Frank Pinelander Sends

republic of pineland

From over the transom:

Before things got hot, a Kameraden was doing FID missions on the Dark Continent.

At an embassy meet and greet, there was (as he described) a piece of female Eurotrash, part of some NGO. She knew what he was, but was insistent, as the type are, on pontificating on things of which they’ve no clue.

On and on, about what a wonderful world it would be, if only there were no guns.

She was allowed to spew nonsense for awhile. When enough was enough, my friend put down his drink, looked her in the eye, and said:

Go ahead. Ban guns. Take them ALL away. Then, when no one’s left to oppose us, people like me, are going to tell people like you:

Get. In. The. Boxcar.

She paled, left for the restroom where she vomited, and left the function.

We’ve a limited window.

Stop thinking reactive.


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  1. God bless KAP.

    A bunch of us watched Birth Of A Nation at his house one night. I kept them in stitches, ad-libbing one liners throughout the film.

  2. Pineland. Spent a lot of time there. It was not a democracy./ S//

    • Like you said a long time ago:

      Either we live at the barrel of their gun, or they live at the barrel of ours.

      • Either we live at the barrel of their gun, or they live die at the barrel of ours.

      • Or, all seven billion humans individually and all subgroups of humans are able to threaten MAD to each other, and we have peace. Darwinism suggests the only stable peace comes from MAD. Defense is cheaper than offense (conquer then hold and tax), destruction is cheaper than defense. The nutcases who want to do mere destruction need to be imprisoned, but they’re a small percentage so that’s doable.

  3. That would make a great morale patch.

  4. Shut Up.
    Get In The Box Car.

    should be a morale patch. 🙂

  5. The ruling class and the liberals and dirty little state supremacists who applaud and vote them into power never consider that their actions have consequences that fall well outside their precious utopian intentions. We should remind them at every opportunity.

    Furthermore, as Rilke once put it: “We should forgive our enemies, but not until they are hanged.”

  6. Steel T Post

    If she went on to write a college thesis titled “Point of View from a Boxcar: Rethinking Warmhearted Firearms,” then she learned something. Probably not, females generally aren’t that creative.

    Question: is anybody training on an all terrain bicycle (ATB), mankind’s most efficient form of transportation?

    • Don’t know. But some interviews with NVA veterans should be able to give you hints. Cycles were used as pack mules on the Ho Chi Min trail to good effect.

      • Bikes on the Trail? Indeed so. No experience on that side of the fence but I’ve heard they were far from my childhood dream of a Schwinn Phantom or that of the grocery deliveryman. Rather they were more industrial grade push bikes. Sometimes wonder if they even had seats.

      • The Japanese confounded the British as well with their ingenuity at moving men and materiel by bicycle own the Malay peninsula during WWII.

      • dog

        As you most likely know the bicycles were not ridden. They didn’t even have seats. Your description calling them pack mules is exactly what they were.

      • The cycles were effectively two wheeled wheelbarrows.

        The seats were removed and a piece of bamboo extended the handlebars a meter to the left. The unlucky coolie pushed on the seatpost as well as the handlebar.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Ask Sean, I’m sure he searched and destroyed more than a few of those things, he would have first hand knowledge.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The old pioneer push carts were pretty effective, too.

  7. Those few words mean a lot of those who remember or have heard about the HISTORY of what happened many years ago. The mere idea of taking a boxcar ride to the DEATH CAMP should be an eye opener to anyone who has the ability to think about the history of what happened a few years ago. I think more people are aware of the Extermination Camps run by the NAZI’s but things like the killing fields in Cambodia are less well known. Just having a pair of eye glasses was enough reason to kill a Cambodian since the perceived ability to be able to READ was excuse enough to be killed. Interesting times we live in. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

    • I wonder if the TPTB would even bother? A fair amount of the populace in the West does not even know how to cook a meal. They would just let you starve to death. The VZ military has taken over food distribution and is being used as a weapon against the opposition population. Could be easily applied here.

    • Randall Flagg

      I’m always left scratching my head when I hear American Jews–some of whom are first gen with their parents coming from Europe after the war–that are against personal ownership of firearms. Only the police should have them, they say. Makes absolutely no sense. Did they not learn anything?

      • Flagg,

        “Did they not learn anything ?” I ask myself the same question. But , some did learn. See the Zelman Partisans link on the blogroll to the left.

    • Much more recent history includes isis lining up shiites and Christians and killing them. No boxcars involved.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Just having a pair of eye glasses was enough reason to kill a Cambodian”

      Sendero Luminoso whacked people for the same sin.

  8. No point in having a gun if you won’t use it.

  9. Yet Pol Pot lived openly in society long after his atrocities. How the fuck does that happen, no accountability, no, come to Jesus meetings. Whole sale slaughter of over a million lil slopes.

    “Turner Files” shit. The evil that men do, and get away with for money, or personal gain is ?

    You folks and your Patchs amuse me. Hard to hide in plain sight with that stuff strapped on.


    • Pol Pot had his Blue Wall. Just as Western Elites have theirs.

      The Only Ones will do WHATEVER they are told, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in. Here in the US, they are Rove Republicans. No morals. No principles. No scruples. No honor.

