FT: How China Rules The Waves

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Sure glad The Global Force For Good has its act together.

For extra credit, think about RORO possibilities in those ports.

Interesting times.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. When we started losing our commercial ship building industry and later our Merchant Marine it was pretty clear the downward path was set. No vibrant economy in history has ever persevered without a strong merchant fleet. As for RORO’s, Ask the U.S. Army what they think of their impact on force projection.

  3. I think the first thing Trump needs to come to grips with is that the presidency is not a TV show./ S//

  4. Cassandra (of Troy)

    That ain’t all the ChiComms rule.:


    Kinda tellzya what the deal be in Leftywood/Hollyweird, but then it (Redluv) has been like that there for a LONG time.:



    And the above had predecessors.:


    See also Venona 1/Haynes & Klehr, Venona 2/Breindel, Venona 3/Romerstein

    Fun question 1: Were those in the above texts Boomers?
    Fun question 2: Were those in the general population who supported those in the above texts w/ their $ & adulation Boomers?
    Fun question 3: Were those in the above texts Californians?

  5. ALCON,

    NOTE: Some of Donald John Trump’s most evil opponents voted to send the jobs of yours, your children and your grandchildren, along with Freedom & Liberty, to the Communist regime of the Peoples Republic of China. Pay particular heed to these treasonous Republican bastards opposing Trump and his call to tariff everything coming here from Red China. Sixteen + years ago they sold out the nation and continue to do so:

    John McCain, R-AZ
    John Kasich, R-OH
    Paul Ryan, R-WI

    Oh….and alleged CON-servative and Trump supporter, Jeffrey Sessions, R-AL. Jeff loves him some “Made in China” too.

    Can you draw the parallel ?
    Now on to the posted essay response….

    I suggest the essay title should be “WHY China Rules The Waves”.

    Why is Communist China’s maritime fleet a concern ? They wouldn’t need a fleet to distribute product if they weren’t making product. Would they ?

    Seems to me, as it has for the last 18-19 years, that the issue has been and continues to be the selling out of the greatest manufacturing nation the world has ever known. the former United States of America. Specifically the selling out our manufacturing base courtesy by then POTUS Bill Clinton and his globalist cohorts in the Republican-controlled, 106th United States Congress.

    The ChiComs have been able to increase their maritime assets and their military courtesy the transfer of wealth (manufacturing) from the United States to the Communist Chinese. Treason I call it. Treason on a vast level endorsed by and supported by thousands of Amerikan companies using the vehicle, HR 4444, provided by Democrat Bill Clinton and his co-scoundrels in the106th Congress. This treason also endorsed by millions of common fUSA citizens (fools) who endorse and support Free Trade and Globalism. (tfA-t has a point about 100-200 million ignorant Amerikans).

    H.R. 4444 (106) granted the Red Chinese PNTR: Permanent Normal Trade Relations. Essentially, this Republican introduced legislation selling out Amerikan manufacturing and our sovereignty would allow any product manufactured in Red China to be introduced to the U.S. duty (tax) free. Amerikan (globalist) manufacturing left the U.S. and transferred entire factories to the Red Chinese mainland. These “American” companies commenced manufacturing their product in the PRC, slapped well-known Amerikan company labels on the ChiCom produced products and brought the products back to fUSA….destroying Amerikan jobs and Amerikan wealth and burdening the US population with massive unemployment, underemployment and national debt.

    Manufacturing creates wealth AND maritime fleets to distribute that wealth-building manufacturing. That is why the ChiCom maritime fleet has been created and plies the waters of the world, distributing their manufactured garbage courtesy of the treasonous actions of Bill Clinton and the 106th Congress.

    The below are the Amerikan traitors who sold out the nation to the Communist Chinese:

    1. Amerikan Globalists and Free-Traders.
    2. William J. Clinton, 42d POTUS
    3. 106th United States Congress:
    3a: In the House of Representatives:

    US Representatives Voting YES to H.R. 4444 (106th) to Destroy American Sovereignty and Support Communist China:

