  27. That admiral deserves the Navy Cross for not busting out in derisive laughter – I mean guffaws with tears rolling down his cheeks.

  28. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Damn the Racist, Communist, Congressional , Black Caucus . Uppity house nigra’s. Only things they warrant are a cat of nine tails & a bucket of rock salt.