Team Culper Sends: Intel Exercise Beginning 19 JAN – Battletracking the Inauguration Protests


Starting Thursday, 19 JAN, I’ll be hosting a free event in Austin, TX for anyone who wants to battle track the reds and dindus protesting the Inauguration. Just like we did with the Ferguson riots and the GOP Convention protests, we’ll producing real-time intelligence on the marches, protests, and riots. This is an excellent learning opportunity as we delve into Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield/Community and cover the Intelligence Cycle. By Thursday night, we’ll begin tracking the event once things pick up. (If you want to attend this event from out of town, I’ve negotiated a discounted rate at the hotel. There are numerous other hotels in the area, too.)

The event costs nothing and I’ll provide drinks and order pizza/Chinese/whatever for lunch and dinner. Volunteers need to bring a be-know-do attitude and be prepared to learn the battle rhythm of an event like this. This will be real-time, real-world, hands-on intelligence gathering, mainly OSINT and SIGINT/COMINT, as we’ll have radio operators in the DC area, too.

On that point, if you’re going to the Inauguration and would like to provide us with on the ground reporting, please get in touch. You’ll be feeding a group of volunteers information and we can send back a picture of the overall security situation.

If you run a company and/or service and would like to sponsor this event, also please get in touch. You will be on our live streams on Stitcher and the FO Podcast, and Facebook/YouTube for video.

If you’re interested in attending for a matter of hours or for the whole thing, you can reach me at rome (at) readfomag dot com. We would love to have a sponsor for this event, too.

I’ll get you the web address where we’ll have the live map up and running. This should be a really fun event and great learning opportunity. Thank you for the support.

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  1. “The principle of human rights never prescribes national suicide.” — Viktor Orbán
    “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.” Oliver Wendell Holmes

  2. Here’s some intel:
    Soo…..Bikers for Trump, the ONLY pro trump group to secure an inauguration permit for a rally on the mall (sounds purposely lopsided doesn’t it?) is Bikers for Trump. Headed by a gentleman named Chris Cox, see backgrounder here:

    “Cox grew up learning a little about how Washington politics works. His father, Earl Cox, worked in various federal agencies, including the Labor and Agriculture departments, and Cox spent much of his childhood in Northern Virginia. ”

    Using Google-FU we find that the Earl of Agriculture is this lad:

    Ancient Faiths, Modern Alliances.


    • now you are going to get it Tom……………YOU WII NOT speak out about the ……Joooooooooooo’s

      Dan will be in your shit so fast your head will swim………..
      isreal first …..I dare say……….!

  3. POd American

    Will you be posting HF freqs for the observers in DC or have spotters on DXWatch?

  4. hummus abedin

    Yeah, “battletrack” treasonous shitbags
    in real time.
    Don’t make any fucking effort to
    develop any actual strategy and tactics
    to finally begin countering the unending
    rampage by the treasonous uniparty
    dictatorship and their foot soldiers, the SJW’s, multigay, communist, race-hustling, PC, virtue signaling, shadow funded professional protesters, and fragile snowflakes.

    • Any helpful input on actual strategy and tactics are always welcome at

      • hummus abedin

        If the moderator of this site, or anyone that has consumed its contents for
        more than a minute, finds it necessary to ask that question at this late hour, it’s a matter of honestly being clueless or intentionally pretending to be ignorant
        and at a loss.

      • hummus abedin

        None of us should need any
        “input” on this subject emailed
        from anyone else.
        If you don’t know by now, especially
        if you’re viewed as “leadership”
        (nationally) on the side of the fence
        counterposed to the treasonous
        rulers in DC and their foot soldiers.
        Once again, if that is the case, one
        is either genuinely ignorant or pretending
        to be.
        Either way, its much too late in the
        day for that bullshit to continue.–smash-windows/

    • you forgot – cops…

      So I’ll remind everyone who the hard enemy is.

      National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 01-12-17

      January 13, 2017 @ 3:56 PM by Jonathan Blanks

      Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, January 12, 2017

      Update: Cleveland, Ohio (First reported 10-14-15): An officer pled guilty to attempted assault for biting his girlfriend during a fight while he was off-duty. He may retain his job.
      Broward County, Florida: A sheriff’s deputy was suspended for recording and leaking security footage of the airport shooting to TMZ.
      Corona, California: An officer was placed on leave after accidentally firing a round into a security officer’s car. The security officer was in the car at the time of the shooting but was not hit by the bullet.
      Gaston County, North Carolina: An officer was arrested for assault and pointing a gun at someone. He is no longer with the department.
      McKinley County, New Mexico: A deputy was suspended and two others were placed on paid leave after a brawl at a party at the suspended deputy’s home. The victim was not an officer and had to be airlifted to a hospital.
      Sonoma County, California (First reported 10-24-16): A now-former deputy was charged with felonious assault by an officer for beating and tasing a Marine veteran and former police officer in his home.
      Pinellas County, Florida: A deputy was arrested for domestic battery and witness tampering after an off-duty incident.
      Update: Nashville, Tennessee (First reported 01-25-16): An officer was suspended for one month after her criminal stalking charge was dismissed following an Alford plea.

      • hummus abedin

        I have certainly not forgotten
        the shitbag police state.
        I am on a similar page of
        agreement with your comments.

    • Hummus- honest question; is there a suggestion in that comment, or is it merely sniping?

      • hummus abedin

        I don’t snipe at those I have
        a level of agreement with.
        However, that does not mean
        I will not be harshly critical or
        withhold honest discussion, of
        continuing down a losing path.
        I daily include my personal actions and conduct in this ongoing assessment.

  5. hummus abedin

    Regardless of being treasonous shitbags, strategy and tactics.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. How can I be a consumer of the intel that has been gathered, analyzed, and packaged? What is package, FO on tube you?

  8. It is useful to know what the other side is up to, always. But I would suggest to any one that the order of battle changes rapidly once one side starts shooting back.

  9. The head of the DC national Guard has been ordered to leave his post the minute Trump is inaugurated. He talked to the WaPo about it. H/T -Story linked at mojave patriot.

  10. will be interesting to see how these bikers do at the event…wouldn’t be surprised if the deep state decides to ‘Waco’ them,..just like the badged orcs did to other bikers at Waco.

    No more Wacos means just that, not a smarmy keyboard meme!

    Yours in Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  11. Would it be helpful for people to watch predesignated news feeds and report items of interest? Like:

    Fox News reports protesters setting barricades on fire near Pennsylvania Ave and 17th St
    CNN running video of police moving armored vehicles north on 15th street towards New York Ave

    Those of us who won’t be in the Areas of Sportiness could still contribute.