    P Name State

    D Gary Ackerman NY
    D Thomas Allen ME
    R William Archer TX
    R Richard Armey TX
    R Spencer Bachus AL
    D Brian Baird WA
    R Richard Baker LA
    R T. Ballenger NC
    R William Barrett NE
    R Charles Bass NH
    R H. Bateman VA
    D Xavier Becerra CA
    D K.Bentsen TX
    R D. Bereuter NE
    D Robert Berry AR
    R Judith Biggert IL
    R Brian Bilbray CA
    D Sanford Bishop GA
    R Thomas Bliley VA
    D E.Blumenauer OR
    R Roy Blunt MO
    R S.Boehlert NY
    R John Boehner OH
    R Henry Bonilla TX
    R M. Bono Mack CA
    D L.Boswell IA
    D F. Boyd FL
    R Kevin Brady TX
    R Edward Bryant TN
    R H. Callahan AL
    R K.Calvert CA
    R David Camp MI
    R T. Campbell CA
    R C. Canady FL
    R C. Cannon UT
    D Lois Capps CA
    D B.Cardin MD
    D Julia Carson IN
    R Michael Castle DE
    R Steven Chabot OH
    R C. Chambliss GA
    R Larry Combest TX
    R John Cooksey LA
    R Charles Cox CA
    D Robert Cramer AL
    R Philip Crane IL
    R Barbara Cubin WY
    R R. Cunningham CA
    D James Davis FL
    R Thomas Davis VA
    D Diana DeGette CO
    R Thomas DeLay TX
    R James DeMint SC
    R Jay Dickey AR
    D Norman Dicks WA
    D Julian Dixon CA
    D Lloyd Doggett TX
    D Calvin Dooley CA
    R John Doolittle CA
    R David Dreier CA
    R Jennifer Dunn WA
    D T. Edwards TX
    R Vernon Ehlers MI
    R Jo Emerson MO
    R Philip English PA
    D Anna Eshoo CA
    D B.Etheridge NC
    R Robert Everett AL
    R Thomas Ewing IL
    R Ernest Fletcher KY
    R Mark Foley FL
    D Harold Ford TN
    R Vito Fossella NY
    R Tillie Fowler FL
    R Robert Franks NJ
    R R. Frelinghuysen NJ
    D Jonas Frost TX
    R Elton Gallegly CA
    R John Ganske IA
    R George Gekas PA
    R Wayne Gilchrest MD
    R Paul Gillmor OH
    D Charles Gonzalez TX
    R Robert Goodlatte VA
    R Porter Goss FL
    R Kay Granger TX
    R Mark Green WI
    R J.Greenwood PA
    R G. Gutknecht MN
    D Ralph Hall TX
    R James Hansen UT
    R John Hastert IL
    R Doc Hastings WA
    R Walter Herger CA
    D Baron Hill IN
    R Rick Hill MT
    R Van Hilleary TN
    D Rubén Hinojosa TX
    R David Hobson OH
    D Darlene Hooley OR
    R A. Houghton NY
    D Steny Hoyer MD
    R Kenny Hulshof MO
    R Asa Hutchinson AR
    R Henry Hyde IL
    D Jay Inslee WA
    R Johnny Isakson GA
    R Ernest Istook OK
    D S. Jackson-Lee TX
    D W. Jefferson LA
    R William Jenkins TN
    D C. John LA
    D Eddie Johnson TX
    R Nancy Johnson CT
    R Sam Johnson TX
    R John Kasich OH
    R Sue Kelly NY
    D Ron Kind WI
    R J. Knollenberg MI
    R James Kolbe AZ
    R S.Kuykendall CA
    D John LaFalce NY
    R Ray LaHood IL
    R Steve Largent OK
    R Thomas Latham IA
    R Enrico Lazio NY
    R James Leach IA
    D Sander Levin MI
    R Charles Lewis CA
    R Ron Lewis KY
    R John Linder GA
    D Zoe Lofgren CA
    D Nita Lowey NY
    R Frank Lucas OK
    D Ken Lucas KY
    D C.Maloney NY
    R D.Manzullo IL
    D M. Martínez CA
    D R. Matsui CA
    R Ira McCollum FL
    R James McCrery LA
    D J.McDermott WA
    R John McHugh NY
    R Scott McInnis CO
    R David McIntosh IN
    R H. McKeon CA
    D Martin Meehan MA
    D Gregory Meeks NY
    R Daniel Miller FL
    R Gary Miller CA
    D David Minge MN
    D Dennis Moore KS
    D James Moran VA
    R Jerry Moran KS
    R C. Morella MD
    R Sue Myrick NC
    D Richard Neal MA
    R G.Nethercutt WA
    R Anne Northup KY
    R James Nussle IA
    D Solomon Ortiz TX
    R Doug Ose CA
    R Michael Oxley OH
    R Ronald Packard CA
    R Edward Pease IN
    R John Peterson PA
    R Thomas Petri WI
    R C Pickering MS
    D Owen Pickett VA
    R Joseph Pitts PA
    D Earl Pomeroy ND
    R John Porter IL
    R Robert Portman OH
    D David Price NC
    R Deborah Pryce OH
    R G. Radanovich CA
    R James Ramstad MN
    D Charles Rangel NY
    R Ralph Regula OH
    D Silvestre Reyes TX
    R T Reynolds NY
    D T Roemer IN
    R James Rogan CA
    R M Roukema NJ
    R Edward Royce CA
    R Paul Ryan WI
    R Jim Ryun KS
    R M Salmon AZ
    D Max Sandlin TX
    D T Sawyer OH
    R Robert Schaffer CO
    D José Serrano NY
    R Pete Sessions TX
    R John Shadegg AZ
    R Eugene Shaw FL
    R C Shays CT
    R Don Sherwood PA
    R John Shimkus IL
    R E. Shuster PA
    R M Simpson ID
    R Joseph Skeen NM
    D Isaac Skelton MO
    D Adam Smith WA
    R Lamar Smith TX
    R Nick Smith MI
    D Victor Snyder AR
    D C Stenholm TX
    R Robert Stump AZ
    R John Sununu NH
    R John Sweeney NY
    R James Talent MO
    D John Tanner TN
    D Ellen Tauscher CA
    R Wilbert Tauzin LA
    R Lee Terry NE
    R William Thomas CA
    D M Thompson CA
    R W. Thornberry TX
    R John Thune SD
    D Karen Thurman FL
    R Todd Tiahrt KS
    R Patrick Toomey PA
    D Jim Turner TX
    R Frederick Upton MI
    R David Vitter LA
    R Greg Walden OR
    R James Walsh NY
    R W Watkins OK
    R Julius Watts OK
    D Henry Waxman CA
    D Anthony Weiner NY
    R Wayne Weldon PA
    R Gerald Weller IL
    R W Whitfield KY
    R Roger Wicker MS
    R Heather Wilson NM
    R Charles Young FL

