Trump On John Lewis


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. the Tikkun Olas have their pet ‘groids well-programmed. Still, since they live in the same cities, these Jews are going to bit hardest by the monster they’ve created. Skin color::uniform.

  3. The man is an embarrassment. Quite. Few of those in Congress.

  4. It’s about frigging time someone said that…

    I’ve said I wasn’t a big Trump guy as much as I was ABC, but each time he levels one of these dipshits with a broadside instead of taking their shit, I get a bit more onboard.

    Jeff B.

      • POd American

        Norm Lear thought he was being funny by making Archie sound like an idiot at that time. How crazy does this sound today Nornan, you jackass?

        • Archie sounds like a genius when compared to the urban youfs of the hives. But then Our Betters aren’t about to admit that. Nor would Caroll O’Connor.

  5. He’s right.

    DeKalb County is a stinking cesspool of corruption, graft, waste, and mismanagement.

  6. First time I saw John Lewis he was in the bar scene in Star Wars.

  7. For the life of me I can’t readily distinguish John Lewis from Baltimore’s Elijah Cummings. But on the other hand the mess dribbling from their mouth is indistinguishable. It’s shameful that two men presumably once of integrity became not just useful idiots but so willingly.

  8. I get confused between Elijah Cummings and John Lewis. They are literal twins in every sense. Same old angry black racist liberal assholes.

  9. Cutting the cord of the media and going direct is an amazing weapon against the corrupt. He be righteously trolled now. Hard to say what Trump said is illegitimate, except Lewis is the real illegitimacy. Lewis and his kind have made entire carriers out of making illegitimacy an illusion of legitimacy.

      • It’s the guys behind the guys we got to worry about now. Lewis and his guys, as much as the shit stirrers they are, they are a front. Taking on these cultural marxists and black supremacists is turning out like shooting fish in a barrel. The big fish are the ones that have billions at stake. They hedged their bets on having the clandestine branches of statism as gate keepers. Trump and our Great Fuck You are now existential enemies number one.
        I’m thinking how does this pan out. How do they protect and retain their continuity of power. The worlds dirt people are beginning to revolt. I’m thinking how do they deal with this. It’s a serious question.

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    Which one of these black idiots thought the island was gonna flip over because it had too many people on it? Could the same thing happen in Baltimore or Chicago? Seems like a lot of dead weight in those areas……….
    I love the Tweeting from Pres Elect Trump. Never paid attention to Twitter under the Trumpster started firing with an M16. Now? I love it! No hesitation, no fumbles, just a direct hit. Kinda like I want my rifle work to go.

  11. He is one ugly fugger.

  12. And the usual GOP swill are unhappy that President Trump is calling out Chimpy McLewis for what he truly is. Amash and Sasse have both come unglued.

  13. Funny thing, Trump was able to slam Lewis without once referencing “black”, “race”, “civil rights” or any other such thing. He’s the Joe Friday of the present day political scene: “Just the facts, man.”

  14. The perpetual victim John lewis. His go-to defense, and blanket statements when faced with the 21st century will forever be to point at that day in 1965, when he got a beat down… Hell, even a black president wont overshadow his victim status.

    According to John Lewis logic, In the history of the world, the blip on the screen of Black in America is worse than any slavery/ slaughter that any other group ever endured, worse than any slaughter of the indians, jews, Triangle shirtwaist factory fire. Pick your disaster, John lewis can and will elevate Black history in America is worse than anything History can show… Black Slavery in America, according to John lewis logic, Just cannot be measured. If John lewis was allowed to set the narrative, Armageddon begins at the doorstep of the Black man. and doesnt end until the second coming in Christ, who By the way, according to him, was probabley a black slave on some rich white guys plantation before the war.

  15. Cummings and Lewis remind me of a couple of minor functionaries is some tin-pot African dictatorship. They have no relevance, and in the face of insurmountable problems and a changed landscape, they insist on their own importance, and keep on plowing ahead with their antiquated, and worthless program. Cummings has been caught repeatedly in scandal and serial lying, and Lewis is ineffective at his job, while his district is a cesspool of crime, racial turmoil, and poverty. Something else kept mostly out of the news about Lewis’s district, the schools, mostly run by blacks, has been rife with teachers and principals and others conspiring to show the most improved student test scores in the nation, have instead shown to be cheating, on a massive scale. Nearly everyone caught in the dragnet, played the race card. Both these men are a disgrace. Oh, and not legitimate.