Day By Day


From Chris Muir.

7 responses to “Day By Day

  1. Wishing you were here .. camp fire and good people

  2. Funny ‘toon with a deep seated truth. It amazes me that once an idea (can’t deport) takes hold in Congress it can never be otherwise. We don’t have to use boxcars to do it. All it takes is a line of F-150’s with yard implements headed south to solve the problem. aka self deportation.

    Make eVerify mandatory. Then very publicly in a few cases incarcerate employers who do not comply or skirt the issue. Once employment is shut down they will leave.

  3. Rep. Lewis, civil rights icon. Lololol

  4. What’s in the muck of the swamp………even some “good” people may not have the stomach to see the drained contents .
    The “deplorable bitterly clinging” peasants will get their pitchforks, and hell will be full.

  5. Trump ain’t draining anything and if he does (((they))) will whack him pronto.

    WE are required to carry this torch, WE need to change this for our children.

  6. What Trump and his outsiders are doing is a kind of Creative Destruction of the status quo. By brilliantly not being statist quo.
    Being the PTB are so calcified it is fragile to outside forces. I keep wondering when the dominoes effect begins. Because at some point a level of disruption is reached where the system of administrative tyranny can not sustain itself.
    Sometimes watching what is happening, it is pretty obvious Trump has a lot of political power the like I’ve never seen, and he wields at critical junctures, he is very quick to never react in defense but to respond in offense. He has a sense of his enemies weaknesses and how to leave them to wither on the vine of their dissonance and foolishness, hang them by their own petards.

    It’s like how water empires collapse. They go on for very long times, becoming ever increasingly fragile, but exist just fine, till an unforeseen outside force comes along, and with but a relatively tiny push it knocks the water empire over, it collapses catastrophically.

  7. Just in case anyone thought Quisling Ryan had a come-to-Jesus moment after Trump destroyed his birthday cake last November.

    When Ryan finds himself opposing a sitting president of his own party, his career in Congress will come to a sudden close, and he will be about as welcome at a rally as the plague.

    Can’t wait for the day.