Gary Hunt: More On The USG’s Post-Malheur Capers To Prohibit Free Speech


The Order

Contemptuous Postings

Oregonian: Judge gives California man 24 hours to remove online posts about FBI informants in refuge case

Oregonian: Prosecutors urge judge to strengthen protective court order on FBI informant reports

More to come.

UPDATE 1623E 14JAN2017: Gary notes in comments:

If you would like to possess some “illegal material”, it is now on line in both pdf and kindle formats, at that link, above [below]. Not the 1023s, but the articles that are the subject of the Cease & Desist and the subsequent “Order”, as well as my side of the story.

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23 responses to “Gary Hunt: More On The USG’s Post-Malheur Capers To Prohibit Free Speech

  1. One could be excused for thinking that after the FBI and the US Attorney’s office stomped all over their own dicks with the first Malheur trial, they’d fuck off quietly somewhere.

    Instead, having received self-inflicted third degree burns, they’re now trying to get an emergency resupply of racing gasoline, a dumptruck of magnesium shavings, and a pallet of road flares for use in their next attempt at Kangaroo Kourtroom Komedy.

    I repeat, the papers previously posted should be reposted on a few thousand sites, printed in books, and handbilled far and wide on every flat surface in Oregon that doesn’t move. Let the fucktards take on the entire country. It should be a sporting contest.

    Judge Jerkweed needs to learn that you can’t squeeze toothpaste back into the tube, no matter how foolishly fervently you may wish to do so.

    • They are literally changing laws and creating new ones out of whole cloth to make up for all the violations of the laws they have already broken and violated. It isn’t even a court any longer, it is a cluster fuck looking for a cluster fuck to supersede the previous cluster fuck, like whatever is convenient to the court is law? In other words, the only law of rule is there is no rule of law. Where does it end? When they no longer even have to make an effort of appearance of jurisprudence and just do what the ATF and FBI already do, kill everyone so they don’t have to even bother with jurisprudence?
      Because to this guy, that is where this is ending up. Just ask LeVoy Finnicum. He got his day in this court of tyrannical opinion.

      • However, I am enjoying this more than anybody should be allowed. However, I thin Billy J. Williams and Anna Brown, and there minions, don’t have near the pleasure that I am getting from this “game”.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “They are literally changing laws and creating new ones out of whole cloth to make up for all the violations of the laws they have already broken and violated. ”

        Two quotes from the underappreciated movie “PIrate Radio” sum it up:

        “Believe me, they will find a way. Governments loathe people being free.”
        “You see, that’s the whole point of being the government. If you don’t like something you simply make up a new law that makes it illegal.”

  2. The Fourth Horseman

    Someone NEEDS to make this a torrent and start disseminating it anonymously throughout the net. Post links for download.


  3. Fair warning is included:
    Informants – The Scourge of the Patriot Community

    • So why would someone include “informant names” in a PDF file “requiring” a download wherein server logs can detail who downloaded it? And of course, those logs will be submitted to the FBI by you or your ISP.

      If you were really serious about this and not some .gov quisling troll you’d just give the file to several internet distro sources, wikileaks, torrent, anonymous FTP, etc to ensure wide anonymous dissemination. Instead you’ve put it on your website in easily traceable file format and shook hands with some SA FBI when “served”.

      Call me skeptical of your real intentions.

      Grey Ghost

  4. What a disgrace, our federal legal system has become. It’s apparent these retards, need protection from themselves.

    Is their any doubt that the cover up continues to shield the FBI and OSP from their civil liabilities in LaVoys murder, and the Bunkerville crew.

    For an Oregon appointed federal judge to make so, an order in another state, California, is sloppy. That the question of “jurisdiction” wasn’t asked, hence her compliance in issuing the order, just reeks of self importance. Isn’t her job rule of law?

    Rather then doing the right thing, by instructing DOJ AG and FBI, to hit the Federal judges, in California, for the order.

    Could we see this at SCOTUS, it sure seems a far overreach of federal powers, on a couple different magnitudes.

    Gary you just went from zero to sixty in record time, good on you.


    • I was on a radio show with Jeanette Finicum, last evening. She is, albeit slowly, proceeding with the wrongful death suit. I’ve made contact with her, for the first time since LaVoy was murdered. Now, I can, perhaps, get some answers.
      BTW, she seemed quite pleased with this recent government caper, and my response thereto.

      • Good Show Gary!

