PHS: ATF on the Chopping Block Again, So Brace for Waco 2


An important post.

Read it and share it.

It ain’t over.

It ain’t even started yet.


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42 responses to “PHS: ATF on the Chopping Block Again, So Brace for Waco 2

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    H/T WRSA. Read it carefuuly….

  2. Who is the dufus in the “Rules” t-shirt?

  3. Heroes, all!

  4. That’s a tough pill to swallow, though I can’t find anything in there I disagree with. It is a reminder that it is paramount to focus on my own span of control, and keep a constructive mindset while recognizing the decidedly hazardous environment we’re in.

  5. Centurion_Cornelius

  6. Badges?… check

    Depravity?… check

    nothing to see here folks…

    move along.

    • Wait a minute…that’s what you want…genocide. Can’t play both sides of the same coin.

      • I merely state the obvious.

        100-200 million murkins simply have no functional purpose

        Call it what you like…

        • Cassandra (of Troy)


          And like the Left you feign compassion for such while considering them to be nothing more than mere props that become instantly expendable once their value’s gone. How Supiriah!

      • Hey, mister almighty alaskan ..give it a rest and focus on the apparent enemy…..never any point to you…just don’t like T FAT….ok walk a mile in his shoes vice a versa and put your energy into attacking this leftist gov. population that hates you……..or loan me that wasted energy so I can get more done.
        None of us ever wanted our fellow americans to die at the hands of these fucking assholes ……then or now…!

  7. Mike said No More Free Waco’s. I think they feared Mike and took him seriously.

  8. a Republiscam Congress did nothing about F&F/Gunwalker but blow hot air. Sensenbrenner’s bill will die in Committee. The only way we’ll get rid of ATF and the other alphabet criminal bureaucracies is by killing the dwellers within.

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  10. True or False?

    True or False: The Denver FBI SWAT team assigned to Ruby Ridge thought the ROE were “crazy” and agreed among themselves to follow the FBI deadly force policy?

    Answer can be quickly found at the link below:

    • yet they choose to engage. didn’t they?

      child murdering Heroes.

    • So, the Denver FBI SWAT guys were the “good guys”?

      Well, those “good guys” never made any move to arrest Special Agent Horiuchi after he shot Randy Weaver through the back and then murdered Mrs. Weaver, did they? Neither did ANY OTHER FBI agent up or down the chain of command, did they?

      Good fuckin guys? You betcha!

      • Cassandra (of Troy)


        Not even so much as a sternly worded Dear Colleague letter!

  11. Former Special Agent Jim Cavanaugh of the ATF, and of Waco infamy, is a serial liar and self-serving scum bag. These were his better qualities, and are representative of all ATF agents. Disband the dirt bag agency.

  12. Meh, they’re not bulletproof.

    • A high casualty rate is a serious problem for them. Any casualty rate is too high. Solzhenitsyn was right. They will quickly resort to other means. They have to. There isn’t enough of them, and the truly dirty ones, the psychopaths and sociopaths, there less. Soon as they do, they are reacting. They start the whole thing from a false conception of superiority. It’s what they do. The population is a nail, and they think they are the hammer. There is another concept though, and it’s called a bigger hammer. Dirt people don’t make good nails.

      • Right. At the next Waco they’ll have 2 enemies. The one they attack and the battalions that attack them from the rear. The ATF will be easier to dissolve when there are no personnel left.

        • Ghost,

          Why should we have another Waco ? But, if tnere is….just how will one rally the “troops” to the scene ?

          I’d like to believe you’re correct. Instead, I believe your responding battalions are but wishful thinking.

        • I hope you understand that the local “Law Enforcement” will be on their side, and if you dare touch a FedPig, Sheriff Andy will have his finest all over your ass. The Blue Wall sticks together, REGARDLESS of how foul their crimes and treason. And there are VERY few exceptions to that across this entire nation. We may have seen one in Oregon where the neighboring sheriff was trying to possibly do right by the Malheur crowd, who were on their way to meet with him when they were murdered by the OSP and the FedPigs. But exceptions such as that are EXTREMELY rare. And when they do pop out, you can bet the FedPigs will rapidly smash them with help from the neighboring pig sties.

          A general rule of thumb is that ANY “Law Enforcement” agency which has personnel assigned to ANY of the DHS Fusion Centers across this country are filthy maggot pigs. And with over 70 such centers across the country, and with the incentives that the Feds provide to the local pig sties that participate, well, there ain’t a whole lot left which aren’t neck-deep in the sewage.

  13. regardless any and all rationalizations, the various enforcement agencies plot, and carry out actions, to continue their precious funding.


    I’ll believe it when I see it. I hope the committee hearings at least BRING OUT the criminal complicity of the BATFE in the death of U.S. Border Patrol Officer Brian Terry. And, we still have the deaths of innocent Mexican citizens, in a sovereign country on Amerika’s border who were MURDERED by firearms supplied to Mexican criminals by the BATFE. Would that Eric Holder and his BATFE minions be extradited to Mexico to stand trial as complicit Principals in the crime of murder.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      DWEEZIL THE WEASEL/14Jan17@19:16,

      Recall also another F&F casualty who’s gone curiously unremembered given his occupation, ICE agent Jaime Zapata, & then there’s that lil’ State Dept deal that the late Archbishop Vanderboegh (or was it Codrea?) discovered that’s reputedly as bad if not worse than F&F which went POOF as well. Lotsa lotsa anti-2A fun & games been indulged in by various Imperium outfits that, if ever seriously investigated then exposed, would well & truly give the country a severe & quite possibly terminal case of the whim-whams regarding the trustability of all levels of the Imperium & the press/media too.

      Like you, however, I have more confidence about hitting the Lottery trifecta alone than seeing such happen in my lifetime if ever.

  15. Where the first ones in the window current/former guards of Bill Clinton?

  16. Hell yeah

  17. Praise the Lord if Trump goes after these guys. We all know what they are. We all know they consider themselves above the law. Time to end BATF. A truly useless branch of a useless bureaucracy.

  18. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Publicizing ATF’s antics like deliberately inducing double fire in semi-auto rifles so they can be labled Class 3 weapons to make a case & classifying a shoestring a such for the same reason would go a long way toward severely discrediting the agency, using CSPAN video to show people how the Feds treated Aguilera when he refused to be ATF’s/FBI’s patsy & Dodson when he too refused to play ball w/ Fast & Furious in combination w/ the aforementioned would likely gut it.

    The question is whether Donaldus Magnus Rex &/or His A.G. Sessions would allow such to occur due to their deifying local/state/Fed LE & declarations that critics of same are de facto America hating, criminal loving, anarchistic traitors, stacked against that & DMR’s stated revulsion for admitting mistakes pro-2A grievances against ATF in particular stand little chance of being seriously addressed.

  19. Accurate SITREP. Thank you.

  20. A threatened agency that reacts with spectacular violence up for dismantling, and an open-air event with one segment of the population saying they’re going to send 2 million members. Along with another segment that is promising violent riots in response.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  21. MichiganderJim

    We already had Waco II. I would’ve lost money betting that there would be a strong response from that crew. This suggests there will be no strong response from any comers in any context. IOW if not that bunch, then not this bunch and likely not any bunch. This is highly relevant to liberty-seeking Americans IMO. For most, it indicates the necessity of revising one’s expectations and responses…at least those who have a mind to change.

    Those bikers and Lavoy—who would’ve ever thunk execution squads in the USofA? Yet there they are. I’m glad I dedicated 2017 to the topic of complicity.