Who claims he will not be wearing that dubious terrycloth love machine outfit at the Inauguration.

Nor making making that passé hand gesture.

We’ll see.



  1. Liver Spot Lee to the rescue.

  2. Meme magic, CA! Your powers are increasing!

  3. It’s gonna hurt……..

  4. Apparently bocelli got death threats and in turn tucked his tail and ran.

    Now if the “right” did this to Beyoncé or jay z or anyone of that Ilk cities would be burning down.

  5. MichiganderJim

    It’s always epistemology—“where at least I know I’m free.”

  6. Lightninbolt

    He was a “one hit wonder”. Mr. Trump needs to ask Mick Jagger to perform at the inauguration since he played the Stones at practically all of his rallies. “You can’t always get what you want”…

  7. I’ll tune in for the swearing-in, just to see Trump come in, and Obongo get the fuck out, and skip all the other bullshit. You know, while they’re pissing away all this money on the Inauguration, somewhere there’s one of our Navy ships needs a new engine. One of our Infantry Battalions needs equipment upgrades. Old veterans are in line to see a doctor, that isn’t there, at the VA. There’s a Marine Company that lacks ammo for range training. There’s Air Force aircraft, and Marine aircraft, and Navy aircraft, and Army aircraft, and Coast Guard air craft, that are grounded because of a lack of spare parts, and maintenance. There’ s Armed Forces hospitals, and clinics, around the world, using obsolete equipment to treat patients, because the money hasn’t been spent for upgrades and replacements. And there are untold numbers of illegal aliens plotting disaster, and crossing the border, and screwing up the country, while we parade down Pennsylvania Ave. and celebrate the new guy. Just get the thing done, and go to work, the place is a mess.