        Maybe you and Jeannette can get in touch with George Noory (sp?) of Coast to Coast (Iheart radio) and do a segment or two with him? I think it’d be a great way to reach a lot of good folks who may have not had the chance to hear or examine what’s happened and continuing to happen with this.

        I wish you and her all the best and hope that you can reach George if you both wish to be guests on his show.

        Yours in Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

      • Hi Gary,

        Here’s the contact link for George Noory and his staff at Coast to Coast:

        If you and Jeannette decide to go with this ill definitely tune in (usually listen to it while at work).

        Yours In Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

      • Patriots from coast to coast are solidly in her corner. How’s she and the kids, doing?

        Should you,find your self, in Klamath Falls, were in the phone book, your welcome here.

        A couple of us are headed to Burns next week, to the murder site, on the anniversary, want to go?

        • Can’t afford to go. My trip to Burns was funded by some patriots.

          • Gary, no worries, I’m unaware of anything formal happening. Would not be surprised to run into others, including our Govts finest.

            We’re out day before, camped out and spending the day ” site seeing” , camped out 2nd night, then home. A twofer, our winter freeze our asses off event, amd paying our respects, to LaVoys commitment.

            I didn’t know him. his words, his deeds, his sacrafice, are something I personally will never take for granted. I’m not someone who clings on to personalities. This is about respect.

            And I think those dumb asses at the refuge got it wrong, I’ll be sporting my blue tarp patch, in his honor.


  5. Just remember: This cannot occur without the support of the Praetorian Guard. As is frequently noted here, act locally. And unless your local “Law Enforcement” have told the FedPigs to shove it up their Obama, they are fully complicit.

    I am holding off, for now, to see what comes out of next week’s “Quickening”. It appears that this country may soon have new leadership which dares to stand against the swill that have been destroying the nation for decades. While I want justice for Andrew Lee Scott, and for Jerry Waller, and the hundreds of others murdered by the Blue Wall, I am willing to forgo that if the leadership sewer is purged. I’m willing to settle for action that changes the direction this country is headed. But if the inauguration is stopped, or if President Trump is assassinated, or if he is impeached, or if anything else happens which prevents the purge, then as far as I am concerned, pig hunting season will officially be open. May God have mercy upon their souls, and upon the souls of their families.

  6. If they are so worried, and are willing to violate so much jurispudence about revealing particular rats, after revealing other rats, there is one or more rats that if they where exposed would incriminate both the feds and the court in something very important to keep from people learning about.
    Not for nothing, the jury nullified the feds case, exonerated the defendants, what court cases remain are misdemeanor trials. There is somebody on that list of rats they seriously can’t afford to be let known.

  7. If you would like to possess some “illegal material”, it is now on line in both pdf and kindle formats, at that link, above. Not the 1023s, but the article s that are the subject of the Cease & Desist and the subsequent “Order”, as well as my side of the story.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Steel T Post

    I’m not going to disseminate material; I’m going to consider it objet trouvé (found art.) Pretty! I just hope my objet trouvé wouldn’t piss off Robert Heinlein enough to call me an incompetent whore, since it is government-supported art.

    “A government-supported artist is an incompetent whore!” -Heinlein (Stranger in a Strange Land)

    Somehow, I think he’d make an exception in this case of Federal objet trouvé. 🙂

  10. Your courage and calm facing these ridiculous demands is admirable! I think covert agents are necessary at times, and don’t hate them in theory -but they should be used against real terrorists, mafia, cartel, etc. Their mistake is labeling patriots and the Constitution as the enemy-and not having the intelligence to see the difference.

  11. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Reminds me of the following.:

    And for those who may not remember the Imperium’s Ruby Ridge escapacades, the following background item.:

    It would be quite interesting to see what effect the (hopefully aggressively publicized) exposure of Imperium activities during a full tilt, open court, jury trial would have on an already obstreperous populace & their ebullient champion Donaldus Magnus Rex given His/His minions near deification of LE at all levels. How the new Imperator/His regime would attempt to explain away/distract attn from such antics would be highly informative as would the media’s reaction, given their, bi-polarity, regarding LE mal/misfeasance & resistance to govtl/LE Ahthorateh by a portion of the citizenry they/their champions (Hey Boiny, dat’s YOO, fella!) consider to be at best deplorable.

    Yeppers, one’d need a tank farm of brew & a trainload of popcorn (or conversely, pallets of heavy tranqs/anti-emetics) should the above scenario occur. To paraphrase Kor,: “It would be Glorious”. Ah, if only……