    3b. In the US Senate:

    US Senators Voting YES to H.R. 4444 (106th) to Destroy American Sovereignty and Support Communist China:

    P Name State

    R E Abraham MI
    R Alan Allard CO
    R John Ashcroft MO
    D Max Baucus MT
    D Birch Bayh IN
    R Robert Bennett UT
    D Joseph Biden DE
    D J Bingaman NM
    R C Bond MO
    D Barbara Boxer CA
    D John Breaux LA
    R S Brownback KS
    D Richard Bryan NV
    R Conrad Burns MT
    R Lincoln Chafee RI
    D Joseph Cleland GA
    R W Cochran MS
    R Susan Collins ME
    D Kent Conrad ND
    R Larry Craig ID
    R Michael Crapo ID
    D T Daschle SD
    R R DeWine OH
    D C Dodd CT
    R P Domenici NM
    D Byron Dorgan ND
    D R Durbin IL
    D J Edwards NC
    R Michael Enzi WY
    D D Feinstein CA
    R P Fitzgerald IL
    R William Frist TN
    R Thomas Gorton WA
    D Daniel Graham FL
    R William Gramm TX
    R Rod Grams MN
    R C Grassley IA
    R Judd Gregg NH
    R Charles Hagel NE
    D Thomas Harkin IA
    R Orrin Hatch UT
    R K Hutchison TX
    D Daniel Inouye HI
    D T Johnson SD
    D E Kennedy MA
    D J. Kerrey NE
    D John Kerry MA
    D Herbert Kohl WI
    R Jon Kyl AZ
    D Mary Landrieu LA
    D F Lautenberg NJ
    D Patrick Leahy VT
    D Carl Levin MI
    D Blanche Lincoln AR
    R Chester Lott MS
    R Richard Lugar IN
    R Connie Mack FL
    R John McCain AZ
    R A McConnell KY
    D Zell Miller GA
    D D Moynihan NY
    R F Murkowski AK
    D Patty Murray WA
    R Donald Nickles OK
    D John Reed RI
    D Charles Robb VA
    R Charles Roberts KS
    D John Rockefeller WV
    R William Roth DE
    R R Santorum PA
    D C Schumer NY
    R J Sessions AL
    R Richard Shelby AL
    R Gordon Smith OR
    R Olympia Snowe ME
    R T Stevens AK
    R Craig Thomas WY
    R Fred Thompson TN
    R J Thurmond SC
    D Robert Torricelli NJ
    R G Voinovich OH
    R John Warner VA
    D Ronald Wyden OH

    The enemy is among us and has been for years:

    1 + 1 + 535 + 8 + 100-200 million fUSA citizen fools (per tfA-t)

    Let’s hope DJT can drain the swamp. But, he won’t do it alone.

  6. Since Wen Ho Lee put China’s nuke miniaturization ahead a few decades and got paid for it, imagine nukes in cargo ships bound for US ports. Couple dozen of them, to allow for loss, etc., and aimed at multiple ports.

    Seein’s how we only inspect somewhere around 3% of shipping, this seems feasible. What could possibly go wrong?

  7. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Years back a few of our allies were in the market to buy some subs.They wanted to purchase the non nuke variety. Shipyards in Maine ,Ct, Virginia were willing to bid ,build said non nuclear subs. Which would of been a job creator. But no the U.S.Navy brass steps in and shit cans the whole idea. Their excuse is American Shipyards only build nuclear subs. So a foreign country got the contract. The same with Avco,Textron ,Lycoming who use to build our Abrahams tank engines in Stratford Ct. Avco use to employ 3 full time shifts of workers 24/7. They were shut down. Now said engines are made in Great Britain & Hong Kong. The military industrial complex are anti American worker orientated.

