And Compared To Cosmopolitan Transnationalism…


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  1. T shirt ideas for the Orlando, FL hamfest in a month:

    2 to support
    1 LEO

    This joke was originally a pun about hams the nickname and pigs the farm animal, haha, but think about other meanings of the words. The tip of the government spear requires a logistical tail of snitchers to suppress disruptive innovation. If the amateur supposedly radio experimenters weren’t dotting every i and crossing every t in their obedience of the ban on radio encryption, then by now encryption would be commercialized and average people would be using it. Is there any group more law-abiding than hams? Even blue-haired church ladies sneak a drink now and then.

    … III …

    SOS in dots and dashes where dashes are III coming to the rescue

    … ooo …

    Where the o’s are boltfaces

    sss ooo sss

    Where the s’s are the Nazi s and the o’s boltfaces. German-culture fascism is not a solution to American-culture fascism, however replacing the s’s will occur to somebody, and wouldn’t you rather have Nazis wearing a shirt announcing themselves?

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  3. No, liberal memes better-define what reality is…//s. If William Godwin were alive today, he would be so proud of modern encyclopedists…

  4. Steel T Post

    How was Germany “despotic?” They were fighting (((Bolshevism.))) I no longer believe in the “Good War” narrative. Pat Buchanan has a great book on why our WW2 story isn’t what it seems, since the was fought to make the world safe for Bolshevism. Bolshevism overwhelmingly won WW2.

    And what is the opposite of despotism? Democracy?

    • This.

      We sometimes lose sight, when we honor the sacrifices of those who defend our country, that the people in charge aren’t always especially interested in defending the country when they start a war.

      Four hundred thousand American men were drafted and sent to their deaths 1942-45 to prop up Josef Stalin and install Mao T’se-Tung and Ho Chi Minh, the three worst monsters of the Twentieth Century. Grandpa fought bravely and well in the illegal war Rosenfelt and his (((advisors))) provoked the Axis to declare–but the cause was a monstrous and evil one, regardless of how many Wall Street (((bankers))) would have lost their fortunes upon the fall of so-called “allied” regimes.

      Hitler and the Japanese were no threat to the US. The Reds were, and the British and French made their own beds when they allied themselves with the Reds and should have been permitted to reap the consequences of their folly.

      And let us hear nothing of this so-called “holocaust.” If it was not our business and not our concern when Kemal Ataturk killed four million White Christian Armenians in the 1920s, if it was not our problem when Josef Stalin and the (((NKVD))) murdered thirty million white Christian Ukrainians in the 1930s, then what special trait do Jews possess to justify the unending rivers of American blood and treasure that have been expended to protect and avenge them, even to the point of turning three centuries of international jurisprudence (go look up the Treaty of Westphalia) on its head and illegally claiming legal authority to impose victors’ justice upon the defeated German government and subject surviving German politicians and generals to Stalin-style show trials? Mao T’se-Tung killed at least a hundred million of his own countrymen between 1949 and 1966. Yet no one clamored for war with China to stop the “genocide,” least of all (((the Tribe))). So much for the moral high ground. So much for the special category of “genocide.”

      Note also that we’ve lost very nearly every war we’ve engaged in since 1945. The people making the decisions didn’t care how many working-class White men died in Korea or Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan. To (((them))) we’re worth more dead than alive.

      Ginning up war after ruinously expensive decade-long war pre-planned to end in humiliating defeat is a good way of culling Whitey’s numbers, running up the national debt, bringing down America’s power and credibility worldwide, and hastening the collapse, after which they hope to remake what’s left of America to their own liking. It’s also highly profitable when (((they))) own the defense contractors.

    • I’ve just finished two books that will disabuse anyone of the “The Good War™” narrative:

      Savage Continent by Keith Lowe, and

      Crimes And Mercies by James Bacque. If what these authors say is true, we even starved out our own allies to help win “The Good War™.” It will also shed light on why Europe is in such a mess today – all the fighters were starved to death.