    • No different than the rotten corrupt cops who live in peace after their reigns of terror. That shit is about to end.

      • TfA-t, at a popo retirement dinner tonight for a fellow good guy, patriot, who has bleed for this great nation.

        Shall I save you a chair at our table.


    • “You folks and your Patchs amuse me. Hard to hide in plain sight with that stuff strapped on.”

      Glad you amuse so easily.

      Who’s hiding?

      • Frank, good point. I am amused easily, I spend a great deal of time laughing at my own dumb ass. Not one for the bright light.

        Keep up the great work.


      • Well, hopefully there are a lot more in “hiding”, than not “hiding”.

  10. The bottom line is I’m not going along with any of this crap whatever PTB say I am to do. I don’t have. I don’t want to. I won’t. I resist, I defy. Because I self determinate every day in every way possible. It is what they want to take from me, so I will empower them by reacting to them. Because I’m a practicing individual I don’t have to react. It is they who must react to me you see. I get to choose my moments, always cognizant that it is my choice to begin with if I choose to or not to play the game. It is all about choice anyways. That is the power of my consent comes from. It’s not complicated. It doesn’t get any more basic than that. So what has happened to me is I am free in an unfree world. Sounds counter intuitive. But that is the great lie. The act itself of choosing to live free is intuitive itself. You live free or your a slave to your reacting to what the PTB deign you must choice because they say so. An incredible ruse. I don’t have to do anything. I do get to do what I want, no more no less. If their is something inhibiting my choice, I choose to find a way to go around it, so it always comes down to choice, in effect I remain free. The effect is I never submit.
    Take property taxes. Difficult to avoid yes? Well all they want is the money, and the power taking my money gives them. You can choose to move where taxes are less, then choice already gave you the power to beat them from from part of the take. One way to go around them is to find away to make money which deprives them of their take. Then make more money out of that money, roll it over again, then again, then put that money into something that you can deduct their take with, then give them their remaining take out of the money you deprived them that created more money. It is a game of fractional taking anyways, so why not fractionally deprive them of their take. Along the way you may not deprive them of all their take, but you do deprive them of a portion of the take. That way you beat them at their own game, bit by bit, fractionally, and they never know. Like the Axiom, how do you beat the elephant? One bite at a time. They are wholly dependent on that take after all. It is eating soup with a knife. But it is choice here that matters. Choosing ahead, keeps you from having to be at the mercy of reacting with no or little choice. By choosing you are by nature free.
    And that is what this battle is coming down to. Choice to be free, or choice to be slave to not having choice, or choice to being a slave period.
    One way or another, the choices will get made.

  11. Walter Mitty

    The NSDAP did not run Death Camps. It is the “Biggest Lie of The 20th Century”.. The Judeo Communist’s on the other hand killed 10’s of millions. War was declared on National Socialist Germany because they defensively attacked Poland. Why was war not declared on Communist Russia for attacking Poland???

    • Mitty,

      Are you serious that “War was declared on…..Germany because they defensively attacked Poland.” ? “Defensively” attacked Poland ? Is that your way of saying the German attack on Poland was justified ?

      The German offensive on Poland was the result of Poland refusing to give up the Danzig Corridor to Adolf Hitler. The Danzig Corridor or Polish Corridor having been the 20 × 70 mile strip of Germany awarded Poland by the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, which gave the newly independent Poland access to the Baltic Sea. The Danzig corridor having once been part of Polish Pomerania. In turn the corridor became a source of extreme friction between Poland and Germany. When Poland refused Adolf Hitler’s demand to return the corridor to German control, Hitler attacked Poland on 1 September 1939. Nothing “defensive” about Hitler’s attack on Poland whatsoever.

      Your asserion the NSDAP, NationalSozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NAZI Party), ran the ‘Death Camps”.or Extermination camps is wrong. That German POLITICAL party did not run the death camps. Rather the SS organization, the SS-Totenkopfverbande was the organization responsible for administering the extermination camps. Not the NAZI Party as you claim.

      Your question as to why the Brits and French did not declare war against the USSR for exactly what NAZI Germany had done is a damn good one. It appears to me the allies decision not to declare war on Stalin was a pre-arranged decision. Why ? Simply because both the Brits and French had economic/trade/national security interests with the Soviets and both had determined that war with the Soviets was just not worth it. Also, Britain had already decided that it’s security interests would involve an Anglo-Soviet alliance against Germany.

      What it boils down to simply is that governments cannot be trusted. And those who challenge the status quo of the ruling elites earn and receive their wrath for upsetting their gravy train. Witness the concerted attacks by CP-USA/DEMS in collusion with their cohorts in crime, the Republicans against Donald John Trump. The French and British sold Poland down the proverbial toilet for their self-interests just as the Commie Dems and the Republicans are attempting to do to Trump.

      National government. A scourge they are upon their citizens that should be abolished with a short rope and tall tree, for every one of the fedgov’s ruling elites whether elected, appointed or hired.

      • Mitty,

        Yep….I’m correcting myself….you’re correct the NAZI Party did not run the death or extermination camps. As I explained above they were administered by the SS not the Party.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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