    • Likely just as much of an issue is ITAR. it’s a right pain in the button to export anything vaguely weapon like or “dual use.” I’m actually worried if I get to the point of actually making large scale rc tanks for real (long dream, not likely though) and have a microcontroller of some sort in there beyond a basic servo receiver it’d end up on the list as some sort of unmanned vehicle, especially with options for paintball guns. The market is small enough I’d need the international market to break even I think.

  8. possibilities? like moving several million people with zero identification papers into europe in the past two years? or moving hundreds of cars and trucks between ports with little security going in and none coming out? just maybe, as melinda byerley said, the origin of our fears is “just because they don’t want brown people to thrive.” good thing the legacy of the out-going president is we no longer have any foreign enemies. and there wasn’t a single instance of terrorism on our soil. or we’d be in big trouble.


  9. What is the force multiplier advantage of prepositioned assets sitting in containers along the line of march AND RoRo capability?

  10. if not mistaken a chicom company controls the port facilities at both ends of the panama canal.

  11. Those trade routes represent vulnerabilities, not strengths, in any conflict.

    The only salient issue is the strength (or lack) of our own Navy, and the surging power of a China’s growing blue-water capabilities.

    Merchant traffic merely represents lucrative target tonnage, nominally since at least 1941, and absolutely since 1955.

    As the little girl said to the little boy while playing doctor:
    I have one of these, and I can use it to get all of those I want.”

    The same of true of actual warfighting navies and merchant fleets.
    Ask Elizabeth I and Phillip II.

    • 4GW – no merchant targets at this time. But rest assured that china is at war with us. china’s growing blue-water capabilities represent significant gains in 4GW avenues that are unseen at the moment.

  12. behind enemy lines Ct.

    Long Beach California quietly changed hands under” Hide your wimmen folk “Slick Willie’s tenure.

  13. Wow, been lurking this blog for years and have a non high speed low drag topic that I can actually comment on regarding actual expertise.

    RORO vessels cannot RORO if one of two things happen. 1) no hydraulics, no RORO. Doesn’t matter whether it is stern/side ramp, internal hoistable deck/ramp, water/fire tight doors, list control hydraulics are disabled. No fluid power either by lack of electricity, failure due to sabotage/contamination, whatever, no vehicle movement. Stern/side ramp hydraulic cylinders are configured to hydraulically lock/hold the load (cylinders are usually oriented rod down) should a hydraulic hose break. Prevent the crew from replacing ose and reintroducing hydraulic pressure to unlock valve, no vehicle off load. 2) less important wrt to the Chinese value of human life, ventilation. Automotive RORO vessels have large ventilation systems to remove emissions. Military ROROs have massive ventilation systems – several million CFM. No ventilation, vehicle operators pass out and die due to CO poisoning.

    As for manufacturing, yes, we exported it to China as we did our massive inflation since petrodollar initiation via Fed money printing. Unlike Japan post – WWII, we didn’t send Deming to China with the deal. It has taken them nearly forty years to make a quality product and that is; 1) VERY inconsistent by industry and even product and 2) based largely on intellectual property theft. We can publish lists of Congressional traitors (rightly so) who voted to line the pockets of globalist East India Company devotees as well as their own by exporting our industrial base and, as the father of a young man who is not college material, our children’s birthright. But just like the keyboard commando that is gonna repel the invading hoard of San Franciscan Lesbian Cannabilistic Zombies even though he looks like a pre Weight Watchers Oprah Winfrey, we too need to look in the mirror, not to mention our living rooms, pockets, purses, etc. to see if we own any of this s*** that arrives in CONEX containers from the east. And that includes LG , Samsung, KIA (the South Koreans being some of the most xenophobic in Asia and an ally none the less).

    At risk of being labelled one of those ‘Murica dudes, I am not, I am a Southron and Dixie is MY nation. That said, for 30 years+ I have traveled the USA over and work every day with the American engineer and tradesman who are the most creative, innovative and hardest working class one will ever meet. You and I as lovers of freedom should support them with our wallets.

  14. Wow, I thought I would strike a nerve with my missive. Must have been pre-empted by the NFL circus – oh, forgot, Murica’s team is playing tonight. Time will tell n’est pas? Please tell me how wrong I am or get busy supporting kith, kin and tribe as Mosby and Brushbeater are wont to say. Know this, as someone who has seen the depravity of mankind rear its ugly mug TWO DAYS into a hurricane oriented crisis, no electricity and gasoline for a month, family members homes swept into the marsh, cul de sac neighbors literally deny clean water and food, this is in Southeast VA y’all – hometown USA. Tribe is EVERYTHING.