    • Seems to me the war cooked along for several months with the USSR and Germany all buddy-buddy under the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact. Comms between members of the UK government indicate the belief that the pact would eventually bring the USSR into the war on the side of Germany. “Unternehmen Barbarossa” seems to have been as big a surprise to the UK (still standing alone while the LEFT in this country were still at least faintly praising their socialist comrades in Berlin) as it was to Stalin, whose trainloads of raw materials headed for the Ruhr were passed by German troop trains going the other way.

  5. differences of opinion between Germany/Poland; Italy/Ethiopia; Japan/China should have been ignored by the Anglo-American “democracies”. Which were the actual world-warmongers, not the so-called “despotic nationalists”. The world would be a much better place today for it. Conservatives like Derb – and his Slant wife – are beyond useless. Because they have conserved, and continue to conserve, nothing.

  6. It seems to me that the UK was the greatest country in the world when it was highly nationalistic and conquered places like India, but stayed out of wars with advanced countries. But after the effete elites and bankers took over, things went south in a hurry….

  7. What was despotic about German, Italy and Japan? Exactly?/ S//

    • Let’s ask Derbyshire; it’s his quote.

      But I’ll play a bit here.

      We probably should start with a definition; #2 here will do: , although I prefer “autocracy”.

      I’m comfortable that by the time of the emergency orders after the Reichstag fire, all three nations were effectively one-man shows (although Japan is better described as a kingdom with a ruling military junta throughout the period in question).

      What did each do? Looking at the period before general war in September, 1939:

      Japan: Pretty hard in my mind to label the Manchurian invasion as anything other than aggressive (as opposed to defensive) war.

      Italy: Libya? Why?

      Germany: The Saar and the Rhineland reclamations were legitimate in my view, notwithstanding the treaty provisions barring same. The Austrian anschluss was competent government/civil relations, as was the dissolution of the Versailles-created Czechoslovakia in light of the acquiescence in same by the French and British guarantors. The invasions/division of Poland is where Hitler and his then-pal Uncle Joe went from assertive to aggressive and lost any claim to legitimacy (although I understand why that murder benefitted each murderer).

      FWIW, I am willing to subject the American mythology to the same scrutiny, unlike many.

      Having said all that, the Derbyshire quote should not be viewed in isolation from the Red-inspired-and-executed excoriation of all things nationalist since 1943-44.

      But you knew that.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Vielen Dank Pete.
        This is why I keep harping on about brainwashing, folks cannot sit down and have a subjective look at history, instead they go into a state of hypoxic shock over someone questioning their narrow minded ignorant state sponsored view of history. Hitler and Tojo murdered millions is all they know, not one thing about how and why those things happened.
        I also have come to understand why Japan did many of the things it did, when you look to the political meddling of the US in the world between the wars. In the last 100 yrs, the US is anything but innocent of war crimes and mass murder, we were the cause of most of it thru politics on behalf of the globalist banksters. Holding the high moral ground is something the dumbmasses love to throw out when they know of nothing else to answer with.
        Looking back to history with an open and honest mind is the only way to keep from repeating the same mistakes that got us here, and then to stop worshipping crooked politicians is the next.

    • And then there’s those handful of veterans here on WRSA who suffer from psychological Reaktionsbildung where the US was and still is the sole root of all evil in the world and the Axis powers were the innocent victims. Meanwhile they still use personal titles that directly associate themselves with that alleged root source. Fascinating. This deserves further study.

      • After the war, (((globalist bankers))) raped Germany then pimped her out, this is beyond dispute. Germany rose up, kicked out the (((Communists))) and (((bankers))) and issued debt-free currency. Originally, most Americans supported Germany for this. The (((globalist bankers))) then used their bought and paid for media empire to convince Americans that Germany was evil and must be destroyed.

        Today, (((globalist bankers))) are raping and pimping White America while using their bought and paid for media empire to convince the masses that White America is evil and must be destroyed.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Well, for some folks, Lee Greenwood Syndrome is a lifelong disability. Comes from believing in your exceptionalism.
        You just never get over it. Kinda like those other special snowflakes.

  8. The is all a freakshow sideshow.

    There are those who want to be left alone, and those that want to control your every waking thought and breath.

    When Plan B interferes irredeemably with Plan A, someone’s leaving in a body bag.
    Butting in amidst A and B conversations and transactions, at both the interpersonal or international level, frequently leads to exactly the same sort of outcomes.